A Final Fantasy 7
Fan Fic

What If Tifa killed Areis instead of Sepiroth?!?
written by Gabe"did you eat paintchips as a kid?" Ricard

Authors Note
     If you are one of the poor unfortunate souls who came across this puny little fan fic you still have a chance to run away and save yourself long term emoitonal damage.Well you've been warned. This is the 1st fan fic ive published on the net ive got about 3 dozen in a notebook half of which are based on square games like ff7 and Xenogears. There is a sequel to this story which i will publish depending on how well the 1st one does. Sorry to keep rambling like this enjoy the fic and suggestions insults threats ect ect are welcomed at satansgoth_666@hotmail.com....Please send feedback on this! Enjoy the fic!


     Aeris sat on her knees knelt in prayer. She felt Holy coming. She felt it as she prayed for its power just as Cloud came up. Cloud felt himself being manipulated again he slowly raised his sword upon Areis fighting Sepiroths control with everything he had. "Cloud!!" yelled Barret "Stop!" Cloud clenched his teeth as all of a sudden he felt Sepiroths power over him vanish. Red xii noticed Tifa was no where to be seen but was too stunned by the events that where unfolding before him to say anything. Cloud was about to walk up to Areis and never would have know Sepiroth was descending upon her if Tifa hadn't came out of nowhere and hit Sepiroth with such terrifying force that the Mursuame went flying out of his hands. Sepiroth never had a chance to reover as Tifa grabbed the Mursuame and drove it into Sepiroths spine.Sepiroth let out one long cry of pain before slumping down as Tifa pulled the weapon out of sepiroths back. Cloud looked at Tifa whos eyes reflected something he had never seen before and was too stunned to speak. Areis looked up "Thank you Tifa." Tifa smiled evily "No Areis.... thank you." In one swift motion Tifa brought the mursuame upon Areis who fell to the ground. Tifa turned to face the others with tears in her eyes taking the mursuame and placing it between her breats Tifa looked into Clouds eyes and whispered "I love you" before plunging the mursuame into her chest and falling back. Cloud rushed to her side as the others looked on in horror as Cloud burried his face into Tifas shoulder.

     Well what did ya think? i know your probably asking why did Tifa do that? well im gonna leave that part to your imagination becuase i did leave a few hints as to why Tifa did that. The sequel i mentioned before will pick up where the story orginally would have picked up at Icicle Inn where Cloud can't deal with the pain and....... bwahahahahah you'll have to read it to find out thank you for reading this as i said before questions comments threats suggestions are welcomed at satansgoth_666@hotmail.com All the characters in the fic are owned by sqaure.

What If... you go and read more? (I'll leave it up to you to answer that.