FF7 Meets FFT: Journey to Bervenia Part 2
By Rofel

OK, I'm gonna have a lot of trouble with these stories, since i'm out of jokes to use at the end. Now that Cloud, Ramza, and the rest are on their way to Bervenia Free City with Worker 8 working on the machine, Besrodio helping him now. Now, without further adeu, let us begin the story, FF7 Meets FFT, Journey to Bervenia Part 2!

:::the scene opens with Mustadio leading the way to Bervenia, followed closely by Cloud, Ramza, and Orlandu:::

Mustadio: We're almost there!

:::Sephiroth appears:::

Cloud: Sephiroth??

Ramza: Elmdor??

Both: WTF???

Mustadio: :::snipes Sephiroth down::: Whatever his name is, he's dead now.

Cloud & Ramza: ...

Mustadio: Come on. There's Bervenia. I heard about problems with thieves here. Let's go check it out.

Yuffie: THIEVES??? No one can out-thief me!

Cid: !@#$!@#$ thieves. I thought we was !@#$!@#$ here for a !#@$!@#$ vacation!

Mustadio: Let's just kill these thieves. Thieves are easy to kill.

Yuffie: What?

Mustadio: :::snipes Yuffie down::: Told ya thieves were easy to kill! :::looks ahead::: The thieves! There they are! :::sees a group of Archers, thieves, and ninjas beating up a few innocent civilians:::

Beowulf: Coming! Break! :::petrifies a thief:::

Orlandu: Here I come! Lightning Stab! :::kills five thieves:::

Rofel: Hellcry Punch! :::breaks a thief's dagger and kills the thief:::

Meliadoul: Shellbust Stab! :::breaks an archer's armor and kills him:::

Izlude: Jump! :::doesn't come back down:::

Vormav: Blastar Punch! :::mutilates a ninja and breaks its helmet:::

Rafa & Malak: Heaven Thunder! :::hit thieves killing them, then attacks its their corpses seven times each:::

Agrias: Holy Explosion! :::kills all the thieves standing in a line:::

Gafgarion: Night Sword! :::takes 20 HP from one thief::: !@#$!#@$

Mustadio: :::snipes the remaining thieves down::: Ok thats all of em! Maybe that darned robot's fixed the machine now!

And that ends Part 2! What will happen in Part 3? Did Worker 8 finish fixing the machine? How many thieves does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Where the hell is Carmen Sandiego? Find out next time, in...

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