FF7 Meets FFT: The Worst Honeymoon Ever Part 1
By Rofel

Hello! And welcome to er...thats not right. Well, here it is, FF7 Meets FFT: The Worst Honeymoon ever! In case you didnt read FF7 Meets FFT: The spoiled wedding, each of my stories has 3 parts. You have to read them in order or else you wont understand whats going on. Well, I think I've written enough for an introduction, so heres part 1!

:::The scene opens with Barret, Red, Cid, Yuffie, Cait Sith, Vincent, Ramza, Agrias, Algus, and Gafgarion meeting outside:::

Algus: Hey where's Delita?

Ramza: He was able to get away in the car, hiding in the trunk.

Gafgarion: Ugh...

Agrias: Its gafgarion! get im!

Gafgarion: Huh? Crap... Umm...Look!

All: What?

Gafgarion: Gotcha! :::runs off:::

Barret: Who the hell was that?

Ramza: Oh! That was the Dark Knight, Gafgarion.

Red: A knight?

Cid: What the hellz a knight?

Algus: Dont you know what a knight is?

Barret: No

Cid: No

Yuffie: No

Red: No

Cait Sith: No

Vincent: No

Braig: No

Barret: Vincent? I didnt know you decided to come...

Vincent: Grrrrr........

Barret: Damn man! Cool down!

Ramza: Oh.

Barret: We gotta follow em!

Algus: Yeah! We gotta get Delita outta there!

Narrator: So they are ready to spy on the car. But Delita's still in the trunk, listening.

Aeris: So, you think anyone else is in the car? :::looks back:::

:::Delita shakes his head:::

Aeris: Nah!

Cloud: But there is. Theres a boy back there...

Aeris: Oh yeah... You hit the brakes for a sec. I'll go get him.

Delita: Dammit! :::is attacked with aeris' princess guard several times:::

Narrator: Delita died. Ramza, the closest following one, saw the entire thing, so him, algus, and agrias backed off and went to Gold Saucer. Meanwhile, Barret and the rest, still in pursuit, saw a man wearing a black cloak holding a masamune.

Elmdor: Ah... Im finally here.

Barret: Hey! Its sephiroth!

Elmdor: Huh? No my names not Sephiroth...

Cid: Dammit Sephiroth! Go away! :::impales elmdor on venus gospel:::

Elmdor: Agh! :::dies:::

Narrator: And so, now both of the masamune brothers were killed by people thinking he was his brother. Will Cid's spear ever break? Will Cid ever quit smoking? Will Yuffie ever stop being a thief? Find out next time in...

FF7 Meets FFT: The Worst Honeymoon Ever Part II


How many Ramza's does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

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150, one Ramza to screw in the bulb, the rest to deliver his bad orders. Head back?