Name: Matsuri Aiyo

Job: Hero-for-hire and bounty hunter

Created by: Mandy

Likes: Fighting, training, adventuring, money, her father's sword, justice, Felia

Dislikes: Dresses (unless the occasion is really special to her), girly stuff, being forced to bathe, injustice.

Personality: Tomboy. She can be fiesty and will get violent if someone messes with Felia and makes her cry. Despite this, she has a very tender side and can be affectionate, if a little strange.

Femininity: She doesn't have much of it. But deep down, she does have a rather feminine side that only a very few special people know about (though she doesn't like to admit it). Depending on the occasion, if it's special enough, she might be willing to wear a dress...

Why she likes Dyne: He's accepted her for the person she is and hasn't taken advantage of the fact she has a bounty on her head (and kind of likes how strong he is).

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