A complete profile of the fanfictional characters here!

This is all you'll see of the FF7 characters.

Dav Cole

Age: 17
Birthday: 9/16
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Grey
Weapons: Atma Weapon or Mythril sword (Given Ragnarok from Cloud in If Wishes Were to Be...)
Height: 6'3"
Hairstyle: Look's like Locke's
Hand: Ambidextrous but prefers left hand.
Created by: Dyne
First Appearence: Cait Sith's Big Break, Part 2
Likes (Serious fics): Running full speed on his chocobo, killing a tough monster with Atma Weapon.
Dislikes (Serious fics): Not getting paid for a kill, anyone having to do with Shinra, Yuffie.
Likes (Comedic fics): Video games, using Steve, his wife.
Dislikes (Comedic fics): Yuffie, not being the one to kill Yuffie, putting up with Vegeta's accusations that he cheats on Smash Bros., the way Steve hits on his wife.
Marital Status: Married to Amy Anderson/Sailor Mercury (In comedic fics only). They were married in AVALANCHE vs. Sailor Moon.

Dav is a descendant of Locke Cole, he is a natural (above average) swordsman who also takes after his great x3-grandfather in "treasure hunting." He grew up in Gongaga under a fake identity (Dave Linshire) to protect his past and didn't learn his real name until after the reactor explosion and he was kicked out of SOLDIER 2nd class. Dav now lives with the AVALANCHE team and is always arguing and/or fighting with Yuffie. While growing up he preferred his right hand but once learning the truth about his heritage Dav switched to his left hand to symbolize the start of his new life. He is known in Shinra as a medical curiosity since when he was showered with mako it had no effect on him at all, his eyes stayed the same. In comedic fics he is nearly unbeatable at video games, especially Super Smash Bros. Dyne, Dave, Kasshan, Cid, and Makoknight use him in their fics.

Limit Breaks: Justice Slash or Swords of Heaven.
Justice Slash: Slashes 20 times and uses sword to throw enemy into the air, it can hit a select number of enemies.
Swords of Heaven: A slash filled with angelic powers that hits all enemies. He must use two swords to create angel "wings" to pull off the attack.

Memorable Line: "Admit you suck, or die!"
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John Steel Clayton

Age: 16
Birthday: May/25
Hair: Wheat
Eyes: Brown
Created by: Dyne.
First appearance: FF7 in the WWF.
Likes: Video Games, hot dogs, showing off.
Dislikes: Losing at video games.

Steel is based on a friend of mine, John Steele Clayton. I decided to put him in WWF Warzone as John Steel and make him look like a robot. I had some fun by putting him into my latest fic, he'll make a brief appearence in some of my latest fics. His first major fic is AVALANCHE vs. Sailor Moon. In Villian's Inc., he receives a specialized Gear named Soapdish.

Memorable line: "I am a sexual Care Bear!"
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Cait Sith’s friend

Age: 24
Birthday: August 16
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Created by: Dave.
First Appearance: Nightmare at Gold Saucer
Likes: A drink (or thing) having anything to with alcohol, tequila especially, Sailor Venus.
Dislikes: Anything not having to do with alcohol, dying in almost every fic he's been in.

Cait’s friend is a lowlife that follows the party around. It’s believed that he met Cait when he was on the way to the Gold Saucer before Cloud and the rest of the gang went there for the first time. He’s obsessed with tequila and gives Cloud, Barret, and Red XIII a hard time on their mission. Even though I’ve only written one fanfic about him so far, there will be more and in every one he will die somehow (usually either Cloud, Barret, or Red will kill him or do something to get him killed). Every time he dies, Red XIII will laugh at him. It has recently been revealed that Cait's Friend has worn a cat mask since he met Cait Sith. Starting with Nightmare @ Gold Saucer 3, he begins a relationship with Sailor Venus. Dave, Kasshan, and Dyne use him in their fics.

Limit Breaks: Tequila of Doom or Drunken Rage!
Tequila of Doom- Cait's friend summons a huge tidal wave of old, acidic tequila and burns the opponent up.
Drunken Rage- Cait's friend goes on a rampage and hits the opponent fifteen times with a tequila bottle. Depending on how mad he is (and how drunk), he can times this attack by as much as 5.

Memorable Line: "Tequila man!!!"
Favorite Song: "Tequila"
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Joe Nagah

B-Day: July 5
Birth Place: San Antonio, TX, U.S.A. (Real world)
Age: 36
Ht: 5’10
Hair: Wheat
Hair Style: Parted left to right
Eyes: Hazel
Likes: Porno
Dislikes: Jerks, punks, and loosers
Chocobo: Hara
Favorite Food: Omlets
Favorite Drink: Jolt Cola
Created by: Dave (Cloud)
First Appearance: Return of Sephiroth part 4.

Joe Nagah is a 20th century widower bomber pilot that AVALANCHE first met in Iceland after Ruby WEAPON's defeat. He's based on a real person. He returns with them to their time and becomes the newest member of AVALANCHE. He likes to make fun of Cait's friend and has proven to be helpful…at times.

Quote: "Hang in there fellow pilot, you can make it"
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B-Day: Unknown
Age: 13
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Created by: Dyne
First Appearence: FF7 in the WWF.
Likes: Porno mags, beautiful women in string bikinis.
Dislikes: Non-porno mags, ugly women in string bikinis, Bob.

Steve is a pervert who has only one line in most FF7 in the WWF and Celebrity Deathmatch 4. He's a pervert who apparently hit puberty a little early. He always runs around chasing girls. He was the first person to successfully rape Tifa and Sailor Mars. He often has to be restrained by Steel and Spanky. Kasshan and Dyne have used him in their fics.

Memorable line: "Babes!"
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B-Day: 6/6
Age: 16
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Created by: Dyne
First Appearence: FF7 on Jeopardy.
Likes: Video games, hot dogs, using Steve.
Dislikes: When Dav won't let him fight.

Spanky is yet another person who I really know, this guy is big like a football player. See the third picture in Dyne's profile to see what he looks like. In fics he likes to torment Dave (Dyne) and Cait Sith whenever he has the chance. He's just your average teenager. His first major fic is AVALANCHE vs. Sailor Moon. His specialized Gear in Villian's Inc is Hot Dog.

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Kevin Darkangel

Age: 24
Birthplace: The "Badlands"
Hometown: Midgar
Height: 6'3"
Bloodtype: A
Weapons: Shotguns and legendary sword "The Apocalypse" sword.
Created by: Kasshan.
First Appearence: Nightmare's Disciple.
Likes: All kinds of music (except coutry,love songs and elevator music), fighting,honing his skills,relaxing while drinking down a budweiser, smoking some imports ciggarettes and fine @$$ girls.
Dislikes: People who brag, country music,wussies who think they're bad and ugly @$$ girls.

A great swordsman, once was a SOLDIER First Class, another man tied into the Nibelheim incident, granted immortality and the Apocalypse sword by the planet,his parents were killed when Kevin was two so he was raised in the Shinra building, later finds out that he's a descendant of Cecil (from FF2/4j). He has dark-mako blue eyes,rugged brown hair,black leather jacket,black pants,black boots and gloves,three holsters two for his shotguns and one for his sword.

Limit Breaks: Shadow Slash, Death Fury, Dark Excalibur, Death Row.
Shadow Slash: Kevin focuses his power in his sword then jumps high into the air and comes back down in a tornado killing all opponents.
Death Fury: Kevin goes into a mad rage pulling out his shotguns and firing them like a madman until there's nothing left of his opponents.
Dark excalibur: Kevin calls upon the power of Odin and down comes a flash of lightning giving Kevin the power of Excalibur then Kevin moves so fast it can't be seen, obliterating anything.
Death Row: Kevin focuses on the power of everything on the Planet and asks them for a piece of there power then when all the power goes in him he raises his sword high into the air then everyone dissapears and then a huge black dragon appears and destroys everything around the opponent.

Memorable Line: "I don't forgive and I don't forget."
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Jose Quickstrike

Weapon: Spear
Bloodtype: O
Hometown: The "Badlands"
Birthplace: The "Badlands"
Created by: Kasshan.
First Appearence: Nightmare's Disciple: Chapter 4.

Jose has,brown eyes,black hair, wears all black clothing and always smoking a ciggarette. Jose was born in a desert called the Badlands,unknown to Kevin that both Jose and himself were born there. Jose acts alot like Cid but also has a cold attitude.

Spicer Draconus

Age: 20
Eyes: One Blue one Biotechnology - capable of nightvision , image enhancement and magnification of upto X 2000.
Hair: Brown
Height: 186 cm
Birthdate: January 19
Birthplace: Midgar . Sector 5.
Job: Dragon slayer
Weapon: Rod
Likes: Chinese food , money , hunting and women in leather.
Dislikes: People who love themselves , Cloud Strife and Sephiroth.
Created by: Ifrit Materia.
First Appearence: Life of a Dragon Slayer

Spicer used to live in the sector 5 slums. Only he and his sister , Nikki are left in the dragon slaying trade, his family have given up slaying and now work in a Bio tech industrial plant in Midgar. He has disowned them and is a loner, although acquainted with Vincent Valentine and was childhood friends with Aeris Gainsborough. His sister went to Mt Nibelheim to search for the legendary Demonus dragon which has a large price on its head ,unfortunately Nikki never returned and Spicer has decided its his job to track her down and take her home.

Jade Nash

Age: 18
From: Rocket town
Job: Ex-Scientist on space programme now leader of rebel group ‘Phoenix’
Weapon: Rocket launcher
Created by: Ifrit Materia.
First Appearence: Life of a Dragon Slayer Chapter Two.

Jade's father, Heidegger, abandoned her when she was 10 so that he could maintain his job with the President. She was dumped in Rocket town with an old woman , and tried to help Cid Highwind with his Space programme when Shinra gave up on it. Now she roams the world searching for a job and her next meal. She formed the rebel group Phoenix to combat Shinra in the hope to kill all her father’s dreams of one day becoming president himself.

Limit Break: Loads her rocket launcher then fires 10 rapid shots at the enemy then jumps forward and hits the enemy(s) with the butt of her weapon 5 times and every time she hits them she absorbs the HP they lose. Ignores all defense.

Chris Darksangel (Rip Unmasked)

Age: 24
Birthplace: The Badlands
Hometown: Midgar
Description: Looks almost exactly like kevin, except he has a red tint to his hair, Dark Blue Mako Eyes, wears a sleveless black shirt with a red wolf on the back, long black pants, black cut-off gloves and black leather boots.
Weapon: The deadly "Nightshade" sword.
First Appearence: No Man's Land, (Chris Darksangel) appears in "The Next Disciple".
Created by: Kasshan.

The alter ego of kevin, later on Xero is dying and Rip fuses with him and now Rip (Chris Darksangel) is his own person no longer just kevin's alter ego.

Limit Breaks: Doom Slash, Raging Wolf, Hells Fire and Vendetta.
Doom slash: a shadow surrounds his sword, fire engulfes the sword and Rip lunges it into his opponent and burns him alive.
Raging Wolf: Rip Summons a Big Red Wolf, the wolf howls and tears apart his opponents.
Hells Fire: Rip raises his hands up in the air and brings them back down, setting his opponents on fire. (his most used limit break).
Vendetta: Rip takes out his sword and charges at his opponent, throws him up in the air, slashes several times, throws him back down and comes down with his sword and cuts off is opponents head. ( he slashes 15 times, it does 9999 each hit and instant death no matter what level or power the opponent has.)

Most memorable line: First I'll ruin your name, then I'll ruin your life and then i'll take it!!


Eye color: Brown
Hair: Brown
Age: Around 2 million
Weapon: Crystal sword from FF2
Created By: SwordMAG@aol.com

Louis is found by Cloud who comes to say a final good-bye to Aeris. The lake has drained out and Cloud finds a crystal [shaped like the ones in FF2] with him in it. Also, Louis has no emotions, sadness, fear, or pain. He can create surges of energy at will.

Limits: Ultimate Slash, Death Slash, E blast, Death* Ultimate Slash: Slashes 1 enemy 16 times and damage is always 9999 for every slash.
Death Slash: Instantly kills 1 enemy.
E Blast: Hits 2 times for 9999 damage on every enemy.
Death: Louis transforms into Death and kills all enemies.
*Chance of killing Louis but will revive eventually [2 hours]

Lark Leah

Age: 20
Birthday: 6/13
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Mako blue
Weapons: The Trinity Blade(Given to him by Rone Traguld in "The Lark Leah Story")
Height: 6'2"
Hairstyle: Look's like a knight from FFT
Hand: Left
Created by: Lark
First Appearence: The Lark Leah Story
Likes (Serious fics): The thrill of battle, Briana, Maya, motorcycles
Dislikes (Serious fics): His brother Shea, his father, Shin-Ra, innocents being hurt
Likes (Comedic fics): Video games, watching T.V, fighting bad guys, girls.
Dislikes (Comedic fics): When bad guys win, when some other guy gets the girl, annoying people
Marital Status: Single (Was going to be married, but fiancee died in The Lark Leah Story)

Lark was raised, under the name Sean, in an orphanage that was controlled by Shin-Ra. He was trained from an early age to become a warrior. At the age of 10, he was inducted into the SOLDIER program and showered with Mako. He quickly gained skill with the blade, becoming an expert swordsman. Lark also learned the ways of magic and became a competent materia user. Soon after reaching the rank of SOLDIER 1st class, Lark was sent with a group of SOLDIER to battle some rebels at Fort Condor. The fighting was fierce and during the battle Lark was knocked off the mountainside. He was hurt badly and a blow to the head caused him to loose his memories. He awoke a few days later in a wagon heading for the small town of Cavion. That is where his journey begins. Lark and Dyne use him in their fanfics.

Limit Breaks:
Druid Flame: Lark focuses his inner power to unleash a blast of blue fire to burn his enemies.
Dragon Inferno: Lark summons a dragon spirit to battle his foes.
Spirit Blaster: Lark focuses his spiritual energy into a powerful beam.
Infinity Strike: Lark starts to glow a brilliant blue and slashes his enemy 20 times. He then shoots an energy beam out of his sword that cuts through the enemy.

Memorable Line: "Ya know, this would be a lot easier on you if you'd just stay down."

Kain Kincaid (aka Kain Darksangel)

Age: Unknown
Birthplace: Parts unknown
Hometown: Unknown
Weapons: The true "Murasame" sword
Desription: Wears a dark sleevless blue shirt, black pants, black boots and gloves, and is known of wearing a long black trenchcoat.
Created by: Wiseman
First Appearence: FF7: Royal Rumble (Nightmare's Disciple 2: Shrouded in Darkness.)

A mysterious man, shrouded in darkness, his true identity is kevin's long lost brother.

Limit Breaks: Power Flux and Fabled Sword.
Power Flux: Focuses on the power within and shoots a fireball through his sword.
Fabled Sword: Kain takes out his sword, jumps into the air and comes back down on his opponents, cutting them in half.

Gregory the Fejita Man

Age: 27
B-Day: Unknown
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Doesn't have any!
Created by: Dave
First Apperance: Yuffie and the Gerudo Thieves

Gregory first appeared as a mistaken wish that Vegeta was trying to make in Yuffie and the Gerudo Thieves. However, there's more to him than that. He's actually an enginered being that was created in one Hojo's mad lab experiments many years ago. As a result, a teenager named Gregory was changed into a chicken fejita. Gregory will annoy the crew during Nightmare 3 and will make short apperaneces in later fics. Dave and Kasshan have used him in their fics, Dyne will soon. Yes, this is a crazy fanfictional character, but in a way unique.

Michael Grant

Age: 24
B-Day: March 27
Eyes: Gold
Hair: Brown (nearly black)
Height: 6’
Weapon: It varies, but usually a M-60 chaingun.
Job: Rouge/Actor
Creator: Rude

Michael is a roaming actor. He does various odd jobs that are related to the cast of Final Fantasy (usually causing a massive headache afterwards.) Mike doesn’t really have a past, his role is created by the fanfic. Mike has a total of four limit breaks, one for each level. There’s Earthstorm, Waterstorm, Firestorm, and Skystorm. He’ll use his trusty 45lb. chaingun whenever he thinks something needs to be killed (it won’t appear in serious fics). Mike owns an old sky blue hot rod that constantly needs repairing. Mike is not me interpreted into the fic. He has his own personality and will do what he pleases. His Limits will not be explained due to the fact I will need their surprise factor in later fics. Mike’s battle suit is a white T-shirt with a brown Harley Davidson Jacket and Brown denim pants. But, when he’s dealing with those weirdoes of FF7 on the numerous shows he hosts, he wears a business suit with a tie. Rude and Kasshan use him.

Bob, the son of Sephiroth

Age: 18 (He grew up very quickly and normalized at 18)
Bithplace: Some shack outside Midgar.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Grey
Weapon: A shorter version of the Masamune.
Alter Ego: Tuxedo Bob
Created by: Cait Sith
First Appearence: Cait's Insanity 1 + 1.

During a fanfic where the AVALANCHE crew gets their mitochondria screwed with (a 'la Parasite Eve), Aya appears and says they must stop Eve from giving birth to the Ultimate Being. Eve commands Sephiroth to impregnate her and Bob is born a couple of hours later. Eve is immediately killed by AVALANCHE and Sephiroth escapes with Bob. Bob aged very quickly and as the Ultimate Being quickly grew to 18 where he reached his full power. His basic necessity in life is porno mags, he often fights with Steve for possesion of them. Cait Sith created Bob, but Dyne (unofficially) took over using him. Dave also uses him.

Memorable line: "He stole my porno mag!" (He's whining)

Izlude Knight

Age: 19
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brownish blond color
Weapon: anything he can get his hands on, he'll even throw animals at people!
Girlfriend: Unkown yet.
Created by: Pres Rufus
First apperance: The Love Of War

I got the idea of using someone named Izlude wondering how Meliadoul would act fighting with someone named Izlude, her brother is named Izlude and he dies. Izlude is usually trying to learn all of the skills he can learn as a Squire until he learns to be a Knight. He wants to be a Master Fighter, something no-one has achieved yet.

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Age: 18
Hair color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Past: Unknown
Created by: Pres Rufus
First apperance: The Love Of War

Baker is the quiet character in The Love Of War. He never mentions anything about his past. He is the chemist of the group. He likes mixing potions and elixirs to see what he can create. He is the origanal creator of the X-potion.

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The Great Katar

Age: Dead
Face traits: Unknown
Created by: Pres Rufus
First apperance: The Love Of War

Back in Ajora's time Katar was a lead Soldier. She made it further than anyone in becoming a master fighter. She was killed by an assassin while studying how to be a priest.

Shea Larkin

Occupation: Warrior/assasin/theif/mage
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Description: Dark, mysterious man. Wears long black trench coat overchainmail.
Weapon: Sword of Shannara and Elfstones
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 210
Hand: Right
Created by: Lark

Shea is the twin brother of Lark. Instead of being orphaned, he was kept by his parents because of his magical abilities. He has the power to control the Elfstones(An ancient, powerful weapon) and the magical Sword of Shannara. He was told by his father that his destiny was to destroy Lark and has trained to do so. His sole purpose in life is to achive his destiny and kill his brother.

Guardian Mercury

Real Name: Ohara Debe
Age: 16
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Grey
Birthday: 9/16
Hand: Left-handed
Created by: Dyne.
First Appearence: Sailor Moon G: The Melody of Awakening, Enter the Mysterious Young Man

Guardian Mercury is actually Dav Cole in Sailor Moon fanfics written by Dyne (who uses the same name for his pseudonym). GM is one of four Guardians whose mission is the protect the Inner Scouts from outside attacks. Each Guardian holds one of two royal treasures from their home planet while the princess held the other. Guardian Mercury holds the sword of Mercury. Guardian Mercury was the only survivor on the night of the attack on the moon and wasn't reborn, he was simply sent to earth and lost all memories. Dyne, Kit, and Makoknight use him in their fanfics.
Transformation phrase: Used to have one, but Dyne decided to nix it.

Powers: Water Manipulation, brief control of cold weather.

Memorable line: "Meet with what you can, or you power is nothing."
Guardian Mercury's Short Transformation Theme
Guardian Mercury's Flashback and Full Transformation Theme

Zack Harlock

Age: 24
Weapon: Kasari Gama - A sharp horned shaped blade attached to a long metal chain.
First Appearance: No man's Land.
Created by: Kasshan.
Description: Long jet black spiky hair, green eyes, wears black armor with a long black trenchcoat over it with the shoulder sleeves cut off, black gloves and black boots.

The Zack who went to Nibelheim with Kevin, Cloud and Sephiroth, is revived and now fights with Kevin.

Limit Breaks: Doom Slash, Fatal Strike and Wake With Fear.
Doom Slash: Zack wraps his Kasari Gama around his opponent, hangs him and then the cuts his head off.
Fatal Strike: Sends his Kasari Gama straight through his opponent, throws him up into the air and back down on the tip of the Kasari Gama.
Wake With Fear: The Kasari Gama extends in a million differen't directions and comes back around into the opponent.

Most Memorable line: Wake....WITH...FEAR!!!"
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Nick Matthews/Lockhart

Birthdate: 3rd of September
Age: 20
Hair: Black
Eyes: Bright Green
Weapons: Mako Excalibur, Mako Cannon
Height: 6'5"
Hairstyle: Two Spikes sticking out at the front, turned down at the end.
Likes:(serious)Aeris, Fighting, Tormenting Red, Adventure, Blowing the living S**t out of things, Shooting Things with the Mako Cannon.
Dislikes:(Serious) Sephiroth,Shin-Ra,Jenova, Vincent.
Likes:(Comedic) Tormenting Red, Playing Kick the Cait Sith, Blowing the living s**t out of things, Shooting Things with the Mako Cannon, Throwing Things at Makoknight, making out with Aeris, Aeris, Watching b***h fights, Videogames, especially RPG's (He once got everyone hooked on the playstation game "Suikoden").
Dislikes: (Comedic) Makoknight, Red, Vincent,Shin-Ra, Sailor Moon, P.A.V (People Against Vilonce),Getting Bored because no-one puts up a challenge against him and Dav.
Creator: Makoknight
First Appearance: The Lockhart Legacy

Nick was born in Nibelheim, as his sister Tifa was. He first met Aeris in the Slums of Midgar and fell in love with her on sight. Before Nick joined AVALANCHE, he was the Makoknight, Shin-Ra's best warrior. He was in a Squadron with Zack, Cloud, Reno and Dav. He got on well with all of them. His only rival was Sephiroth, who kept claiming that Nick was A fraud. Nick proved him wrong, however, when he defeated Sephiroth in a Duel. Sephiroth had later sent many of his men at him during the Junon/Wutai War. Sephiroth was then exiled from the Shin-Ra and swore revenge against Nick.

Limit Breaks: Hiryuu-Shoten-Ha: A Dragon Comes out of the ground and attacks the enemy.
Ascension: Becomes the Ultima Demon.
Vengeful Strike: Nick throws his sword into the enemy and then grabs onto the sword, somersaulting high into the, with the enemy in tow. Then a green light surrounds them and Nick lands, glowing, while the dust that was the opponent falls around them.

Memorable Line: "Damn! That's a cool gun!"

Nick's Theme


Age: Unknown
Birthdate: Unknown
Weapon: Sphincter Cannon
Fashion Statement: Shower curtain and black bandana
Secret Identity: Heidegger
Created by: Cloud n' Cait.
First Appearence: FF7 Roadtrip!!!

Having been subject to Hojo's experiments. Heidegger ate some sort of magic mushrooms and now gives Boogerman a run for his money as Evector. His method of transport is a gas cloud. His farts are so powerful, they can destroy entire cities. Cloud, Cait, and Dyne use him in their fics.

Memorable line: "By the power of my Magic Mushrooms, I am EVECTOR!!!!!!!!"

Rojo Dieciseis

Age: Unknown
Birthdate: Unknown
Primary Language: Spanish
Accomplishments: Was the one who caused Cid to cuss for six pages.
Biggest rival: The Taco Bell Dog.
Favorite food: Parking meters and watches.
Likes: Women con chi-chis grandes.
Dislikes: What Cloud, Tifa, and Aeris threatened to do to sus huevos.
Created by: Cloud n' Cait.
First Appearence: FF7 Roadtrip!!!

Being Red's estranged Hispanic cousin, Rojo is immeditely targeted for everyone's abuse. He doesn't have to put up with it long as he quickly travels to Midgar and becomes Evector's chief scientist after taking over Midgar. He was last seen in Celebrity Deathmatch 3.

Memorable line: "Mi cabesa es quesa!!!!!"


Age: 32
Birthday: Unknown
Record Trait: Responsible for causing Tifa to have Cloud Strife Freakout for the first time
Likes: Drinking Beer, acting like a dumb@$$
Dislikes: Who the hell knows!
Created By: Osiris
First Appearance: FF7 meets SSB

Steve is a moronic klutzy bum who likes drinking beer and acts like a idiot. One example is when Barret tells him to duck he says "Duck?! I don't see no duck" Osiris uses him in his fics.

Limit Breaks: Ground Buster or Seismic Slam
Ground Buster: Steve goes up to an opponent and picks them up then he jumps up and throws his opponent hard down to the ground.
Seismic Slam: Steve grabs his opponents and repeatedly slams him back and fourth on the ground for about 6 times.


Hair: White
Eyes: Bright Red
Weapons:Twisted Death (Sword), Dark Crystals
Hairstyle: Undercut
Likes:(Serious) Death, Destruction, Inflicting Pain, Being Generally Sadistic
Dislikes:(Serious) Nick, Aeris, Dav, Life, Birth, Humanity, Kindness
Likes:(Comedic) Evil, Death, Destruction, Inflicting Pain, Being Generally Sadistic, Hentai
Dislikes:(Comedic) Nick, Aeris, Dav, Life, Birth, Humanity, Kindness, Makoknight, Bob (Stole all the hentai)
Creator: Makoknight
First Apperance:CD5

K'Cin is a being of pure evil, he is the opposite (Well, mostly) of Nick. He was created by the Dark Crystals, which, thankfully, he has not yet gained ultimate power over. The dark crystals would aloow him to reshape the planet easily, if he could fully control him. Of course, his Major Hindrances are Nick, Aeris and Dav. Nick, because K'Cin cannot kill him without dying himself, Aeris, because of the holy power she possesses as an ancient, and Dav because, well, Dav's usually steal- erm, demonstrating his Treasure Hunting Skills, by liberating on of the Dark Crystals. Of course, He can inflict Major Pain upon those who stand in his way, even if he cannot kill them...

Limit Breaks-
Demented Being: A giant creature comes out of the ground, destroying all in it's way.
Torturous Blade: He leaps into the air, and the Twisted Death, grows 10 times in length, he then lands, and runs the blade through several people at once. Eternal Pain: He forms energy in his hands, and fires. Anyone who is hit by it suffers their worst nightmare, until the beam is broken off.

Memorable line: "My name is completely original, Damnit!"

K'Cin's Theme

The Geeky Guy

Birthdate: Unkown
Age: Early 20s
Hair: Greasy brown
Eyes: Brown
Weapons: Whatever he mimics
Height: 5'7"
Hairstyle: Bowl job
Wears: Over-sized rimmed glasses
Voice: High pitched and constantly breaking
Appearence: His face is always covered with zits
First Appearence: Celebrity Deathmatch 4
Created by: Dyne

Inspired from a Garfield episode, the Geeky Guy has the tendency to assume the appearence of masked villains who are often the cool ones. His disguises usually work until his mask is ripped off and everyone in the area laughs at him, causing him to either commit suicide or be killed.

Disguises he's used: Darth Vader, Grahf, Darth Maul, Citan, Wiseman

Memorable line: "Please don't laugh at me!"

Patrick Kisarigi

Age: 18
Birthday: 5/16
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Created by: Watcher Prime
Weapons: Z-Saber, X-Buster, The Rig (comdeic fics only), ZA Armor (Serious or anime fics or unless i say otherwise!)
Likes: (in comdeic fics) Blowing stuff up, riding around in his tank, 'Machine gunner madness', kicking his birth famliy's a$$! His love, Serena.
Dislikes: (in comdeic fics) Not getting to blow stuff up, someone defaceing his tank, Yuffie and Kodo, Anyone picking on Serena, thiefs who like to be called 'treasure hunters'
Likes: (in anime fics) Serena, any mission that means saving the world, Zack, his kid in anime fics who showed up form the future.
Dislikes: (in anime fics) Losing a fight, Failing a mission, Doing anything to harm Serena.

Though not much is known about his past, his only thing he remembers about his past is wondering into some caves near Wutai and then being found by Citan. To make it short, he was trained to use a sword by Citan, during his youth he made the Z-Saber and the X-Buster, which was a weird thing at about 10 years old! He found his way to the FF7 world with his buddies, Sarge, Gex, Herro Yuy, Mega Man, and Evil the cat, and it's kinda hard to fit them all in a tank but they fit!
He steals the Rig form one of his pranks!

Limit Breaks: Nova class attacks and Saber tatics.

More info to be revealed. (I don't want to spill the beans on the attacks yet!)

Timothy Sage

B-day: 4/4
Age: 16
Hair Brown
Eyes Hazel
Created by Timothy Johnson
Weaponry: A 9 meter tall custom mech. Hand to Hand he uses his Wind Blade
Likes: To win at anything other than chess cuz' he sucks.
Dislikes: Anyone whom insults Anyone. Chess.

No one Knows where he came from or why. Keeps to himself. Was going to get married but his fiance' was killed.

Limit Break: All Out Assault!

Most memorable line: 'If you don't shut the f**k up i'm going to cut off your thang after I find it using a microscope!'

Alex "Jason" Erish

Age: 17
B-day: 1/12
Birthplace: North Corel
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Created by: Jason
Weapons: Lunar Comet(spear) Mythril Knuckles
Height: 6'2"
Hairstyle: Messy, in all directions
Hand: Left
First Appearance:Celebrity Deathmatch Special Edition
Likes: Chocobos, Theivery, Duels. and Spears
Dislikes: Cheap Tactics (ie. Lionheart, running away) Sephiroth, Eve, Yuffie, Shinra, and bragging.
Role Model: Locke Cole

Limits: Lunar Thrust, Boost Mug
Lunar Thrust: Explained in first fic
Boost Mug: Only useable with Knuckles- Runs up to enemy, decks them, takes their money, then boost-jumps high into mid-air, and blasts the enemy with a punch on his way down.

Jason was only a child when Shinra destroyed his hometown, and has forever hated them. He takes to wearing a green trenchcoat with black underneath. He HATES Yuffie partly since she is a bragger when she is a sucky thief anyway! Met Bonker when he was little. Hates it when people call him Alex though his real name is Alex Kaplan.

Mikael "Bonker" Mcfarland

Age: 23
B-day: 6/14
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Created by: Jason
Weapon: Shotgun
Hight: 6'9"
Hairstyle: kinda neat
Hand: Right
Likes: Alot of stuff
Dislikes: Not much

Bonker is a friend of Jasons and is often bored except when it comes to celebrity deathmatches.

BTW Jennifer Steele is a real person just put that shes my friend and her weapon is a Silverhawk Gold Edition Rifle :)

Hiru Yagami

Age: 19
Birthday: 7/22
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Blue
Weapons: Longsword, Spear
Height: 6' 10
Hand: Right
Created by: _SW_Squall
First Appearence: Yet to be seen
Likes (Serious fics): Girls, Killing monsters, Completing a mission, Computers, Fighting, Getting paid.
Dislikes (Serious fics): Shin-Ra, evil dudes
Likes (Comedic fics):Hot chicks, Video Games, Computers
Dislikes (Comedic fics): Shin-Ra, morons, the like.

Hiru lived a normal life until a chance encounter lead him to become a freelance, working for anyone. He doesn’t like to see people suffering, but isn’t objective to kicking some butt when it gets down to it. He is a descendant of Dragons, thus giving him the ability to be as one who “Flies with the wings of a Dragon”.

Limit Breaks: Phoenix Flare, Kyuuten no Hikari, Ryu no Kyouran, Kyuuten no Kanshiki
Phoenix Flare: His mother's Phoenix appears behind him, and swoops over and goes through him and his allies, healing them, and dealing Fire damage to his enemies.
Kyuuten no Hikari: Hiru fires a concentrated beam of Holy energy at his opponent.
Ryu no Kyouran: Hiru summons a large Dragon to roast his enemies.
Kyuuten no Kanshiki: His most powerful limit. In the sky, a heavenly gate appears, with a light glowing at it’s lock. The lock then breaks, sending a supernova of light into the enemy. After this, Hiru executes a jump attack that has practically the same effect.

Favorite Quote: "Do not meddle in the affairs of Dragons, for you are crunchy, and taste good with ketchup."
Favorite Song: 1/3 Jujou na Kanjou


Age: 21
Height: 5'10"
Birthday: 2/15
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Hand: Left
Weapons: Lightblade; Fists and Millenium Gauntlet/Armlet Powers (Anime fics)
Created By: Osiris
First Appearance: Celeberty Deathmatch 3000

Description: Most of Ark's past is unknown except that he wields a powerful weapon known as the Lightblade. The Lightblade's Attack power can be increased temporarily either when you cast Cure Spells on Ark, use Cure Items on him or another way which isn't known yet.

Description (Anime): Ark plays a card game called Duel Monsters. His past isn't known much yet except that before he was also brought up in Martial Arts. Now he lives with his friend Mike outside of town. Recently though after accusing a opponent of cheating the opponent got mad and sent both of them to another place. However Ark accidently finds a treasure called the Millenium Gauntlet(Armlet) and apparently he can also use it. Now he will get tossed into the unknown, unaware of what awaits him.

Likes (Comedic): Video Games, training, hanging out.
Likes (Anime): Playing Duel Monsters, training.
Dislikes (Comedic): Evil corparations like Shinra, Bad Guys who are sore losers.
Dislikes (Anime): Card players who purposely cheat, people who get cocky and think they can win just because they are older.

Overdrives/Limit Breaks: Cosmo Flare, Judgement of Anubis, Shine Curse, Light Buster
Cosmo Flare: A Sphere shaped blast of energy is fired when Ark swings his Lightblade around. Instantly kills 1 enemy. Ark's Defense Power is temporarily raised.
Judgement of Anubis: Ark uses his Lightblade to send out a massive Shockwave of Light Energy that kills all enemies. For every enemy destroyed by this technique Ark's Attack Power is temporarily raised.
Shine Curse: Fires an intense blast of Light Energy which engulfs all enemies. All Undead or Zombie enemies are instantly killed while all other enemies get hit for at least 12000 damage. Ark's Speed is temporarily raised.
Light Buster: Ark's Strongest Limit. He powers up the Lightblade then slashes 22 times. Then he finishes by firing a Massive Blast of Light Energy from his sword doing at least 18000 damage.

Ikimono Kohei

Age: 18-28
Height: 6'0"-6'2"
Birthday: 12/7
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Green
Hand: Right
Created by: Dyne
First Appearence: Results
Basis for character design: Tamahome from Fushigi Yuugi

Kohei is a half-Japanese/half-Chinese warrior who is third generation of his clan who left Japan after World War II to avoid the modernization of Japan that began when General MacArthur changed the economic system. His father defeated an Amazon woman in battle and therefore had to marry her, making him half-Amazon as well. His name roughly means "Warrior Armed of the Animal," and in order to fulfill that he traveled to Jusenkyo, jumped into all of the animal springs, then back into Naanichuan, turning him back into a man but giving him all of the animals' abilities added to his human ones when in his cursed form.

As Kohei was returning from Jusenkyo, he witnessed Ranma's battle with Saffron from afar but did not see who defeated him. A year-and-a-half later (9 months after Choices (the prequel to the fic he appears in) ends), a travelling warrior began to wreak havoc on his village. Kohei's parents both fought him, but died trying. With her last words, his mother tells Kohei to give him the Kiss of Death and defeat him. When Kohei attempts to fight him, he loses and barely survives. So he decides to find the one who defeated Saffron and train under him, hoping that he will be able to avenge his parents and save his village.

In terms of his fighting, his style is a mix of a Japanese-style that simulates animal-like movements and is called the Ikimono family style, and the Amazon fighting style. Because of this, he knows the Kachuu Tenshin Amuguriken, Hiryuu Shoten Ha, and Bakusai Tenketsu techniques, along with his own. He uses all of them in unusual ways to enhance his training. In terms of skill: in his uncursed form he's slightly weaker than Ryoga and slightly slower than Ranma, but is more well-rounded. In his cursed form, he could probably last a long time against the three best fighters in the series teamed up against him, but he would mostly be defending. But Kohei's cursed form can have a terrible drawback; if he loses control, the animal instincts will take over and do the fighting for him. The strongest animal essence is the wolf and that is what usually overcomes him. Unlike the Neko-ken, he does not become invincible.

10 years after Results, his fighting style has improved drastically and he becomes faster than Ranma after mastering the Amakuriken repeatedly using heavier and heavier weights in his clothes. While his speed becomes superior, his strength and ability to use ki don't improve nearly as much. Despite that, he is called as the fourth warrior to fight for earth and is given the powers of wind.

Favorite Weapons: Sword, staff, bare hands.
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Food: Sticky rice, anything spicy
Likes: A good sparring partner, inventing new techniques or new ways to revise techniques he already knows.
Dislikes: People who don't know their enemy, how people who know Amazon customs confuse a kiss of greeting with the Kiss of Death.

Techniques: Ones with a * are ones he only has the strength or skill to do in cursed form.
Shigami no Genkotsu (Death-god's Fist): Very similar to Ryu's "Sho-ryu ken" from Street Fighter, except Kohei carries the opponent up into the air to hit him again, usually back down towards the ground. This, of course, has a serious disadvantage if the opponent is able to counter it while in mid-air.
Genkaku no Suraisu (Illusory Slice): Kohei creates a sword made of ki. It's next to impossible to keep it for long without getting tired, so Kohei only creates it long enough for a quick slash.
Butou Sakibou (Dancing Cat Paws)*: A faster revision of the Kachuu Tenshin Amurguriken, Kohei not only punches with blinding speed but also makes no sounds.
Sun Rises in the East*: A combination of the Shigami no Genkotsu and Hiryuu Shoten Ha, sending both Kohei and his foe much higher up.

Memorable Line: "Come at me, all three of you!"
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Ikimono Miki

Age: 14-24
Height: 5'8"-6'4"
Birthday: 6/14
Eyes: Green
Hair: Green
Hand: Right
Created by: Dyne
First Appearence: Results, Part 3: Reunions
Basis for character design: Young Cologne from Ranma 1/2

Miki is Kohei's younger sister and only daughter of Shinji and Ji Lu. As the daughter, she is slightly more highly favored by her mother and was trained exclusively in the Amazon-style of martial arts and not the Ikimono family style. However, due to her age, she is somewhat naive and can be overconfident, but any battle with her brother humbles her until the next match. Her name means "tree trunk," which is a reference to her tall height and how stubborn she can be. She has always been close to her brother and is willing to fight for him as much as he is for her. However, she hates Ranma with a passion as she blames him for the death of her parents.

10 years after Results, Miki has graduated from college and also gotten married. Her overall skills have improved significantly thanks to working with Shampoo and Kohei. While the tournament is held in China, she visits her home village and becomes the one to learn that all of the girls must fight for the earth outside of the tournament.

Favorite Weapons: Bonbori, staff.
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Food: Duck, chicken curry, and miso soup.
Likes: Spending time with, training with, sparring with, doing anything with her family.
Dislikes: People who back from a fight, being alone, Saotome Ranma.

Kachuu Tenshin Amaguriken: A countless flurry of punches delivered in a mere second.
Bakusai Tenketsu: The ability to shatter a rock by touching it.
Hiryuu Shoten Ha: Creating a whirlwind using the opponent's anger against him. (Miki has not mastered this yet)
Tenha Rakuruegeki: A dive kick that engulfs Miki in flame shaped like a dragon's head. (Taught to her by Shampoo)

Memorable Line: "I've wanted to meet you for the longest time, just so I could tell you how much I hate you!"
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Juuman Aremi

Age: 16-26
Height: 5'7"-5'9" (not counting the hair)
Birthday: 3/31
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blue
Hand: Right
Created by: Dyne
First Appearence: Results, Part 4: Clashes
Basis for character design: Lyn from Fire Emblem 7

Aremi is Miki's oldest and best friend and they have known each other their whole lives. Aremi is in reality a full-blooded Amazon but does not know it nor her real name as she lost her memory in an accident that killed her parents when she was very little. After wandering for several day she collapsed in the valley outside of Ryuchiezu where she was found and taken in by Kohei and Miki's grandfather. He gave her the name Juuman Aremi, meaning "full of compassion," but never formally adopted her. She was trained exclusively in the Ikimono-style of Martials Arts, but she can feel a strange familiarity whenever she sees Kohei or Miki fight in the Amazon style.

Aremi spends her days training with both Miki and Kohei and while she is in love with Kohei, she's happy enough to know he's happy that Miki has a friend like her. She still wishes to know who she is and where she came from and does everything she can to find clues about her heritage. However, on the last lunar cycle before Kohei returned from Japan, Hashin chose her as his monthly concubine and she's been held at his hiding place ever since.

10 years after Results, during the years Aremi left college after accepting an invitation to join the Japanese Secret Service due to her skills. Her swordsmanship is still some of the greatest in the world and she uses her skills and authority to ensure that other young girls don't have to experience what she did at the hands of Hashin. While battling the Underworld's forces, she is the only one to sense a dying life force, runs to save it, and encounters her destined husband.

Favorite Weapons: Swords
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Food: Any kind of seafood.
Likes: Sparring and spending time with Kohei and Miki, running through all of her sword katas, the Ryuchiezu hot springs.
Dislikes: When anyone she loves is sad, accidentally hurting someone when sparring.

Shigami no Genkotsu (Death-god's Fist): Aremi's execution of this technique differs slightly from Kohei's, she uses an upward flying kick to carry her opponent from the ground rather than her fist.
Genkaku no Suraisu (Illusory Slice): Aremi has yet to even succeed in performing this technique.
Hukazan: Using her sword as a focus, Aremi sends a shockwave of chi at an opponent.
Suzumebachi no Su: Aremi's ultimate technique. Countless images of her attack an opponent from all directions as she runs by them.

Memorable Line: "Mi-chan and Ko-chan are my family now, they would never leave me to die!"
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Adauchi Aka/Gekijo Hashin

Real Name: Adauchi Aka
Age: Around 400
Height: 7'2"
Birthday: Unknown
Eyes: Red
Hair: Black
Hand: Ambidextrous
Created by: Dyne
First Appearence: Results, Part 1: Explanations

400 years before the present time, the god of evil, Akamatsu Mikaboshi, travelled to earth to bestow the humans with a technique that would harness the power of their negative emotions and would be used to worship him. Creating the technique required the birth of a child, so he found a suitable warrior, a Chinese Amazon, to be this child's mother. Upon giving birth to this child, its evil energy levelled the village and Adauchi Aka, along with the Shishi Hokodan were born. The name of the village that was his birthblace, was Ryuchiezu.

Aka's name means "Bloody vengeance," but he goes by the title of Gekijo Hashin, meaning "Violent demigod." Both names fit him well as he is the son of evil incarnate. Revenge, anger, bloodlust, and pleasure are what he lives for. He sought to be the greatest martial artist in the world and thought he could prove himself as that if he defeated Saffron of the Phoenix People. Due to a case of mistaken identity, Hashin sought out the man who he thought was the one who defeated Saffron instead of him, Ikimono Kohei.

Shishi Hokodan: A ki-based attack that is powered by "feeling," negative emotions. Because Hashin is literally made of these, his blasts are super powerful. He has also developed the ability to create a "dormant" Perfect Shishi Hokodan and trigger it's power from afar.

Guardian Jupiter

Real Name: Matsumoto Shinozaki
Age: 15
Height: 5'10"
Birthday: 5/20
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Hand: Right
First Appearence: Sailor Moon G: The Dark Kingdom Has Returned! Guardian Jupiter Joins the Battle

Guardian Jupiter is Makoto's long time friend and protector, Shinozaki. He is an offical character in Sailormoon R but only appears in one episode. He is a hard worker and very polite, but physically weak.

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