FF7 Royal Rumple Part 2
By Kasshan

Torn Apart (Xenogears)

backstage of madison square garden, in kevin's locker room.
cait's friend: (walks in with two cases of budwiser) bud man!
kevin: damn straight! ( takes a budweiser out of the bag and starts drinking)
stone cold steve austin: (walks in, see's the budweisers) hell yeah!! this is what i call a party and that's the bottom line cause stone cold said so!
kevin: hey stone cold! what's up? (shakes his hand)
stone cold: hell son! i came down here to see if you wanted my help in your match?
kevin: sorry but i allready called out someone to help....but you know what? cait's friend over here has a handicap match against steve and feijta man, so i wan't you to help him if he get's in any trouble.
stone cold: allright! do you wan't me to go down with him?
kevin: here's the gameplan ( cait's friend,stone cold and kevin get in a huddle position)...wispers........
stone cold: allright that i'll work!
cait's friend: tequila man!!!
kevin: allright your match starts in 5 minutes so you better go now.
stone cold: if you wan't me and cait's friend to beat those freaks @$$es,give me a hell yeah!! (hell yeah's can be heard from the crowd.)
cait's friend and stone cold: (leave)
dav who nobody noticed over on a bench: i hope your friend can make it.
kevin: don't worry he'll be here, he said he'd make a grand entrance.
dav: hmm........
in the ring.
jim ross: this match is gonna' be a slobbernocker!
king: kinda weird though.
jim ross: are fighters are in the ring!
mills lane: allright now i wan't a tough clean fight, cait's friend and steve only have one word in there valcabulary, but i only need two letters "DQ" and that's the end! now let's get it on!
steve: ( starts moving in cait's friend's direction)
cait's friend: ( starts moving but trips, he calls over mills lane)
mills lane: what is it son?
cait's friend: TEQUILA MAN!!!!!
stone cold: ( jumps in the ring while mills back is turned and stone cold stuns steve and fejita man, then jumps out of the ring.)
mills lane: son can you go on?
cait's friend: TEQUILA MAN!!! ( runs over and pins steve)
mills lane: 1......2......3!!!! (rings te bell)
stone cold: ( jumps in the ring and him,cait's friend and mills lane start drinking beer, and pouring some on the unconsious bodies of steve and fejita man) HELL YEAH!!!!!
jim ross: cait's friend proves that he is the coolest of the one word characters, but also proves that he has friends in high places, stay tune for part 3 of "royal rumble" for the final bout!

end of part 2.

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