FF7 on Jeopardy: The New Season Part 1
By Kasshan.

Anouncer: Welcome everyone to FF7 jeopardy!! the game show that...uh....Rocks!! yeah...that's it.... and now here's our host...Michael Grant!!
Michael: (comes out, with a shotgun).
Authors Note: The Reason michael has a shotgun is that i was asked to not have him killed, it'll also make this fic a little better.
Michael: Who the hell was that?? Isn't rude doing this fic?
Kasshan: hey buddy! read at the top of the fic!
Michael: (reads script) oh...okay..., well anyway here's the rules of the new season, first, anyone who gets a wrong answer, Kevin Darksangel over here will do something bad to that person.
Kevin: (Grins Evilily) finally the good part.
Michael: Second, your answer must be in the form of a question, and that's it, so let's bring out our first contestants! from FF7, Aeris Gainesborough, Clod Strife and Barrel Wallace!!
Aeris, Cloud and Barret: (Walk out.).
Cloud: Hey! you got my name wrong again!!
Barret: Mine to Foo'!!
Michael: Damn straight! now on to our topics: Weapons, Fighting, Drugs, Fanfic realated, FF7 realated, Materia and Annoying people. Aeris your up first.
Aeris: allright, i'll take Materia for 400.
Michael: Allright, What materia summons 13 knights?
Aeris: Duh!! what is Knight's of the Round materia?
Michael: Correct!! now choose anther catagory or stay with matera.
Aeris: hmm....i'll take Fighting for 600.
Michael: Okay, in serious fics, who is the one person to use extreme violence in his fics?
Aeris: uhh...who is Ifrit Materia?
Michael: (thinks to himself, "How hard could that question have been for her to get it wrong?) Incorect!
Cloud: Who is Kasshan?
Michael: Correct!
Kevin: (Walks over to aeris, Whispers in her ear) i'll do something bad to you later...
Aeris: (Giggles).
Michael: okay, cloud pick another catagory.
Cloud: oky doky, Fanfic Related for 400.
Michael: Okay...(thinks: i know he's gonna get this wrong).. in what fic did the appearance of the first bad guy Fanfictional character debut?
Cloud: Who is RIP?
Michael: (OH MY GOD IN HEAVEN!! he actually got it right!!) Correct!! now choose another catagory.
Cloud: i'll choose annoying people for 500!
Michael: okay, Who in your own oppinion is the most annoying person?
Cloud: Who is Kevin Darksangel?
Michael: Uh Oh (thinks: i better get ready to hide under my table).
Kevin: (Draws Apocalypse) YOU F@#$%^&&@#$%&*S@#$%^&&*()^$#!!@#$$%%^^!!!!
Cloud: OH S***!! (runs)
Kevin: come back here you @$$hole!! (runs after cloud.)
Michael: i knew that woud happen sooner or later! unfortunately we have to take a break, stay tuned for part 2!!
Kevin: (comes back with blood all over his sword) What? it's over? Damn it!!!

End of Part 1

Part 2's coming soon!

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