The Dav Cole Gallery

Includes unseen pics!

Dav Cole

This is the first pic of Dav ever drawn as well as the most well known. It was donated by Pamela Ranali.
This is the first try out of three by Valery Pinchuk.
Here's Valery's second try, you can see the differences.
This is the third and final one by Valery, this is what's in the fanart section by her.
Another from Valery.
One more from Valery!
Yet another by Valery.
Even another from Valery, I need more of those two together!
These two, 1, 2, are just recoloring a fanart picture, but what do you think Dav's reaction would be if he met Kefka?

Ohara Debe

Here's something that kind of worked out through coincidence. I managed to find a picture of the character from the Sailor Moon S movie who looks exactly like what I always imagined Debe to look like, so I redid the colors and ended up with this.
This was done by Celley. She was the first artist ever to pull through in creating an illustration for one of my fics.
Here's the final version of the above pic, I love the look on Debe's face!
This is another one by me, it was pretty easy to recolor this one.
Yet another recoloring by me, but hey, it fits perfectly. Original was done by Anna
This is Amber's first fic pic she did for me, even though she hates it, I love it (even though Debe's hair is too long, maybe it's the angle).
A tricky recoloring by me. Yes this picture was originally Usagi and Mamoru.
Two more recolorings I did: 1 - 2
At the Carnival - By Mollie. And here's another verion.
Kiyone shows us the drawbacks of taking Ami shopping at a bookstore
Finally, a dancing on the balcony art for SMG 2, thanks to Chizi
Another scene from SMG 2. Thanks to Alicia for this one.
A Kawaii Wedding GIF from Sailor Energy
I hope Sydney doesn't kill me for recoloring one of her pics.
A lovely underwater picture from Kiyone.
Sailor Energy presents: The Drawbacks of Marrying a Doctor - Version 1 - Version 2
A couple more recolorings by me, 1, and 2. I like the 1st one more.
The first fanart of Guardian Mercury, and Sailor Mercury's in there as an added bonus! From Lady Hiko.

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