FF7 Meets FFT: The Worst Honeymoon Ever Part 3!
By Rofel

Hello, folks. Now, its time to finish FF7 Meets FFT: The Worst Honeymoon Ever!

:::The scene opens with Cloud and Aeris in Costa Del Sol, sitting on the beach:::

Aeris: Well, Cloud, we're leaving for midgar tommorow.

Cloud: ...

Aeris: Are you excited?

Cloud: ...

Aeris: Don't you want to go back to Midgar now that its back up again?

Cloud: ...

Aeris: Can't you say anything other than ...?

Cloud: ...

Aeris: Doh!

Narrator: Elsewhere, Vormav and Wiegraf are arguing at the Gold Saucer...

Wiegraf: You can't win that sword!

Vormav: Neither can you. Anyways, we don't NEED swords, because we have the Zodiac Stones.

Wiegraf: But they have the 14th Zodiac Stone here!

Vormav: Nonsense. We don't need it.

:::Kefka appears:::

Wiegraf: What the hell?

Balk: Huh?

Rofel: What?

Vormav: Holy---

Gafgarion: No way! Some other villain!

Elmdor: Hi.

Rofel: Elmdor? You got sumthin to do with this guy?

Elmdor: Yes, we came back from the dead together.

Vormav: Well, we have the 13 Zodiac Stones...

Wiegraf: Mwa ha ha!

Rofel: Ha ha ha!

Kletain: Fwa ha ha!

Elmdor: Soon Ramza will feel the power...

Gafgarion: Revenge will soon be mine for what he did to me in Chapter 2...

Draclau: Shut up Gafgarion! You couldn't keep them from getting into the castle!

Dycedarg: Hehehe!

Zalbag: hahaha!

Elidibs: heeheehee!

Kefka: GWA HA HA!

Vormav: Let's go!

:::All turn into Zodiac monsters and teleport:::

Narrator: 3 days later, Cloud and Aeris are almost finished with their honeymoon. Now all thats left is to go back to Gongaga and get Barret and the rest. On the drive...

:::Ramza appears:::

Cloud: Hey Ramza!

Ramza: You guys done with your honeymoon?

Aeris: Yeah...

Ramza: Good. We need your help fighting Gafgarion.

Narrator: They all got out of the car. However, they not only saw gafgarion there, but Wiegraf and Elmdor as well.

Wiegraf: Lightning Stab-Algus!

Algus: You stupid DEATH CORPS leader!

Wiegraf: Shut up! :::Turns into Velius and kills Algus:::

Gafgarion: Night Sword-Cloud

Cloud: OMNISLASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Narrator: And so, when Cloud did the Omnislash, you can guess what happened to those three. But what about Vormav and the rest of his henchmen? Only the future can tell... You go and read FF7 Meets FFT: The Zodiac Vacation! In it, something will happen to Vormav and his henchmen! What will it be? You wait and see!

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