My Electronics Class and Cait Sith
By Jim

Science Teacher: OK today class we have a new student (points at Cait Sith).
Cait Sith: Yah, yah, yah. Címon Lets cut this Garbage.
Teacher: OK. (pulls out Golden pp7 and pulls trigger. Cait Sith flies backwards in a shower of sparks)
Class: COOL!
Teacher: Just as I suspected another one of those cheap Japanese imitation robotic cats made in Uti.(puts back PP7 and takes out a screwdriver and a scalpel.)
Student1(with the voice of Ralph off the Simpsons): He Ha! I wish my daddy were here.
Teacher: (puts Cait Sith on lab table) Now we will insert the scalpel on the chest of this robot and peel back the synthetic fur that had even the AVALANCHE team fooled.
Student2 (kicks moogle) What a wimpy stuffed animal.
Student3: Hey it reminds me of Barny whose just gone through the bleach machine!
Teacher: Now that we have pulled back the synthetic cat fur we can now see the dermal heat generators and the endoskeletal structure.
Student1: (picks up a screwdriver and rams it into a wire trailing out of Cait Sith ) YAHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOO! ( He yells while getting electrocuted)
Student4: (Pulls out water gun and starts spraying Cait Sithís wire as well as student1)
Teacher: Stop it you two! Obviously you are having lots of fun but these cheap robots have been know to have a serious electrical output when in contact with water. (as if on cue Cait Sith begins convulsing and electrocuting student1, 2 , and 3.)
Teacher: (calls peramedics) Yeah we have had a slight problem here. Three of my students just got zapped. Ok see ya soon. Bye.
[bell rings]


It has turned out that this particular teacher has a knack for seeking out androids and destroying them. After having a balldisecting tehm he has to find a way of disposing of them. The way he does it is to fist cut tehm up with a chainsaw and then to run them through a mulcher. This is the most efficiant way of reducing them to small pieces other than incinerating them. As for the Moodel Mugel or whatever, he gave it to his son and his son put it on his bed where it has satyed ever since.

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