Name: Ichiyuki Kitsuki

Job: Part-time Student/Part-time Investigative Reporter

Created by: Yi-Phan

Likes: Cool breezes, being with friends, ice cream, gentle rain, dragging previously said close friends shopping at the mall, pretty things (flowers, dresses, girls, boys, etc.), taking pictures with her pocket sized digital camera, snooping around in places she usually shouldn't be snooping around in.

Dislikes: Mathematics homework, steamed broccoli, being lied to, getting scolded, dark alleyways, vans that lack windows in the back or sides, pants, being told where she can and can't go, pickles, and Aiyako Shizaki.

Personality: Tad bit shy, tends to have carefree attitude towards "most" things, caring about everyone regardless of whether she knows them or not. Slightly careless, always curious about things, people, and places that are new or strange. Often naive, she can be very unaware of the situation around her once she's involved in something.

Femininity: Appears as any normal girl would, with all the right pieces, but with an added set of fox ears and a tail to match.

Why she likes Dyne: Dyne was one of the first people to befriend Kitsuki, and she fell hard in love with him. She not only thinks of him as her heart-throb, but she feels safe and comforted with him. She adores the gentle way he treats her, and the fact that he's always there when she needs him.

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