FF7 Meets FFT: The Worst Honeymoon Ever Part II
By Rofel

Narrator: After the cliffhanger, I must yet again answer questions. (Why me?) Will Cid's spear ever break? Probably not, and if it does he can just by a new one. Will Cid ever stop smoking? Cait Sith is trying to calm him with patches. Will Yuffie ever stop being a thief? Probably not. And now, the story shall begin!

:::The scene opens with Cloud and Aeris yelling and Barret, Cid, Vincent, Yuffie, Red, and Cait Sith for following them. Though they do thank Cid for killing Sephiroth (which really was elmdor, but sephiroth was killed by Ramza, Algus, Agrias, and Delita:::

Cloud: Dammit! Why the hell you gotta follow us?

Aeris: They did kill Sephiroth...

Cloud: ...

Aeris: Ok lets go! :::slams the door:::

Cloud: Yahoo!

Narrator: And so, Cloud and Aeris drove off. Meanwhile, at the gold saucer...

Algus: All right! I'm gonna win that sword!

Ramza: no way! I will!

Agrias: In your dreams, Ramza.

Wiegraf: None of you will win it.

Ramza: What the? Wiegraf? But you died at Riovanes!

Wiegraf: Pshk.

Agrias: Dangit! First Elmdor back to life, now Wiegraf?

Ramza: This is suspicious...

Delita: Gafgarion too...

Ramza: What the? Delita? Did all the villains come back to life???

Delita: Yeah, I just got here too...

Ramza: Dang! Everyone who died came back to life!

Vormav: Kletain! Balk! Rofel! Elmdor! Wiegraf! Gafgarion! Elidibs! Draclau! Lets get outta here!

:::All turn into Zodiac monsters and teleport:::

Delita: Hmm...now more of them can turn into those zodiac monsters...

Ramza: This may be a long fight...

Algus: Longer than I thought...

Narrator: Elsewhere...

Aeris: Ok, theres Chocobo Village!

Cloud: Whats the point of coming here anyway? We dont need greens...

Aeris: Didn't I tell you? We're going to climb Mt. Chocobo!

Cloud: Ugh...

:::They start climbing the mountain, when suddenly a scream is heard:::

Aeris: Whats that?

Cloud: Stay here. I'll check it out.

Narrator: Cloud walked up the mountain a ways without Aeris until he saw Gafgarion Night Swording a random person.

Cloud: What the? Hey your the one who was in the back of our car! I'll get you!

Ramza: I'll help Cloud!

Agrias: Me too, Cloud!

Algus: I don't even know who you are since I died in chapter 1, but ill still help you!

Gafgarion: Oh crap! Ok...(I have a lot of options, Stay like this and fight them they'll kill me Change into a Zodiac monster and fight them they'll still kill me Run away like this they'll catch up and kill me Change into Zodiac and run theyll catch up and kill me) or TELEPORT!!!!!!

Cloud: Anything else here? I gotta go back to Aeris.

Algus: Notta thing that I see...see ya

Narrator: And so, Gafgarion go away again. Cloud went back to Aeris and explained that people from another world can turn into monsters. They climbed the mountain and spent the night at the Inn. Next morning...

[2:00AM] Aeris: Cloud wake up wake up wake up!

Cloud: Ugh...Dammit aeris dont wake me up so early!

Aeris: Were going to Costa Del Sol!

Cloud: Costa Del Sol?? Yay!

Narrator: And so, The two set off for Costa Del Sol. Will Vormav and his henchmen successfully stop Ramza (which will mean stopping cloud, too)? The honeymoon comes to a closing next time in...

FF7 Meets FFT: The Worst Honeymoon Ever Part 3


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