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I'll accept any fanart for any video game or Anime.
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Fanarts are categorized by Artist, then series name. "Original" means it contains original characters. "Fanfic" means that the idea came from or is used as an illustration for a fanfic on this site.
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If you know the identity of some of the "Unknown" artists at the bottom of the page, please let me know so I may give them proper credit.


Ami and Luna - Sailormoon
Makoto visits her parents' grave - Sailormoon
Nephrite's Spirit Touches Naru - Sailormoon
Princess Mercury Watches the Sunset - Sailormoon
The Moon Spiral Heart Attack failed... - Sailormoon
Tuxedo Mask's secondary weapon after a rose - Sailormoon


Torn Apart at the Hands of War - Fanfic, Original, Sailormoon
A great bareback Ami pic (#5000 in my collection) - Sailormoon


Riku wants her name to be known by all - D.N.Angel
Cloud and a funky background - Final Fantasy 7
Tohru, Kyo, and Yuki ready for Halloween - Fruits Basket, Original
Meet Inuyasha's demands, or else! - Inuyasha
Sad Kagome - Inuyasha
Vacation Time - Inuyasha
Which of Inuyasha or Kagome is angrier? - Inuyasha
Minor Wardrobe Mix-up - Inuyasha, Sailormoon
"I'll never be alone." - Original
Profile shot of Miki - Original
Profile shot of Aremi - Original
Ami-chan can multi-task anywhere - Sailormoon
Mercury poses - Sailormoon
Things are looking up for Lum-chan - Urusei Yatsura
Ai's got a few admirers - Video Girl Ai

Anime Captor

Miki and Aremi captured by bandits - Version 2 - DiD, Fanfic, Original


Miki and Aremi in peril - DiD, Original
"Someone should find you after the 'Cute Bunny Gals' contest is over." - DiD, Original [SLIGHT EECHI WARNING]
The girls can't even enjoy a day at the beach without attracting a villain - DiD, Original
Nei and Rika will never want to fly again after this - DiD, Phantasy Star II/IV

avatarida - DeviantArt

Elica strikes a pose - Original

Bakura - Homepage

A small warning to any other hentai artist who wants to use Dyne's OCs as subjects without his permission - Original

BaN - Homepage

Miki and Aremi as a priestess and blacksmith - Original, Ragnarok Online, 1st Place and "Awesome Coloring" Winner of CAFC

Belinda Sin

Identity Crisis - Final Fantasy VII

b j c - Homepage

Miki and Aremi as Tifa and Aeris - Final Fantasy VII, Original, Part of "Greatest Variety" in CAFC
Miki and Aremi as Zelda and Link - Legend of Zelda, Original, Part of "Greatest Variety" in CAFC
Miki and Aremi as the Powerpuff Girls - Powerpuff Girls, Original, Honorable Mention and Part of "Greatest Variety" in CAFC


Amazon Women: Beautiful but Deadly - Original, Ranma 1/2

C. Padd

A face sketch of Squall - Final Fantasy VIII

carlos1976 - DeviantArt

Yuna, Mai, and Alondra posing at the beach - Final Fantasy X, King of Fighters, Original, Winner of HSBPFC


A hug in the park - Fanfic, Original, Sailormoon


Aeris at the beach - Final Fantasy VII
Aeris in the rain with sad eyes - Final Fantasy VII
Sephiroth's mako eyes make him look really cool! - Final Fantasy VII

Christian Molina - DeviantArt

Child Elica in the calm of night - Original


Ramza says "Happy Easter" - Final Fantasy Tactics
Bart brandishes his whip - Xenogears
Elly's thinking about something nice obviously - Xenogears

D. Kartoon

A really cool one of Sephiroth - Final Fantasy VII
Aeris bathes in the light of the Lifestream - Final Fantasy VII


Sketch of Barret - Final Fantasy VII
Sketch of Cid - Final Fantasy VII
Sketch of Cloud - Final Fantasy VII
Sketch of Red XIII - Final Fantasy VII
Sketch of Vincent - Final Fantasy VII

Damian Fox

Cyan gets his revenge for Doma - Final Fantasy VI
Locke will NEVER fly again - Final Fantasy VI
Sephiroth and Alucard are homies! - Castlevania: SOTN, Final Fantasy VII

Dangerman-1973 - DeviantArt

Miki and Aremi in their superheroine alter-egoes, Amazon Crusader and Aoi Seiken - Original


Face shots of Son Goku, Hanabishi Recca, and Rurouni Kenshin - Dragonball Z, Flame of Recca, Rurouni Kenshin
Dav looking smug (or like Trunks) - Original


Cel of Goku, Trunks, and Pan - Dragonball GT
Coloring Book Page - Sailormoon
Fiery Innocence - Sailormoon
Human Luna as Dota - Sailormoon
Mercury Hime - Sailormoon
Mermaid Ami - Sailormoon
Mermaid Hotaru - Sailormoon
Mermaid Michiru - Sailormoon
Neko Ami "mouse" hunting - Sailormoon
Rei in a Chinese Dress - Sailormoon
Rei Wearing a Towel (Stop Staring) - Sailormoon
Sad Pluto - Sailormoon
Sailor Star Jupiter - Sailormoon
Sexy Usagi - Sailormoon
Venus and Moon Back-to-back - Sailormoon
Butterfly Ayeka - Tenchi Muyo
Ryoko is a Doll - Tenchi Muyo

Dennis Poon - Homepage

Fuujin turns some heads - Final Fantasy VIII
Female of the Species - Lunar: Silver Star Story
Full Earth - Lunar: Silver Star Story
Luna picking wildflowers - Lunar: Silver Star Story
Sit Down and... - Lunar: Silver Star Story
Beach Party - Lunar 2: Eternal Blue
Lucia sitting pretty - Lunar 2: Eternal Blue
Arche and Chester - Tales of Phantasia

DL Showtime - DeviantArt

Elica Margatroid as a child - Original
Elica sketch - Original
Elica has grown up, but still blushes easily - Original
Sisters - Original, Touhou

Dr. Xadium - Homepage

Aremi's sword dance (Drawn by Kazeshin, colored by Dr. X) - Original
The Children of Ryuchiezu - Original
Colored version of Marcy's "Twin Princesses of Jupiter" - Original, Sailormoon

Dustin Madsen

Sephiroth's got the strange grin - Final Fantasy VII

Dyne - Homepage - DeviantArt

"Wow, it's crowded in here!" - Ah! Megami-sama, Chobits, Devil Hunter Yohko, FF7, FF8, FF10, Legend of Dragoon, Legend of Zelda, Ranma 1/2, Sailormoon, Sakura Taisen, Tales of Phantasia, Tenchi Muyo, Xenogears, You're Under Arrest
Miki attacks Kodachi - Fanfic, Ranma 1/2
A spliced wallpaper of Raya G's Sara (all pics drawn by him) - Original

EcEu - DeviantArt

Nariko, Misa, and Euphoria relaxing at the hot tub - Deathnote, Heavenly Sword, Original, Winner of HSBPFC

Edward Cha

Nina with pink(?) wings - Breath of Fire II

Gag snob

Move over Indiana Jones, Dyne's in town now! - Original, Ranma 1/2 [SLIGHT EECHI WARNING]

Grace Morales

Ryu looks really serious here - Breath of Fire III

Hanna Chang

Cloud and Tifa as kids - Final Fantasy VII


Aeris in the Lifestream - Final Fantasy VII

Jay Monteil - Homepage

Kohei tries on a new uniform - Original
Aremi has a new outfit, but also that same painful kick - Orginal
Hiretsu Fushoujiki, raccoon youkai and master thief - Original
Hiretsu face sketch + a maid - Original, Touhou

Jenova's Evil Twin

Vivi and his head is in the corner - Final Fantasy IX


Nappa as a Super Saiyajin? - Dragonball Z
Raditz also SSJ - Dragonball Z
Sprite Sheet of Dav - Original
Sprite Sheet of Joe - Original

Jon Allegrezza

Barret looks ready for anything - Final Fantasy VII

Kamourian King - Homepage

Link and Navi in front of Death Mountain - Legend of Zelda


Portrait of Stahn - Tales of Destiny

Kazeshin - Homepage

C'mon villains, leave my girls alone already! - DiD, Original
Aremi caught with Kazeshin's original character, Mira - DiD, Original
Miki and Aremi as Megumi and Kaoru - Original, Rurouni Kenshin, Honorable Mention and "Procrastinator's Award" in CAFC
Villain Dyne vs. Bokuto's Human Computer - DiD, Original, You're Under Arrest

Keiko Donnely

Chillin' with Kohei and Shampoo - Original, Ranma 1/2, 3rd Place in the OCSFC


Isn't Aremi a doll? - Original
Miki's one too - Original

Kristen Deeds

Locke mourns for Rachel - Final Fantasy VI

Lady Hiko

Kohei and Akane's portrait - Fanfic, Original, Ranma 1/2 [SPOILER WARNING FOR RESULTS]
Kohei and Shampoo on top of the world - Original, Ranma 1/2, 1st Place in the OCSFC
Otherwise known as Kohei-chan - Fanfic, Original
Ranma and Ukyo's portrait - Fanfic, Ranma 1/2, Joint 1st-place winner for WPFC [SPOILER WARNING FOR RESULTS]
Aremi gets her hair brushed by her friend Cynthia - Fanfic, Original
Short-haired Mousse and Shampoo - Fanfic, Ranma 1/2
Sailor Jupiter throws her Sparkling Wide Pressure into the air - Fanfic, Sailormoon
Miroku and Sango dressed up as Cactaurs - Inuyasha, Final Fantasy
Miki and Aremi as Inuyasha and Koga - Inuyasha, Original
Aremi and her oldest friend - Original
Chibi Miki and a "lollypop." - Original
Miki in full Amazon armor - Original
Miki and Aremi as the cat(?) and Milly - Original, Trigun, Honorable Mention and "Most Unusual Character Award" in CAFC


Link and Navi - Legend of Zelda
The trio is ready to fight - Secret of Mana
Jack and Cecilia are arguing again... - Wild ARMs
Bart brandishes his whip again - Xenogears
Billy shoulders his shotgun - Xenogears


Miki-chan in a nice pose - Original
Aremi came out quite beautiful as well - Original
Miki's been kidnapped! - DiD, Original
"Told you Aremi was next! Muahahahaha!" - DiD, Original
Sailor Miki - Original, Sailormoon
Sailor Aremi - Original, Sailormoon


Miki and Aremi as Sakura and Haku - Naruto, Original, 2nd Place and "Mirror" Winner of CAFC
Beach Goddesses, er... Amazons - Original
The Villains are active again. This time they got Aremi, Miki, and their friend Cynthia. - DiD, Original


The night of the blue tears - Fanfic, Original, Sailormoon
Ami as a cat girl - Sailormoon
Ami at the beach - Sailormoon
Butterfly Ami - Sailormoon
Princess Mercury - Sailormoon


Kunzite takes a rest - Sailormoon


The Twin Princesses of Jupiter - Fanfic, Sailormoon

Mike Kei

Cloud doesn't look too happy about this... - Final Fantasy VII
Relaxin' when the time is needed - Final Fantasy VII
Tifa against a cool background - Final Fantasy VII
You see NOTHING, moogle! - Final Fantasy VII


Serious look for Setzer, here - Final Fantasy VI


Cloud Positioned for Battle - Final Fantasy VII
Rinoa in her dance dress - Final Fantasy VIII


What happens to Monica if you lose the first battle in the game - DiD, Dark Cloud 2


Skuld at the beach - Ah! Megami-sama!
Jupiter's Back - Sailormoon
Mars with an ofuda scroll - Sailormoon
Sailor Mercury with a book - Sailormoon
Sailormoon prays that her skirt won't flap up so much - Sailormoon
Saturn is up against the wall - Sailormoon
Uranus as serious as ever - Sailormoon
Venus Posing - Sailormoon

Pamela Ramali - Homepage

Janus and Magus - Chrono Trigger
Marle wishing upon a star - Chrono Trigger
A sly look on Rosa - Final Fantasy IV
Cecil reaching for a crystal - Final Fantasy IV
Cecil stands on the moon with the earth in back - Final Fantasy IV
Child Rydia smiling - Final Fantasy IV
What do you suppose Rydia is smiling at? - Final Fantasy IV
General Celes Chere - Final Fantasy VI
Terra still wearing the slave crown - Final Fantasy VI
"Treasure hunter", Locke Cole - Final Fantasy VI
Link and Zelda fighting (Not with each other... yet) - Legend of Zelda
The Princess Zelda - Legend of Zelda
Artea holds his bow - Lufia II
Dav Cole, holder of the Atma Weapon - Original, Fanfic

Paniyon - Homepage

Rydia Looking Cute - Final Fantasy IV
Celes winking - Final Fantasy VI

Parasyte - DeviantArt

Happy Birthday to Dyne, 2007 - Breath of Fire II, Haruhi's Melancholy, Original, Scooby Doo, Legend of Dragoon
Graduation Present, BYU 2007 - Guilty Gear, Original, Touhou
Fox and Coon antics at the beach - Original, Touhou
Aremi has a new formal outfit - Original
Miki in concert - Original
Are you perhaps looking for a harem girl? - Original
Don't forget her counterpart - Original
Elica Margatroid, angelic princess of hell - Original
Elica at the beach, shy as ever - Original
Eve Aburamushi, hawk tengu reporter - Original
Heroine Aremi takes a rest - Original
Over to the Dark Side: Miki and Aremi - Original
Over to the Dark Side: Eve - Original
Over to the Dark Side (but still shy and modest): Elica - Original
Over to the Dark Side (or still there?): Hiretsu - Original

Raya G - Homepage

Slight alternate version of Tana's captivity in Ephriam's Chapter 9 of Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones - DiD, Fire Emblem 8
He's an Aremi fan, maybe a little too much - DiD, Original
Locking Aremi in the trunk of a car won't stop her - DiD, Original
Could Kodachi be planning revenge after what Miki did to her in Results? - DiD, Original
Chibi Miki - Original
Sara enjoying some time off at the beach - Original

Richard Roe

Real-life Mizuno Ami - Sailormoon
Real-life Kino Makoto - Sailormoon
Real-life Aino Minako - Sailormoon
Real-life Hino Rei - Sailormoon
Real-life Sailor Mars - Sailormoon
Real-life Sailormoon - Sailormoon
Real-life Sailor Venus - Sailormoon


Child and adult Rydia as one - Final Fantasy IV
"Lunarian Gaze" - Final Fantasy IV
The two sides of Cecil - Final Fantasy IV
A cute picture of Terra - Final Fantasy VI

Rinoa Iam

Kohei and Akanes's portrait - Fanfic, Original, Ranma 1/2 Joint 1st-place winner for WPFC [SPOILER WARNING FOR RESULTS]
Ranma and Ukyo's portrait - Fanfic, Ranma 1/2 [SPOILER WARNING FOR RESULTS]
Miki and Aremi as Aeris and Tifa - Final Fantasy, Original, 3rd Place in CAFC
Link is mesmerized by the cool background - Legend of Zelda
Sora and Kairi Sittin' in a Tree... - Kingdom Hearts
"Okay Are-chan, you can give him all the kisses you'd like now." - Original
The last thing I remember seeing was... - Original
Portait of Kohei and Shampoo - Original, Ranma 1/2, 2nd Place in the OCSFC
Miki and Aremi as Kanami and Mimori - Original, s-CRY-ed, "I've never heard of that series" award in CAFC

Ryusei Hikari

Ooo, and cake too? - Full Metal Panic, Guilty Gear X, Original
Are-chan needs sleep now and then too - Original
These guys know that when you want to get revenge on a guy, kidnap his girl - DiD, Original
Some punks really can't take "No" for an answer - DiD, Original
Dyne and Kitsuki share a tender moment after a rescue - Original


What destiny created in a sister - Breath of Fire II

Sailor Energy - Homepage

Ranma and Ukyo With Their Prize Fish - Fanfic, Ranma 1/2
A Kawaii GIF of Aremi - Original
A Kawaii GIF of Kohei - Original
A Kawaii GIF of Miki - Original
The Ranma 1/2 cast plus the Ikimono siblings and Aremi enjoy some hot springs - Original, Ranma 1/2
Ami as a (VERY cute) cat - Sailormoon
A Kawaii GIF of Miyuki - You're Under Arrest
A Kawaii GIF of Natsumi - You're Under Arrest


I got a Miki-chan for Christmas! - DiD, Original
Whoops, forgot those two are a package deal ^_^ - DiD, Original
"This is where you want me to model? Well... all right." - Original
The lights go out, there are sounds of a scuffle, and the end result- - DiD, Original
Halloween 2008 group pic including Aremi as Mai Shiranui - Original
Halloween 2008 group pic including Miki as Sakura Kasugano - Original


Cecil and Kain, friendship of light and darkness - Final Fantasy IV
Sephiroth in a Library - Final Fantasy VII


Kitsuki gets ready for her day - Original


Miki and Aremi as Meroko and Mitsuki - Full Moon no Sagashite, Original, Honorable Mention and Winner of "KAWAIINESS" in CAFC


Kitsuki and Jam beach pin-up - Guilty Gear, Original
Yuyuko, Alice, Eirin, Ran, and Meiling pin-up - Touhou


"But will I ever be anything more?" - Fanfic, Ranma 1/2
Kodachi's latest plan to snag Ranma - DiD, Ranma 1/2
"Oops, I forgot a couple. Ohohohoho!" - DiD, Ranma 1/2

SuperTailsHero - DeviantArt

Kairi, Yotsuba, and Orees at the beach - Kingdom Hearts, Original, Yotsuba&!, Winner of HSBPFC

The Captain

Battle for Sector 7 - Final Fantasy VII
Cloud Went Too Far This Time - Final Fantasy VII
The New AVALANCHE - Final Fantasy VII
The Original AVALANCHE - Final Fantasy VII


Crono swings an ignited sword - Chrono Trigger
Artist's take on what some of the fanfic characters look like - Fanfic, Original
Butz as a Dragoon - Final Fantasy V
Terra ready to face the world - Final Fantasy VI
Battle in the Lifestream - Final Fantasy VII
Cait's annoyed his moogle once too often - Final Fantasy VII
Algus has a really evil look in his eye - Final Fantasy Tactics
A great faceshot of Link - Legend of Zelda
Homer Link? (...) - Legend of Zelda
Citan looks at his sword with question - Xenogears

Valery Pinchuk

A body pic and three headshots of Dav - Original

wongEXE - Homepage

Kirby meets his match! - Kirby, Touhou

Yi-Phan - DeviantArt

Wow, who's the cute fox girl? - Original
You're names Kitsuki? I think I'm in love... - Original
I knew this would happen... - DiD, Original

Young Wang - Homepage

The Goddess Belldandy - Ah! My Goddess
White Mage in a one-piece - Final Fantasy
All Cloud needs to celebrate Christmas - Final Fantasy VII
Fei and Weltall - Xenogears

Yuko Silva - Homepage

Kohei and Aremi's portrait - (Sketch) - Fanfic, Original [SPOILER WARNING FOR RESULTS]
Sango sends her holiday greetings - Inuyasha
Can't keep Kohei down - (Sketch) - Original
Don't let Miki's cute face catch you off guard - (Sketch) - Original
Aremi caught you staring at her legs - (Sketch) - (First pose sketch) - Original
A well-drawn but badly scanned (my fault) thank you note with Miki-chan - Original

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