Name: Kitty Lynx

Job: Management in Sports Company.

Created by: Marcus

Likes: Pleasant days, spending time with her family (especially her daughters), good jokes, swimming.

Dislikes: Excessively hot or cold days, 'work-freaks' (like she says "it's just a job"), people bullying her family, her daughters leaving their music on all night or making a mess of the house.

Personality: Kitty is a somewhat quiet but cheerful and friendly woman, with a kind and gentle nature. She has a fairly positive and upbeat view of the world, and is fairly easy going and patient, especially with her sisters and daughters, but not to a fault. She is a loving and caring mother, always taking a keen interest in what her daughters are doing and offering any help she can to them even if it cuts into her own time. She is not particularly strict, but never allows them to get away with things she thinks they shouldn't be doing. While allowing them their independence Kitty is still quite protective of them, displaying a surprisingly fierce and sometimes aggressive side whenever she feels they are threatened.

Femininity: Kitty is a reasonably take charge kind of person but certainly hasn't lost any of her femininity.

Why she likes Dyne: He's patient with her when she's in a mischievous mood, treats her no differently than others even though she's a catgirl, doesn't mind her daughters.

NOTE: This reference image is a little outdated. Her design has recently been updated to make her skin more white and her ears more rounded like traditional catgirl ears.

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