FF7: Anarchy Rulez Part 2
By Kasshan

     After the N.W.O had rejoined and took over the WWF, the nWo started celebrating in the locker rooms, Cait's Friend brought a huge supply of tequila and budweisers, they also hired strippers, but let's not get into that, i'd be banned for life if i described what went down when the strippers came!! now, Kevin and Dav head down to the ring to fight Viper Byte and the Crackhead Stash.

     Kevin and Davs Remixed theme plays and the crowd erupts, kevin and dav walk out and walk down the rampway to the ring.

     Then Viper Byte theme "Beat it" by michael jackson plays and hundreds of boos can be heard, stash dizziliy walks to the ring with viper byte, they get in the ring and kevin simply pulls out a cig and lights it up, finishes it and then walks up to viperbyte and throws the cig in his face, viper byte screams in pain, then kevin takes out his sword and chops off his little john and begins to beat the living crap out of him, Dav simply hits stash with a baseball bat in the stomach and then the bat and dumps all of stashes drugs into the audience and pounds his head into the ground. kevin picks up viperbyte and powerbombs him on to the blade of apocalypse, then pulls off his pants and throws him on top of the unconsiouse body of stash, then dav pours beer all over them, kevin and dav starts laughing, their nwo theme plays and they both leave.

End of Part 2

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