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Kick the Pikachu!

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Read Dave's FF7 on Pokemon Island
Some interesting things said to Pikachu/Jigglypuff while playing Super Smash Brothers

To join, simply email Dyne, and give him your name, email, and site address and name (if applicable). Then he'll put you on the list, go ahead and save the membership button whenever you want!

For those of you who don't like the fact that I have this club here and decide to send me "intellectual" arguments about it, please be prepared to see your name in my Hall of Shame.

Members of the Club

Member Name Email Site
Dyne paradised@yahoo.com Barret Wallace's RPG/Anime Hideout
Dave RedGokuSM@aol.com -
Cloud B. CloudB@texas.net Cloud B.'s Final Fantasy Universe
Jeff Cove demon_18951@yahoo.com -
Clark Gibson cgibson@netdoor.com -
Brandon Pait dragoon_v@hotmail.com -
Nick Matthews dodecahedronsoft@crosswinds.net MakoKnight's Vortex of the Estranged
Steph Matthews shansoo@techie.com -
Cid Highwind NewCidfan@aol.com -
Dennis Bandel Destruction50@hotmail.com -
Josh Frye berlinfryes@t-online.de Wedge Antilles, Commander of Rogue Squadron
Saavik MLM73186@webtv.net Saavik's Star Trek
Jeff "Highwind86" highwind86@hotmail.com -
Zell B00CHI@aol.com -
Squall Leonheart lionsquall@yahoo.com Squall Leonheart's Garden
Mistress Quistis Mistress_Quistis@hotmail.com Mistress Quistis's FFVIII Palace
Nick dragon_37743@hotmail.com -
Joe (Universeman) bigastheentireuniverseman@yahoo.com -
Bob Gezer Eggman5110@aol.com -
Blarrg31 Blarrg31@aol.com -
DOOMGUY articuno54@hotmail.com -
Jason linkSSB@homestead.com Link and Samus Smash Fest
Matt blasko10@home.com -
J. Fox DenKirson@hotmail.com One Last Zone
XLockeX888X XLockeX888X@aol.com -
JeLLatInous JacK jellatinousjack@hotmail.com -
Alex Smith alexander2@home.com -
Stardust Kitty-N KittyN@bustagroove.zzn.com AozoraNoKnife
Skitty Skittskat@hotmail.com -
J-E-T trunksykun@hotmail.com -
Nikolay max@internet-bg.net -
Emmy VegetaSS08@aol.com Vegeta's Gaming & Anime
Tessa Smith tessa_13_uk@excite.com -
Bassman8 mw_blink182@yahoo.com MW Skateboarding
_SW_Squall swsquall@hotmail.com -
Cloud Strife ultimcloud@yahoo.com -
Genome108 genome108@homestead.com Genome108's Final Fantasy World
MercuryDestiny MercuryDestiny@excite.com -
Monique Williams LunarDragon001@aol.com -
Ren RenDariusXD@aol.com -
Daniel Barrett dreb97@hotmail.com -
Lucy the Cool paulhol@btopenworld.com -
Anthony Nguyen abc2639@juno.com -
SmK Smikkel_tjuh@hotmail.com Triple Shampoo
Reilon Imura takerus_bitch@yahoo.com LiveJournal User Page
Bakura/Colin colin_the_hylian@yahoo.ca The DiD Zone
Sakura Toykologic@aol.com -
AngelofCruxis royvink@hotmail.com -
Xenoskull Xenoskull@hotmail.com -
Inverse ayanaminverse@yahoo.com -

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