Who Will Dyne Marry? Fanart Contest

Over the years as I've gotten into RPing with several friends online, I've tended to use the same character (you may know him as my own OC Dyne) in the various different storylines involved. As time progressed, he inevitably got together with an OC gal within that storyline. Fast forward a few years and add a ton of storylines, and there have been more than a couple of marriages. In the spirit of Harvest Moon games and because my own wedding sometime this year (was originally set for April but had to be postponed due to red tape issues), I've opened this new fanart contest that allows the artist to pair Dyne up with any one of the twelve bachelorettes from those RPs.

Rules Prizes

That said, scroll the rest of the way down to meet the lovely bachelorettes and enjoy the contest!

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The Bachelorettes - Click on one's picture to be taken to her profile page and reference image.

Alexus Montgomery Allie Summers Alondra Barbara Yamada Cynthia Heart Ichiyuki Kitsuki
Kitty Lynx Lancia Matsuri Mira Serenla Lorelei Wossername

Check out the current entries!

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