FF7 Meets FFT: Journey to Bervenia Part 1
By Rofel

:::the scene opens with Cloud beating up Worker 8:::

Cid: !#%#$% robot!

Narrator: cya! bye! smellya! ciao! :::disappears:::

Cid: !##$!@#$ wish I hadnt taken that !@$#!@#$ narrator for !@#$!@#$ granted!

Aeris: :::tries using everything she has on Worker 8, nothing works:::

Worker 8: :::beats Aeris up:::

Cloud: OMNISLASH!!! :::doesnt hurt Worker 8:::

Mustadio: Lemme try. Worker 8, play dead!

:::Worker 8 plays dead:::

Mustadio: Ok, fix the machine you broke!

Worker 8: Yes, sir. It will take time, though.

Cloud: Ah well. Hey, lets watch some tube.

Cloud: Hey come here and see this!

:::everyone comes over:::

Cid: There sure as !@#$!@#$ is

Barret: You #$!@#$ right

Cloud: We need to go to that volcano since the machine broke.

Mustadio: But this robot is fixing it!

Ramza: :::finally gets up::: That thing whooped me! It'll just break the machine more than it already is.

Aeris: :::gets up::: Ugh...Cloud?

Orlandu: No need to go to the volcano. I hear these robots here are pretty good. Lets go to Bervenia Free City. I heard about a problem there.

And so, they all left, with the exception of Worker 8, for Bervenia Free City. Will they ever get there? Find out next time in...

FF7 Meets FFT: Journey to Bervenia Part 2


Rerun of Who Framed Roger Rabbit (SUGGESTIONS!!!)

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