FF7 Meets FFT: Journey to Bervenia Part 3
By Rofel

Narrator: Howdy ho folks! With the new idea I got, I'll be writing more faithfully again. Well, here it comes! (Read the title, ive written it enough times!)

:::The scene opens with Ramza, Cloud, and all the rest of them arriving at Goug. Mustadio sees that Worker 8 and Besrodio are almost finished fixing the Game World Traveler Machine Gizmo Thingy Whatchamacallit.:::

Mustadio: Ok, it's almost complete. You guys can use that TV.

Cloud: Hmm..."When Cactuars Attack" is on.

Cid: Let's watch that then dammit! #$%@$#%@#$%@#$%@$#$%#@$%@#$%@#$%@#$%@#$%@$%@#$%@#$%@#$%

Barret: Shut up.

Cait Sith: :::casts Silence on Cid:::

Yuffie: I'll be taking that. :::steals materia:::

Aeris: :::tosses Cid a remedy:::

Cid: !@!$!@#$!@#$!@#$!@#$!@#$ cat!!

Red: Shh. They're gonna show a scene of Cactuars attacking this new franchise in Kalm.

TV: Here is a scene of Cactuars attacking the new restaurant franchise in Kalm, McRanma's.

Ranma: You stupid fighting cacti! Get out of my restaurant!

Cactuar: :::splashes Ranma with a bucket of cold water:::

Ranma: Ahh!!

(Narrator: Ranma 1/2 joke folks. You might not understand.)

Cactuar: Hehehehehehehehehe...

Customer: Ahh! A walking talking cactus!

Customer 2: I'm going somewhere else!

Customer 3: This place stinks!

Ranma: (female now) Wait!

Customer 4: What the hell?

Customer 5: Watch yer damn language, dammit!

TV: :::goes back to central area::: And so, a franchise was killed by the deadly cactuars that threaten to consume the land of...well the world of Final Fantasy Seven.

Cloud: :::Turns off the TV::: This is serious.

Cid: !$!@#$!@#$ right!

Aeris: We need to stop those cactuars before they get too powerful!

Barret: !$!@#$ How the !@#$!@#$ are we #@#$%@ gonna !@$!@#$ get back to the @$%!@#$$ world of FF7?

Yuffie: Maybe this'll help. :::pulls out an ff7 strategy guide:::

Cloud: Where did you get that??

Yuffie: Stole it from a K-Mart a while back.

Besrodio: Done!

Cloud: Your done? Good.

Narrator: So they all went back to the world of ff7 to destroy the cactuars. Is McRanma's defeated forever? Will they actually save it? Find out in my next story, FF7 Meets FFT: The Cactuar Battles!

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