FF7 VS Disney-Part 1
By Cid

[Disney Studios]

Exec: Everyone! We have a problem! Everyone is starting to stop buying Disney products and buying... FINAL FANTASY TOYS!! [Ominous music plays]

All execs: AAAHHH!!!

CEO: What do ywe do?

Exec: Kill of Squaresoft! The evil maker of this Final Fantasy but I say we first kill the cast of the best selling Final fantasy...

Chairman: What would that be...

Exec: Fianl Fantasy 7!!!

[Down at our Hero's hideout in Sherewood forrest... Er Midgar at Tifa's Bar...]

Cloud: Everyone! We got some mail!!

Cid: Yeah... So?

Cloud: We won a free trip to Disney land!!!

Barret: Wait! We ddn't enter anything...

Cloud: It says they took the names of everyone in the world and drew out ours... Even Sephiroth's...


Cloud: We won trips to Disney land too...

Sephiroth: Eh! Disney doesn't know cool if it bit them all in the...

Cid: Shut up! I thought you died!

Sephiroth:NOTING CAN KILL ME!!! Except... Disney...

Yuffie: Then why are you going to DISNEY Land?

Sephiroth; Cuase it's free.. DUH!

Red: Can we go already! The lines are too long there!

Cloud: Nope! We go this weekend! We will be the only people in the park!!

All: YAY!

Cloud: But... We have to go on every ride before we leave.

All: YAY!!!

Cloud: But the Tea cup ride... [Feels sick]

All: Huh?

Sephiroth: Oh yeah.. You have motion sickness..

Cait: But ANYONE can go on that ride! That one's fun! And they even pour tea on you at the end!

Everyone: ???

Cait: No wait! That's the tea cup ride at Dizzyland.

Cid: Tea...? [Runs to Dizzlyland]

[A few days later]

[Everyone is in the Buggy]

Cloud: let's mosey.

Cid: DAMN! Again? Stop saying that like a wimp! Can't you say "Let's Go beat up the Guy in the Mickey Mouse suit"?!

Cloud: Let's go beat up the guy in the mickey mouse suit!!

Cid: That's Better!

Barret: I pity the foo who hurts Goofy!

Cid: Say I pity the foo once more and I'll rip your throat out!!

Barret: [liek he's sneezing] Ipitythefoo! Ipitythefoo!

[At Disney Land]

Cloud: Let's see we are in... Donald Duck lol D.

Cait: Or DDD.

Red: Let's go in! let's go in! I wanna Mual goofy!!

Cloud: Let's... [sees Cid looking at him ready to shout Damn,] Move Out!

Cid: aw....


Cloud: I say we all go to different areas!

Cid: I call Nicotine land!!

Cloud: There's no such place!

Cid: Then I call Future land!!

Tifa: Fantasy land!

Cait: Fantasy land too!

Aeris: With Cloud!

Cloud: Adventure land!

Barret: Frontier land!

Red: Frontier land!

Yuffie: Samurai Sumit... Oh wait wrong park...Fantasy Land!

Vincent: The Huanted House place...

Cloud: Move out!

Cid: [Has an idea] DAMN!! Again stop saying that like a tough guy! Can't you say Let's Mosey!

Cloud: [Sighs] Let's mosey...

Cid: With more feeling....

Cloud: Let mosey.

Cid: More feeling.



[All go to seperate places]

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