Dav's Hideaway

A Shrine to an unusual fanfictional character.

Welcome to the Hideout's shrine on Dyne's most popular fanfictional character! Here you'll learn things about Dav that aren't mentioned in his character profile and even his alter ego used in other-than-RPG fics!

Personality Information:

In serious fanfics Dav is full of hatred and sorrow. Fighting anyone having to do with Shinra sends him into a flying rage that often leaves him cold for hours.
In comedic fics he is a lot more easygoing and loves to show off his "treasure hunting" skills (often by stealing from Yuffie).
In anime fics he is a very serious, very dedicated fighter and student. He is the leader of the Guardians.

Little known facts (RPG fics):

- Dav is the only one who can use the Atma Weapon.
- The names of his lover and teacher from his past (Jessika and Rand Leifa) are real names of my friends.
- Dav obtained Justice Slash when he tore himself away from Shinra by killing his former commanding officer.
- He also prefers a good whip other than a sword.
- Dav has a third Limit Break (used once) called X-BRAVER. He throws the enemy into the air (like at the end of Justice Slash) and as it comes down he jumps up above it and cuts it in half as they both hit the ground.

(Anime fics)
- Ohara is just a borrowed name that he saw on a poster soon after he was sent to earth.
- Debe actually prefers NOT to shout his transformation phrase because he feels it's silly.
- His real, Mercurian name is Seijirou Debido but he has long forgot it.


Cait Sith's Big Break - By Dyne (First Appearence, Tifa hits on him once, 1st Double Limit with Cloud)
FF7 in Hawaii - By Dyne (Revealed to hate Yuffie)
The RPG Deathmatches - By Dyne (First major fic, best friend is Cid, goes out with A-Ko, starts a grudge with Prettz)
If Wishes Were to Be - By Dyne (First major serious fic)
FF7 in the WWF - By Dyne
Celebrity Deathmatch 4 - By Dyne
FF7 on Jeopardy - By Dyne (Vows to kill Ramza whenever possible)
Yuffie and the Gerudo Thieves - By Dave (Has a crush on Zelda)
AVALANCHE vs. Sailor Moon - By Dyne (Falls in love with and marries Sailor Mercury)
The Dukes of Hazzard Movie - By Cid (Revealed to like the Dukes)
FF7: Royal Rumble - By Kasshan
Nightmare at Gold Saucer 3: Frieza's Revenge - By Dave
No Man's Land - By Kasshan
Celebrity Deathmatch 3 - By all who wrote it (Faces off with Dyne's sister, continues the grudge with Prettz)
Sailor Moon G: The Melody of Awakening, Enter the Mysterious Young Man - By Dyne (1st Anime fic, Japanese name is Ohara Debe)
The Rise and Fall of Villians Inc. - By Dyne
Dav's Story - By Dyne (Complete past revealed)
FF7: Anarchy Rulez - by Kasshan
Sailor Moon G: To Test Their Affection: The Trials of Ami and Debe - By Dyne
Wild Wild Sith - By Dave
Ramza's Last Stand - By Dyne (Dies but is revived by the Dragonballs)
Yet Another Celebrity Deathmatch - By Dyne (2nd hosting job)
Sailor Moon G: The Dark Kingdom Has Returned! Guardian Jupiter Joins the Battle - By Dyne
Sailor Moon G: Venus's Brightness Shines Anew! Kariudo the Lancer Appears! - By Dyne

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