Part 2 of FF7 VS Disney
By Cid

[Future land]

Cid: Hmm... What's this...? [Sees space mountain] A rocket outer space ride... YES!!! [Goes on]

Attendant: Sir, theres no smoking on the ride.

Cid: #)(*%)(@%* THE RULES!!

Attendent: [Thinking: well the boss said they have to die] Okay. This ride goes at the maximun of 50 miles per hour.

Cid: Make it go faster!! I want speed dammit! SPEED!!!!

Attendent: Fine sir... [Boosts up the speed to 100 miles per hour] is this okay?


Attendent: But--

Cid: DO IT!!!

Attendent: [Boosts it up to 250]

Cid; perfect!! START THE #$@)(&@#(&% RIDE!! [Ride shoots off[ KICK ASS!!! [3 seconds later] Boring!! I went into space! This isn't fun at all... [Hops out of the ride before it hit's a large wall set by Disney]

Attendent: [In a walk talkie]I think we failed against the old smoking guy... Okay sir... [Gets on the ride and crashes into the wall]

[Back outside]

Cid: Let's see... Hmmm... That Honey I shrunk the Audince thing... Aw what the hell... [Goes in] Hmm... Interesting.

Attendent: Sir, will you be watching.

Cid: Yeah...

Attendent: Good! [Replaces the film witht the seizure episode of pokemon.]

Cid: [Sits down and watches it] POKEMON??!! [Rips the screen apart with is spear] WHAT THE (%($#(&%( HAPPENED TO THE 3D STUFF?!! [Runs out]

[Back outside]

Cid: let's see... Aw this place sucks! [Runs to Adventure land]

[Adventure land]

Cloud: look! The Indiana jones ride!!!

Aeris: Wow!

Cid: Future land sucked! I'm coming here!!

Cloud: Okay...

Aeris: [Wanted to be alone with Cloud]

Cid:Where you going?

Cloud: Indiana Jones ride thing...

Cid: Cool!! [All go on it]


Voice: [the ride infront of a skull thing] Don't look into the eyes!! You will die...

Cid: [Looks into the eyes]

Voice: Of lung cancer!

Cid: Damn ciggerretts you ruin my lungs!! [Smokes a ciggerett,]

Cloud: Where do you keep those things?

Cid: I buy them... The brand has the worlds best Ciggerett stock.

Cloud: What brand is that?

Cid: [Hands him a paper with the name]

Cloud: But the brand has only one customer becuase of so many health risks...

Cid: [Hold up a pack of that brand]

Cloud: So that' swhere most o our Gil goes... [Ride gets to the rolling rock]

Cid: Eh... Somethign stops that thing... [Rock doesn't stop] A floor pannel opens and we go under the rock... [Nothing happens] oh *%#%...

Cloud: OMNI SLASH!! [Turns the rock the rubble] [Ride continues] [Ride get's to some place with lava, now actual lava thanks to Disney] [Ride starts to tip over all fall out]

Cid: HIGHWIND!! [The highwind breaks through the ride's roof saving them with a rope ladder]

Cloud: How'd you come so quickly?

Pilot: Cid trained me very well!

Cid: I could get here faster.

Cloud: Let's go to another ride!

Aeris: Pirates or the Carribean!!

Cloud: Okay!

[The Pirate ride]

Aeris: I love this ride... [There is a sudden water drop] AAAAHHH!!!


Attendent: Kill mode on... Heh heh he...

Pirates: Kill intruders of our cove... HA HA HA!!!!

Cid: Cool! They want to kill! [A pirate runs up to him] HA HA!! It's comingafter us!! AAAHHH!!! [All jump on the the town set] Come on! Come on! Come and get me!! [Impales a pirate with his spear] [Pirates back up] Scared?

Cloud: Climhazzard!! [Kills 3 pirates]

Aeris: All of my limit breaks suck... [Slaps a pirate] $#@%)(#@&%)#!!!!!

Cid: [Kills some mroe pirates] [Pirate sloces his spear in halp] Grr.... [Grabs a pirates arm and smashed it against the ither pirate] Good thing that wasn't my Venus Gospel! [Grabs a pirates sword] [Kills a few toher priates, 0 pirates are left]

Cloud: DIE BAD PIRATES DIE!! [Hits the broken pirates] With a cool whit like that I can be an action hero!

Cid: Let's find the others...

End of Part 2!!

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