Dyne's Top 10 Anime Bishoujo

No one ever said cute girls were a bad thing.

10: Sylphiel Nels Lahda (Slayers)

In RPGs I prefer a party of 3 fighters with one healer over 2 fighters, 1 healer, and 1 offensive magic user. However, Sylphiel covers both types of magics in one so she'd be the ideal mage to use in any Final Fantasy game. And I'm not talking about the lousy Red Mage from FF1 who can only learn spells up to a certain level, Sylphiel could use all 8 levels of each magic. Who wouldn't want a magic user who could heal you from-near death in one shot and also use the Dragon Slave? Not to mention she's got the best smile out of all the Slayers characters, she has her head on straight, and (according to Gourry) she's an awesome cook! Not to mention that a lot of women would kill for her figure ;).

9: A-Ko Magami (Project A-Ko)

What do you get when you cross long, red hair, super strength, and recklessness? I wouldn't know what you guys would say but I'd definitely pick A-Ko. It was Project A-Ko that first got me hooked on Anime way back in '95 when a friend of mine showed me the 1st and last movies. Within a year I'd bought the whole series. Who wouldn't want a super-powered girl on your side to make sure you got to school on time, catch a falling I-beam, or trash some giant mechas all because she's your friend? On a side note, don't get on her bad side, especially if she's not wearing her armbands, or you might not live to tell the tale.

8: Hotaru Tomoe (Sailor Moon)

Why is this quiet, misunderstood girl who appears least often in the series one of the most popular? It's simple, because she's so darn cool! Despite the fact that Hotaru is the soldier of Death, she is also the soldier of Rebirth. She's always willing to risk her own health to help someone with a favor or to even heal them. Hotaru-chan doesn't deserve to be an outcast, she's only trying to help. As Sailor Saturn she has the most power of any of the senshi and could wipe out the universe with three words, but she's smarter than that. That's got to be more than obvious why Sailor Moon doesn't have the Silence Glaive Surprise attack.

7: Miyuki Kobayakowa (You're Under Arrest)

Take some long blue hair, mechanical genius, a love of cars, and a touch of shyness and you get the smartest female officer in Bokuto precinct. Miyuki doesn't need much explanation on why she's one of my favorites. She's hard-working, thorough, calm in tight situations, and I'd feel a lot safer with her driving than with my dad, even at over 100 MPH. Not only is she good with her car, she can build almost anything electronic from scratch. Maybe she could fix my old computer...

6: Kiyone Makibi (Tenchi Muyo)

Ah yes, the long green-haired Galaxy Policewoman who graduated #2 in her class but got stuck with a braindead partner. Kiyone is definitely a woman I have to respect because I know how she feels in having an idiot for a partner. Not only that, she knows how to stay organized and budget time, money, and other resources (if Mihoshi doesn't mess her up). One of the best things about Kiyone is that she's one of the very few females in the whole series who doesn't fall hopelessly in love with Tenchi. I still think she should have won the Miss Swimsuit competition.

5: Shampoo (Ranma 1/2)

"Nihao!" Cute and deadly is Shampoo's style and that's the way I like it in the Ranma 1/2 fighting games. Nothing beats her "Aiyah!" But other than that you can't help but like Shampoo for how determined she is to accomplish her goals. Whether it's to kill Ranma-chan, kill Akane, cook P-chan, beat up Mousse, beat up anyone who gets in her way, she manages to stay cute the entire time. And while I prefer dogs, cat Shampoo has got to be cuddly. But my favorite thing about Shampoo is that she still hasn't learned how to use a door, must be fun to fix all the damage she causes. Of course she's yet another one who you don't want to get on the bad side of, those lanterns have got to hurt!

4: The Goddess Belldandy (Ah! My Goddess)

I have only one thing to say: Keiichi is one lucky bum! I mean, how much would any of us guys give to call the Goddess Help Line, have one of the top goddesses grant you a wish that will have her be your girlfriend forever? Not only is Belldandy a wonderful goddess, she'd also be an ideal human. Think about it: She's loyal, hard-working, smart, fun-loving, willing to sacrifice for others, caring, and isn't afraid to fight to protect the ones she loves, an excellent singer, and looks fabulous in her swimsuit! However, Belldandy stays at number 4 because I doubt I could handle all the chaos that ensues from living with a goddess and her sisters.

3: Lum (Urusei Yatsura)

Nothing is impossible for Lum-chan, and she'll be the first to tell you that! If she's not shocking Ataru, pulling strange devices out of her bra, causing mayhem with her friends, she's out doing her best to fit in and have fun. And it's amazing that no matter what Ataru does, she remains faithful to him. Despite all his attempts at cheating, she remembers how sacred marriage proposals are on her planet and stays by her Darling's side (although there are still times when I don't know why). Lum is a pure example of a girl who is truly in love. Even though she may be a bit stubborn and easily gets jealous, but her cuteness makes up for it.

2: Ukyo Kuonji (Ranma 1/2)

What can beat that giant spatula? I can answer that, the holder of the spatula. Ukyo is another example of a girl who is truly in love because she has eyes only for Ranma. Yet another good cook and hard-worker Ukyo won't let anything stand in the way of her okonomiyaki business from advancing. Ucchan is also a prime example of someone who is willing to forgive (Ranma at least) because she spent 10 years planning revenge and drops it all the moment he insists she's cute (which she is). Wake up Ranma! Here's your true fiance and the one who can take the best care of you! (Just remember to take care of the children).
And the Number One Anime Bishoujo is...

Ami Mizuno (Sailor Moon)

What can I say about Ami-chan except that she's the best of the best? When I first saw commercials for Sailor Moon (the English dub) I hated the show on the spot. Then I decided to just check it out online and all it took was one picture to convince me that Mercury wasn't all that bad at all, I still hadn't come to like the rest of the cast though. After doing pretty much no research at all, I wrote AVALANCHE vs. Sailor Moon which soon inspired my Sailor Moon G series that I still intend to finish. You can definitely say that some of my best fics were inspired by Ami-chan. Not only that, she's yet another character who I can relate to a lot since we have a lot in common (although I could never get the 300 IQ). Smart, caring, strong, dilligent, and so much more put Ami in her deserved spot as my Number One Anime Bishoujo. With her blue hair, blue eyes, and often blue clothes, she's my favorite color.
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