Name: Alexus Renee' Montgomery

Job: None

Created by: DL Showtime

Likes: Cookies, Video Games, Pro Wrestling, Rough Housing, Beaches, Rock and Roll.

Dislikes: Celery, Feminine things, Wimps, Bad Music, Closed Minded People, Reality TV.

Personality: Always up for a good adventure, unless she's playing video games. Sometimes can seem a little air headed, but she just doesn't think hard about anything unless she absolutely has to.

Femininity: Doesn't really like to act "girly" and is mostly unaware that others find her attractive.

Why she likes Dyne: He likes video games too... Okay really, he's the first guy to make her aware that she might be a little attractive. It's a rather new feeling to her. She's interested in him as he seems to value her as a person and not an object.

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