Pimp Chat: Part 1
By Kasshan

Warning: same thing i write in most of my fics, this fic contains alot of Suggestable Themes, Read at your own Discresion....lol.


(Kevins loft in Sector 8 in Midgar)

Kevin: What!? i've been nominated as on of the Players of the Year?

Person on the phone: Yes. you can bring whoever you want to the interviews that will be hosted my Howard Stern and another Interviewer. now i gotta go.

Kevin: Okay. (Kevin hangs up the phone) I guess i'll bring Avalanche along with me.....

Kevin leaves his loft and gets on his Harley Davidson and rides off, an hour later he arrives at Avalanches hideout, he knocks on the door and Cloud answers.

Kevin: Hey Cloud, whats up?

Cloud: Not Much.

Kevin: The same as usual huh? (begins to laugh).

Cloud: Whats so funny?

Kevin: Nothing. (He laughs again).

Cloud: Fine, come on in.

Kevin walks in and looks around, he sees Vincent polishing his gun, Barret and Cid yelling curses as they watch ESPN Sports Center. everyone else seemed to be out or something,

Kevin gets everyones attention and tells them whats going on.

End of Part 1.

(Authors note: Sorry for the very short chapter but i'm short for time, i'll send the rest later).

Part 2 (Coming Soon)

Don't like Howard Stern? Run away!