FF7 Royal Rumble: Part 3
By Kasshan

in kevin's locker room.
kevin: allright dav, let's go kick there @$$es!!
dav: yeah!!!!
jim ross: allright this match is'nt for the weak of heart!
king: this match sends goosebumps up my spine!
jim ross: this match is an "anything go's" match which means there are no rules except one, no weapons! and here comes cloud, barret and cid!
cid,cloud and barret: (get in the ring and wait).
kevin's theme plays.
crowd: (starts cheering and chanting) KEVIN! KEVIN!
cloud: why do people like him so much?
barret: well them me see here foo'.....well first he's funny,cool,doesn't wear gay things and does'nt go crazy like you! FOO'!, he's alot lke me!
cid: (sarcasticly) yeah right!
cloud: well... i guess that answers my question!
kevin and dav: (enter the ring)
the arena go's dark and the doomsday theme plays, lightning flashes everywhere and the lights come back on, and a man with a black trenchcoat is standing next to kevin and dav.
man in black: (points his sword at barret,cloud and cid.)
announcer: and presenting kevin and dav's tag team partner, kevin's long lost brother....KAIN!!!
cloud: ?!...KEVIN'S BROTHER?
kain: that's right! me, kev and dav are gonna' kick your sorry @$$es!!!
kevin: damn straight!!
the bell dings, and the match begins.
kevin: (kicks cloud in the stomach and throws him out of the ring).
cid: (tries to closeline dav, but misses)
dav: (backdrops cid onto the outside and go's after him).
barret:( tries to bearhug kain)
kain: (reverses into a gorrila press slam).
barret: (unconsious)
kevin and dav: (use there finishing moves without there weapons on cid and cloud) shadow slash/justice slash!
cid and cloud: (unconsious)
kevin and dav: (throw cid and barret into the ring)
kevin,dav and kain: (pin the three losers)
aeris and tifa: (come running out, and start kissing kevin)
stone cold: (comes out in a bud weiser truck) beers are on me!!!
everyone: HELL YEAH!!!!
jim ross: (drinking a budweiser) that was the biggest slobberknocker i've ever seen!, stayed tuned for the next great wrestling fic/event!!


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