FF7 Meets FFT: The Spoiled Wedding Part III
By Rofel

Narrator: After the cliffhanger, these questions yet again must be answered. Did Heidegger forget anything else? Yeah, he forgot the wedding cake, but that wasn't his fault, because before coming in, Yuffie stole the cake and ate it all. Why didnt anyone see Vincent? Maybe its because he never talked and he wore colors that blended in. Will Yuffie ever find any materia of her own? Yeah, she found a cake baking materia in the kitchen. Now, Let us begin the final part of FF7 Meets FFT: The spoiled wedding!

:::The scene opens with Algus, Agrias, Delita, and Ramza heading for the gold saucer, crossing the desert:::

Algus: Okay, were almost there!

Ramza: Are you sure?

Algus: Yeah...

Delita: You weren't the last 3 times...

Algus: You shut up!

Agrias: Delita has a point...

Narrator: While the four of them argued and slowly walked, Aeris and Cloud stole the Shin-ra mercedes.

Cloud: This sure is a great car!

Aeris: I'll say! Lets put the radio on!

[This sunday will be the premiere of...when Cactuars attack! Man: I was just riding my chocobo around, when suddenly this cactuar came at me with a sword!...Remember, all these people are for real and all incidents are true footage from our expert cameramen!]

Cloud: Hmm...that sounds good.

Aeris: That sounds a lot like those dumb old shows like 'when chocobos attack'

Cloud: So, theres no need to leave the rest at icicle inn, because we have this awesome car!

Aeris: yeah...

Cloud: So, Do you think the honeymoon will be nice?

Aeris: Of course!

Barret: (from back seat) can i come?

Cloud: Barret? What the hell are you doing here?

Barret: I'd like to come.

Aeris: No way!

Barret: Dammit!

Cloud: :::pushes barret outta the car and slams the door::: The nerve of him!

Aeris: Make sure no one else is hiding back there while i drive, ok?

Cloud: Red? What are you doing here?

Red: I think I may want to come with you.

Cloud: :::pushes Red out::: Cid? What are you doing here?

Cid: I need a few smokes.

Cloud: :::pushes Cid out::: Cait Sith? What are you doing here?

Cait Sith: I need a fortune cookie!

Cloud: :::pushes Cait Sith out::: Yuffie? What are you doing here?

Yuffie: I need some more materia!

Cloud: :::pushes Yuffie out::: anyone else? Doesnt look like it.

Vincent: (hehe)

Cloud: Whos there? Vincent?

Vincent: Doh! (Note to self: never think aloud)

Cloud: :::pushes Vincent out::: thats all of em:::

Narrator: Or so they think...Also in the back seat are Ramza, Delita, Algus, Agrias, and Gafgarion...Gafgarion? What the?

Gafgarion: Master of all swordss, cut energy! Night----

Cloud: What the? Some Knight? :::pushes Gafgarion out:::

Ramza & Agrias: Good work, Cloud.

Cloud: You two...seem familiar. Aww what the heck... :::pushes Ramza and Agrias out:::

Algus: hehe...

Aeris: Dangit! Will all of you just get out of the car? :::pushes algus out:::

Narrator: And so, everyone that was pushed outta the car met up. Barret and the rest didnt recognize them, so they chased Algus and the others offscreen. What will happen to all of them? Will they annoy cloud and aeris throughout the whole honeymoon? Will Yuffie steal anything else? There wont be another part to this story, but you may find out in the upcoming stories! You go and read

FF7 Meets FFT: The Worst Honeymoon ever


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