FF7 Meets FFT: The Erupting Volcano Part 2
By Rofel

And so, after a VERY brief delay, im starting the next part of The Erupting Volcano!

:::The scene opens with Cloud, Ramza, and the rest at what once was Bervenia volcano:::

Ramza: Hey! Bervenia volcano's gone!

Cloud: :::gets up::: the highwind okay?

Cid: Yeah shes fine.

Aeris: Grr...

Ramza: Shut up! Bervenia volcano is gone! In its place is is a machine thingy. :::everyone walks over, burning their feet on the lava:::

Cait Sith: I got some new materia, and this might help! :::summons leviathan, eliminating the lava and getting everybody wet:::

Yuffie: I'll take that. :::steals leviathan materia:::

Ramza: :::pushes a button:::

Machine: What game world would you like to travel to?

Cloud: Uh...Zelda 64!

Machine: Travelling.

Narrator: Later...

Cloud: Hey Aeris! Make sure no ones following us!

Aeris: All right... Oh no!

Barret: What the?

Cid: It's that #$!@#$!#@$ narrator! :::narrator manipulates cid and makes him sing the song from titanic that gets on everybody's nerves:::

Cid: @$#%@#$%@#$%@#$%#$%@#$% :::narrator gains control::: Kipakokupakakipo! Wark!

Cloud: Cid, stop messing with him.

Cid: You @$!@#$!@#$!@#$!@$!#@$!@#$!@#$!@#$---Jig-alyy-puff-ji-a-i-ig-ly-puff...

Barret: God no!

Rofel: Ahh!!!

Ramza: Rofel????

Cloud: Howd he get here?

Rofel: I was taken here by the world traveler machine gizmo thingy whachamacallit.

Ramza: Ah well. Might as well bring ya along.

:::they all get warped to the world of zelda 64, where link is beating up a gerudo thief:::

Link: Eya!

Thief: Take this!

Yuffie: What? A thief? No one out thieves me... :::goes over and beats the crap outta the gerudo thief:::

Link: Thanks!

Yuffie: That wasnt for you! That was for my reputation! :::beats up Link:::

Rofel: Go easy on the guy. Why don't we just let 'im come with us?

Yuffie: ...

Rofel: Dont do that.

Yuffie: ...

Rofel: Dont try my patience.

Yuffie: ...

Rofel: That does it! Demolish Weapons with fury! Hellcry Punch! :::breaks Yuffie's gold shuriken:::

Yuffie: No! ...

Cloud: Your getting annoying Yuffie. Lets continue.

Rofel: Hey whered Link go?

Link: :::reappears::: ever since I sold that ocarina, ive been going places i dont want to go.

Rofel: Well, if you leave this world the ocarina cant make you warp back can it?

Link: No.

Rofel: Then lets go somewhere else. How's about...Pokemon?

Ramza: God no! :::breaks Rofel's Save the Queen:::

Cloud: :::beats Rofel up at the idea:::

Rofel: Sorry I asked...

Ramza: Lets go to the world of...Aww crud lez stay here.

Narrator: And so, we all went along. We decided to look for an Inn to rest. Will we find an Inn? (OK I NEED SUGGESTIONS FOR THINGS TO USE AT THE END!!!!!) Find out in...

FF7 Meets FFT: The Erupting Volcano Part 3!


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