FF7: Anarchy Rulez Part 1
By Kasshan

Authors Note: Okay, it's been a while hase'nt it? i'm taking a bit of a breather from Serious Fics and had a bit of time on my hands, yes, another FF7/WWF crossover, well you know what they say, if it works, Don't fix it! Enjoy!

Warning: This fic has some suggestable themes, and alot of language and violence, so i don't get sued i'm putting up this warning to people who've been living under a rock for 2 decades and are offended by swearing and violence, okay....too mch space has been wasted (Gives the censors a look).


(Backstage at the Ice Palace in tampa Florida, kevin's limo pulls up and kevin, Cait's Friend and Dav Cole step out).
Kevin: i can actually smell the anarchy in the air, how about you guys?
Cait's friend: Tequila man!
Dav: well it does seem like something cools gonna go down, but who knows for sure?
Team Rocket: (Who come flying out of the air) We will!
Kevin: F**k off! (cait's friend starts throwing bottles at team rocket).
Team Rocket: looks like team rocket is running like pussys again! (dissapear).
Kevin: okay......let's go inside (they pick up their luggage and walk into the building).


(in the arena)
Jim Ross: welcome to Anarchy Rulez, voted as one of the most anticipated Events of all time!
The King: Lots of people say they can smell anarchy in the air, i just think good ol' J.R passed gas!
Ross: Would you shut the f**k up!!
a gay song starts playing through the arena, the song beat it by Michael Jackson (run in terror!!) out walks a pencil necked geek wearing snake designed clothes, behind him a Crackhead wearing torn jeans and a pocket calculator with absolutely no musle, and followed by Vinzer Deighling (FF8) and another geek calling himself kain.
The First Geek: i am Viper Byte, supreme master of the GSCCC!!
the Crackhead: i...am....Stash, the crackhead moderator!! (falls on his face while sniffing in a white powder).
Viper Byte: Enough chit chat my homies,we are here to kill that insolent fool kevin Darksangel and his friends!!
The Cowd: BOO!!! you suck viper Smyte!!
Viper Byte: Shut up fagg-
Kevins theme plays and the crowd starts Erupting with Cheers, kevin walks out alone, just wearing his regular boots, a pair of jeans and a black shirt.
Kevin: (looks around, sees the crowd cheering and chanting his name, he puts his hand out telling them to stop, they stop) you know, i had a feeling you f*cking jack-os would show up, of coarse, because i've humiliated all of you little geeks more than once!! (the crowd starts cheering again).
Viper Byte: Shut up!
Kevin: oohhh, what are you gonna do tough guy? cry for me to stop? lol, since this is Anarchy Rulez, My event, you'll be the first to be F*CKED up!! Rip or whatever the hell he's calling himself now went over to Wcw and talked to a few of my old friends, perhaps you'd like to meet them!!
the WolfPack's theme plays and the crowd Starts erupting in cheers, and out walks Scott Hall and Kevin Nash- The Outsiders.
(Kevin smiles evily and hands Nash the microphone).
Nash: Big Sexy and the outsiders in da.......
Crowd: HOUSE!!!!!!
(Nash hits kevin's hands, kevin hit's his back, then nash hands scott hall the mic)
Scott:......(Stays silent).......Hey Yo! it's survey time, what does 5 of the toughest guys in the world together make?
Viper Byte: a mega man?
Scott: (Shakes his head) no jabroni, it's a New World Order!! (hands kevin the microphone)
Kevin: Oh yeah that's right, Hey guys how's it going back there? (he says to the back).


(Backstage in the television booth that controls the airways).
Cait's friend: Tequila man!! (he and dav walk into the center and start throwing tequila bottles atthe station workers, they all flee in terror).

Dav: (walks up to a panel with a screen that shows the wwf logo, he pushes a few buttons and that logo changes to the words N.W.O and below it, it says New World Order) New world order Television is on the air.....4 Life!!

End of Part 1.

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