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Chrono Trigger

The Fates Have Decreed

The first Chrono Trigger fic here, written by Tritoch Magicite. It's basically a telling of the battle against Azala in 65,000,000 BC.

Fanfictional Character Based

The Adventures of Dav Cole

The events of Dyne's most popular fanfictional character. Several short fics put into a series about Dav's life as a monster hunter before meeting with AVALANCHE. @, E

Before the Disciple

Another one from Kasshan. This story unfolds the full explanation behind Kevin Darkangel's past in a near first-person perspective.

Dav's Story

The complete past of Dyne's character who is well known. Dav Cole's life as the young Dave Linshire and how he came to know of his heritage is finally revealed. @

A Fate Unwanted

The story of Kevin Darkangel's brother, Kain, by Wiseman. The mystery behind Kain's past must be sought as he struggles to avoid his destiny at the same time.

The Lark Leah Story

The account of another fanfictional character, this one created and written by Lark. A young SOLDIER named Sean Larkin gives his account of how Shinra has controlled his life and altered his past. He sets out to find out exactly who he is. (:)

Life of a Dragon Slayer

The first and last fanfic by Ifrit Materia. A dragon slayer named Spicer Draconus has set out to find his missing sister. Little does he know his role is greater than he imagined when he meets a scientist from Rocket Town and an old friend of AVALANCHE.

Nightmare's Disciple

A retelling of Final Fantasy 7 based around one simply question: Can one man change the destiny of a world? Raven answers this question. (:)

No Man's Land

Another one by Kasshan. The sequel to Nightmare's Disciple,. One year after Aeris' death Kevin seeks out to find a new life, he may very well get what he asks for. (:), D

Tequila Man! The Tragic Story of Cait's Friend

Another one by Dave. Here's the full story on how the man by the name of Cait's Friend got that name and his life as a tequila-holic. (:), ->--, E

Final Fantasy VII

The Aeris Revival

This is Cloud B's first fic. After performing several hours of research Cloud discovers a simple way to revive Aeris, will it work? (That just proves how useful the Internet can be)

Beyond the Looking Glass

A new fic by Rude. Fifteen years after Meteor, the team has finally settled down to a well deserved retirement. But the new threat that disturbs the peace will determine their little planet's place in the universe.

The Black Hood Gang [Part 2] [Part 3]

Written by Osiris. The groups goes on a jorney to the new continent only to be shot down and taken prisoner. An old enemy awaits and so does a new ally.

Cait's Story

The story of the best robot character ever written by Cait. A fanfictional account of the history of the black robot cat and the moogle who've made a pair we're all familiar with. (:), D

Chaos Reigns

The sequel to Cloud's Story, written by Cloud. The power within Vincent eventually overcomes him and AVALANCHE must make a very difficult decision, their friend or the world. (:), D, ".", ->--

Cloud's Story

The first in a trilogy by Cloud. Cloud's best friends and worst fears emerge as he makes the hardest descision he's ever faced. His choice is his feelings for the one he loves and his best friend or his desire to save the world. (:), CB, D, ".", ->--

Dark Crystal

Written by SwordMAGC. Long after the death of Aeris, Cloud soon discovers that her body isn't alone in that mysterious city...

The Fall of an Angel

A VERY well written fic about the Nibelheim incident by Jen. If you've ever wondered exactly what Sephroth's thoughts were during this point in time you can learn now as this is written through his point of view. (Prologue to the Irony of Fate) (:)

If Wishes Were to Be...

Here's Dyne's first serious fic ever. A newcomer by the name of Dav Cole discovers the Planet's ultimate secret in revival of the Ancients. While everyone else learns the meaning of "Be careful what you wish for". @

The Irony of Fate

Another one by Jen. Can you imagine how much the plot to FF7 would have changed had Vincent spoken to Sephiroth about his mother? Here's one of the possibilities. (:), ".", E

FF7: The Lockhart Legacy

A new fic by Makoknight. The history of Final Fantasy 7 has been re-written. This alternate reality is what would have happened if a few fanfictional charcters were thrown into the fray.

Repressed Memories

Very well written by Cloud. In the third part of the trilogy started by Cloud's Story this one deals with all of the memories that Cloud recalls before joining Shinra and how he dealt with them. (:), CB, D, ".", ->--

The Return of Sephiroth

Written by Dave. Seph's back and this time the battlefield is in the 20th century. Will the team be able to stop him this time? (More importantly will they be able to restrain Cid from using nuclear warheads?) (:), CB, ".", E, @

Sephiroth Beckons

A new one from Cloud B. Time has progressed in the world of Final Fantasy VII. Cloud and Tifa have married and have two children. The others have all gone out to do what they wanted to. But all is not right... CLoud is having nightmares that go beyond the realm of dreams and approach those of reality. It is up to Cloud to bring an end to what is plaguing him. He will be tested beyond his capacity and will ind the answer to what is causing him so much pain, and will bring about it's end. E

Final Fantasy VIII

The Sorceress

The first FF8 fic to be submitted, by J2K. The SeeDs accept a mission to go after Seifer but the get more than they bargained for when they bump into the Sorceress Rinoa.

Final Fantasy Tactics

The Love of War

A fanfictional account of the events of Final Fantasy Tactics by Pres. Rufus. After the incident at Fort Zeakden, Ramza has deserted his allies and they must now live on their own, only to be reunited with their friend two years later... [Spoiler Alert] (:)


Xenogears: Mission of Doom

The first Xenogears fic here by Dave. Taking place 15 years after the game Fei discovers something not quite right and must reunite the team in order to do something about it. [Spoiler alert] (:), "."

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