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Chaos Crescendo

A wonderful saga written by Dancing Imp. During the episodic battles with Beryl’s Dark Lords, Sailor Jupiter is haunted by dreams of her parents, lost in a plane crash at sea. She knows her father was a martial artist from Nerima, but in her dreams she can’t see his face… (:)

Chaos Accelerando

The sequel to Chaos Crescendo, by Dancing Imp. After Beryl's defeat life has settled down for the Senshi and Makoto has more time to spend with her recently reunited family. However, dark forces are on the move, threatening to tear them apart, and the Senshi can't help since they have their own problems to deal with. (:)

Dual Destinies

By Hung Nguyen. While Ranma thinks his life couldn't get any worse, he learns that he not only is called to save the world, but there's another one of him! [Violence and sexual content warning] (:)

Dragonball Z

A Legend Comes True

The first DBZ fic here, by Dave! It is the re-telling of the fight against Brolly in DBZ movie 8, except in Vegeta's point of view. [Major Spoiler Alert] (:)

Flame of Recca

A Survivor's Story

Here's one from Dave! Recca and crew embark on another adventure which makes leads them to survival on an abandoned island! Can the crew survive the dangers and learn to co-exist?


When Ota Drinks Beer... The Sad Untold Story

Another fic by Cid! Ota raids Goto's secret beer supply and all hell breaks loose as a drunk Ota and his Laborer destroy Japan! (How many times has it been destroyed in Anime?)

Ranma ˝

Akane's Confession

A journal entry fic by Dyne attempting to propose an explanation to some of Akane's behavior.

The Bitter End

A series-correct fic by Zen. Wedded bliss eludes Ranma as he desperately seeks the source of Akane's ever-intensifying anger. [Violence warning] (:)


The first Ranma fic by Dyne. What really matters more in life, those who you love or the well-being of yourself? Are you willing to search the ends of the earth for any method of undoing a curse placed upon you, even if it costs the life of one who truly loves you? _SW_

Darkness and Light

An alternate universe fic by Adrian Wong. What was Ranma's life with Genma like really? We know about the Nekoken training, and the multiple fiancees and Jusenkyo, but what else did Genma do to Ranma during those 10 years. Ukyou makes a wish that she can know Ranma, and can understand his life. [Content warning] (:)

Establishing the Bond

A short interlude fic by Dyne. Taking place right after Episode 23 of 3rd Season, Ranma returns to the Ucchan to take care of some unfinished business that he had proposed to Ukyo at the beginning of the episode.

The Greatest Challenge

A short, post-Results fic by Dyne. Summer vacation is fast approaching for the students at Furinkan high and Kohei takes on a challenge that nobody has ever succeeded in accomplishing.

Green-Eyed Wardrobe

The third post-Results fic by Dyne. Christmas fills the air of Nerima but when Akane stumbles onto an old magical artifact, the only gift that Kohei might receive is a coffin.

More Than One...

Another shortfic by Dyne. After Ranma has the same nightmare for three straight days he decides it's time to find the full truth behind his "choosing" okonomiyaki over Ukyo.

Pure Stupidity Defined

Another post-Results fic by Dyne. After failing to smite the great evil, Kuno decides that he has no other choice than to challenge Kohei to the death for the murder of the pig-tailed girl.

Redeeming Values

Wonderfully written by Shona. Four years after Ranma flees from Nerima with Ukyo, he decides to return and patch up all of the troubles he had faced there. (:)


Dyne's sequel to Choices. A year has passed since Ranma returned from an unkown journey and suddenly declared that he was going to marry Ukyo. Now Akane is trying to heal wounds caused by her sudden loss, only she doesn't realize that a chance meeting will change her life forever. [Violence and slight content warning]

The Right Choice

A spamfic by Gary Kleppe. Ranma is shown his possible futures and is prompted to make THE RIGHT CHOICE! [Slight content warning] (:)


An absolutely wonderful fic by Eric Warner. Parallel universes collide as Ranma accidentally activates an ancient Amazonian pendant. However, he's not alone in doing so... (:)

Tales of Two Amazons

Post-Results fic #4 from Dyne! While separated during a training trip, Miki and Aremi recall several past events that make them who they are and how it helps them escape from a gang of bandits. [SLIGHT CONTENT WARNING]

Tears of Revelation

One by Jason. Ranma listens to Ukyou's problems and they have a revelation through the chaos of that occurs in their lives. (:)


A shortfic by Shona. Seven years have passed since Ukyo found Ranma in Nerima and things have changed considerably, except for the curse...

The Truth is Beheld by All

By RVincent. Ranma doesn't realize it right away, but taking a single day off from school will have a greater impact on his life then he could ever imagine. (:)

Who Really Loves You?

A shortfic by Brian-kun. With his mother's help, Ranma devises a plan to settle the fiance dispute once and for all. (:)

Rurouni Kenshin

A Rurouni Kenshin Christmas Carol

A new one from Dave! Christmas is around the corner and Shishio Makoto has one bad attitude. However, three spirits visit him late at night to show him his "tragic" past, the pain he's caused in the present, and his doomed future. Can these spirits make Shishio realize his faults? [Language warning]

Sailor Moon

The Chess Set

Written by Faerie. A new enemy who threatens the long awaited peace. A Senshi who has ties to Endymion, another who tries to stop the slaughters of the Senshi....all caught up in a web of love, hate and death. [Violence Warning] (:)


Written by Kit. A girl claiming to be the future daughter of Raye and Darien comes to meet her mother in the past.

The Great Battle

Written by Kit. Gang members team up against those who they think is the weakest of the Sailor Scouts. [Also includes a good lesson on gambling]

A Makoto Songifc

By Kit. A songfic about Makoto's love life.


Also by Kit. A mysterious dark warrior visits the Sailor Scouts.

Rainbow Magic

Again, by Kit. The Sailor Scouts meet an annoying foewho reveals to them the *true* power of the Rainbow Crystals [Warning: Anti-Raye]

Sailor Moon G: The Planetary Guardians

A new fanfic series by Dyne. It all begins one seemingly normal day for Usagi and the others, but little do they know that a new student, a young man named Ohara Debe will lead to the revelation of the Sailor Senshi's complete past, and what lies waiting for them in the future. D, ->--, -K-, _SW_

The Zero Alpha Series

A new series by Watcher Prime. The ZA series is a anime fic based off of Sailor Moon involving a new warrior and old friends turning foe...

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