FF7 Meets FFT: The Erupting Volcano Part 3
By Rofel

Short 'n sweet, FF7 Meets FFT, The Erupting Volcano, Part 3!

:::The scene opens with Cloud, Ramza, and the rest (including me) getting ready to travel to the world of FFT again:::

Ramza: Ok, we'll pick up a few people here. Anyone have any ideas who we should pick up?

:::Everyone gets at Ramza quickly:::

Cloud: Izlude!

Barret: Meliadoul!

Rofel: Kletain!

Aeris: Balk!

Red: Orlandu!

Ramza: Whoah! Ok, first we'll go get Mustadio and Besrodio. Agrias, you go get your two flunkies. We'll get everybody, ok?

:::Goug machine city:::

Ramza: Wheres Link?

Cloud: Aww...who cares...he probably got warped again.

Agrias: :::runs up with Alicia and Lavian:::

Alicia & Lavian: We're not flunkies!

Ramza: Why are we even here? Mustadio's not here...

Cid: We came to get a gun for Vincent.

Ramza: Oh yeah...

Cloud: And we got one, so lets leave.

So we left Goug Machine City. 3 hours later...

Orlandu & Olan: Hi!

Ramza: Ok, we got every single person listed in the 'person' category, except Mustadio and Besrodio. Lets see if they're back yet.

We flew to Goug in the highwind, to find Mustadio and Besrodio back and working on a robot.

Mustadio: All it needs now is a stone...

Ramza: Here. :::gives Mustadio a zodiac stone:::

Worker 8: Setup is normal! blah... Give me an order, please.

Mustadio: Ok then...Beat Ramza up!

Ramza: Do better than that!

:::Worker 8 beats Ramza up, breaking the world traveler machine gizmo thingy whatchamacallit...:::

Aw crap. We lost the traveler machine gizmo thingy whatchamacallit. They'll be stuck here in this world for a while. I, on the other hand, can always teleport. Hehe. What will they do next? Only the future can tell. Find out when you read...

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