Dyne's Top 10 Green-haired RPG/Anime Bishoujo

Green is my 2nd-favorite color so it's natural there's one for it too. XD

10: Female Hero (Dragon Quest IV)

Either the male or the female hero on Dragon Quest IV is definitely the coolest out of any in the series, and you can probably see why. It's the hair, definitely the hair.

9: Feena (Grandia)

While I'm not really one for Feena's taste in clothes, her awesome hairstyle earned her a place on this list. Not to mention what you learn she is late in the game earns her a ton of Coolness points.

8: Jean (Lunar: Eternal Blue)

Being one of the harder RPGs I've played in recent years, it is definitely a nice change when Jean changes from her dancing fighting style to her martial arts and quickly becomes the 2nd-best fighter in the game. Though she still looks good in her dancing outfit.

7: Meioh Setsuna (Sailormoon)

It may be the single bun at the top, or it may be her BAK (the people from Suburban Senshi will know what that means), or her awesome voice, but Setsuna is one of the more likable characters from BSSM.

6: Thea (Phantasy Star III)

I always love the choice that Ayn has to make in the game to either marry the super-feminine Thea or the ultimate tomboy Sari. Despite the fact that she isn't a very useful character overall, her cuteness rating is still through the roof.

5: Rydia (Final Fantasy IV)

Yes, my all-time favorite RPG-bishoujo has earned a place here as well. In fact, it's her green hair that gave her that position in that list. Unfortunately, people can't seen to decide on what style it really is.

4: Lum (Urusei Yatsura)

Lum-chan definitely couldn't have a more suitable hairstyle for her antics and quirks throughout the series. No matter what she's doing or what kind of mood she's in, her hair follows her everywhere with it.

3: Melphis (Lufia: The Legend Returns)

What can I say? I'm a sucker for Chinese dresses and I have yet to stop staring at this official picture of her ever since I found it for Tifa's Eye Candy.

2: Kara (Phantasy Star III)

Definitely the most beautiful girl in the entire game. The thing that first attracted me to the entire Phantasy Star series was the close-ups in number III as that was the first one I played. I definitely didn't regret the path I took when first playing it, Rhys -> Nial -> Aron, because that gave me this Kara right away.
And the Number One green-haired Bishoujo is...

Lyndis (Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken)

Again, sucker for Chinese dresses and also very long hair in case you hadn't noticed. Lyn is an interesting case in my list because I was writing Results when Fire Emblem came out. I had already designed Aremi as a swordswoman with her incredibly long hair, but her clothes would have been much different had I not found out about Lyn. So you can definitely say that she's the 2nd biggest influence on one of the designs of my characters. Not to mention the shots of her during cut-scenes in the game are all awesome as well.

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