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Cid and the Dukes of Hazard stories.  (Thanks Captain)

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If you have a story that relates to Cid's obsession to the Dukes of Hazard, email me.
These fics are arranged in chronological order.

The Dukes of Hazard Hell Trilogy

Three of my personal faves, by Asellus. Cid and some others constantly fight over the TV with unpredictable results. (:), ->--, _SW_

The Dukes of Masamune

As Cid would say, "Yeah! The Dukes!" He and Sephiroth want to watch the Dukes of Hazard when World War III breaks out in AVALANCHE Hq. By Cid, short but sweet fic. (:), ->--, E, _SW_

The Dukes of Hazard Fan Club [Part 2] [Part 3]

I never thought it'd happen. Cid puts Cid in charge of the new Dukes fan club and only the most evil and demented people join. Another short but sweet fic, but three parts! (:), ->--, E, _SW_

Trouble in Hazzard County

The continuation of the Dukes of Hazzard Fan Club by Cid! Cid and Sephiroth watch the last episode where the Dukes get killed so they decide to reactivate their portals and save 'em! (:), ->--, E, _SW_

Cid's Worst Nightmare

The ongoing saga to keep the Dukes alive by Cid. Cid's worst nightmare comes true when the Dukes are cancelled and are replaced by the worst possible thing in history!!! [According to many peoples' opinion.] (:), ->--, _SW_

The Dukes of South Park

Another one by Cid! After discovering that 1/3 of his club is trapped in South Park Cid joins Sephiroth and the Dukes to get him outta there! (:), ->--, _SW_

Dukes Go Online!

Yet another one from Cid! Cid and his club decide to build a Dukes website but they make the fatal mistake of getting the author mad at 'em! (:), ->--, _SW_

The Dukes of Hazzard Fan Club 2: The Search for More Members

Yet another one by Cid! Sephiroth is assigned to search the FFT world after only one member has joined (by his will) and so how will it turn out? [Is this anything like Spacedballs 2: The Search for More Money?] (:), ->--, E, _SW_

Dukes of Hazzard: The Movie [Part 2]

Only Cid sends in these fics, but who cares? The club takes a tour of Universal Studios Hollywood to get behind the scenes on the DOH movie. Their spirits are enlightened with the arrival of a new member [I won't say who] (:), ->--, E, _SW_

Sephiroth Ends the Dukes...

By Cid. When Seph is watching the Dukes Bo and Luke insult the Masamune and he seeks revenge. This is what really happened at the North Crater at the end of FF7. (:), ->--, _SW_

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