Komiki's Korner

Dedicated to the Half-Amazon Brother and Sister and their Childhood Friend

Created by Sailor Energy Kohei
Uncursed Form
     Kohei does his best to stay in his uncursed form for the majority of the time, especially when in combat against a weaker opponent to keep it fair. However, like all the Ranma 1/2 characters who have visited Jusenkyo, there is the occasional accident and he often is splashed by cold water at some bad times, but compared to others, he really hasn't been put into many awkward situations because of it.
Cursed Form
     In his cursed form, if he's not careful, Kohei's personality can change slightly. He often becomes more aggressive and is more quick to anger, plus he'll sometimes even growl. The only physical change in his appearence in his cursed vs. uncursed form is that the blue in his eyes become much sharper, much like a wolf's.
With Akane
     Kohei's relationship with Akane begins as a simple friendship when they first meet in the schoolyard when he arrives at Furinkan. However, as she showed kindness towards him by allowing him to stay at the Tendo's that night, he began to open his heart to her. As thanks, he offers to train her to help her control her anger. Over the course of the two months they travel together, he finds that he enjoys being with her as she is able to make his burdens seem light.
With Shampoo
     Even though Kohei only knew his first cousin for a couple of weeks before he left for Japan, he and Shampoo grew close very quickly. And although Shampoo is a year older than he, he sometimes seems to take on the role of the older one, which is especially evident when he takes away her weapons after learning of her pregnancy.
With Aremi
     Kohei sees Aremi as his second sister and treats her accordingly. He especially is grateful for her presence as she has been Miki's best friend and confidant when she would not talk to him. Even though Aremi is in love with him as more than a brother, she is happy enough to have him return her love in seeing her as his second sister. Like with Miki, Kohei would do anything to protect Aremi.
Info on Kohei that's not revealed in Results

     - His grandfather feels that he should have already been married by now, as Shinji and Gel were 16 and 15, respectively, when they were married.
     - He has been declared a full master of both of his martial art styles even though he hasn't fully perfected all of the special techniques associated with each one.
     - He is used to seeing girls either completely naked or completely dressed, not in between.
     - He was emotionally, not physically, attracted to Akane long before the incident in the hot springs.
     - He treats all women with the same respect as he did his mother (which is why he adds "san" to both Akane and Ukyo's names).
     - He calls Shampoo and Mousse by their Chinese names to respect his own Chinese heritage.
     - He knows who Herb and the Musk are and dreams of sparring with them one day, not knowing that Herb had lost to Ranma.

Created by Sailor Energy Miki Created by Dyne
     If there's one thing Miki hates more than anything in the world, it's being alone. She was alone when some of the most traumatic experiences of her life occurred and has developed a large fear of it. When Kohei is around, she always makes sure that he is not out of her sight as much as he makes sure she isn't out of his. After Kohei left for Japan without warning, she would have followed after him in a second if Shampoo and Mousse had not been there. She'll do anything she possibly can to make sure she's always with someone she loves.
With Kohei
     Kohei is the one person whom Miki looks up to the most in the world. Ever since she could remember, she's always seen him set a good example for her and be there to protect her. Needless to say, he's her favorite man in the world. On the reverse side, Kohei does love his little sister and would give his life for her, but he wishes she would work more on being self-reliant.
With Akane
     As with anybody who becomes friends with Kohei, Miki considers that person her friend too. From the moment she welcomed her big sister Akane into her home, Miki took a great liking to her because of all she's done to help her brother. Miki was the first to notice that Kohei was falling in love with Akane.
With Ranma
     Miki hated Ranma with a passion for a long time, blaming him for Hashin killing her parents. As soon as she found herself in front of him and saw that there was a girl who had given her heart to him, she decided to make him feel her own pain and break apart his engagement. It didn't take long for Kohei to see her plan and was soon able to convince her that it would only cause more pain for everyone. Ranma and Ukyo forgave her for her attempts, and they became friends right away, with Miki adopting them into her family as well. She calls him "Ranma-onii-sama" out of Kohei's and her own respect for his fighting abilities.
With Shampoo
     Miki was the first one to meet Shampoo and Mousse when they brought Kohei and the dead Gel back to Ryuchiezu. Once Miki learned that Shampoo was her cousin, she did everything she could to get to know her as possible. The two quickly became very close and Shampoo resumed Miki's training where Gel had left off. With Shampoo's help, Miki quickly learned and mastered the Tenha Rakuruegeki. It was Shampoo's bouncy attitude that kept Miki cheered up the whole time Kohei was gone. If both of them combined their sneakiness into forming one of their plots, everything would go crazy very quickly.
Info on Miki that's not revealed in Results

     - She broke several bones and nearly killed herself by secretly trying to teach herself the Bakusai Tenketsu, which is why Kohei volunteered to watch over her as he taught her the Amaguriken.
     - She has a scar on her shoulder from accidentally stabbing herself with a sword, which is why she desn't use one.
     - She objected to the idea of Kohei travelling to Jusenkyo and diving into the springs.
     - She also doesn't like Kohei in his cursed for very much because she was almost mauled by a wolf when she was little. Ironically it was Kohei who saved her then.
     - Her grandfather was going to surprise her on her 15th birthday by presenting a group of potential grooms.
     - Even though she is half-Amazon, Miki dislikes Amazon laws even more than Ranma.
     - She has no wish to fall into a marriage like her mother's and wants to be strong enough to defeat any man who comes her way.
     - She is an excellent artist.

Created by Sailor EnergyAremi
     While Aremi is able to be strengthened when she's around loved ones, she is also able to do very well on her own, as proven by the fact she spent a month alone in one of Hashin's dungeons without losing hope. But, thanks to Miki, Aremi is almost guaranteed to never be alone whenever she's at home.
Info on Aremi that's not revealed in Results

     - On her 15th birthday she was to be presented to Kohei as his bride, but she utterly refused, saying, "If he wants to marry me he'll tell me himself." She has never regretted that statement.
     - Her skill with a sword is much greater than anyone from Ryuchiezu. In a battle using only them, she always beats Kohei.
     - She wanted to help Kohei fight Hashin in their first battle, but he persuaded her to stay with Miki in his place.
     - If let down, her hair is longer than she is tall.
     - She has an immense fear of spiders.
     - While all records of it were destroyed, Aremi's Chinese name is Kuh Ohm.

Fanart and Wallpapers

All original pictures are credited to their creators, edits were done by Dyne and Lady Hiko.
The Kawaii GIFs of Kohei, Miki, and Aremi at the top of their tables was created by Sailor Energy, webmaster of The Realm of Sailor Energy

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