The place for Misc. Crap!

Some misc. humor and other stuff found throughout the Net. I didn't write any of these but added to some of 'em. Feel free to submit your own additions.

RPG Stuff

An Advertisement for Crescens Airlines From: Dave
One-Winged Angel Lyrics & Translation.
Put FF7 characters into WWF Warzone!
Might wanna duck there, Cloud
The Nintendo Lovers' Final Fantasy
The Dave and Dyne Saga Drinking Game By: Kebinu
It's so simple why didn't anyone see it before?! By: Dyne
Chrono Trigger Fwaks (Fake Secrets)
Super Mario RPG Fwaks (Fake Secrets)

Anime Stuff

A poem based on Sailor Moon G 1 By: Dyne
A poem based on Sailor Moon G 2 By: Dyne
Sailor... Dragonball Z?!
Clinton's New Intern
Slick Willie's a ruthless heartbreaker!
The Sailor Moon Drinking Game
Engish Lyrics to the DBZ song, "Cha-La Head Cha-La" From: Dave
Engish Lyrics to the DBZ song, "We Gotta Power!" From: Dave
Some changes are being made to the company By: Dyne
The Mother-Daughter Okonomiyaki-ya By: Dyne
The old mascot disappeared, here's his replacement By: Dyne

Other Stuff

50 Fun Things to do at Walmart (This is good!)
A poster for FF7 on Pokemon Island From: Dave
The FF7 on Pokemon Island 2 Theme Song Lyrics From: Dave
Smack down some Shane-O-Mac! From: Kartman of Alrevia
Castle of Shikigami III Game Script Guide

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