Mon Ange Bleue

By: Dave Paradise/Guardian Mercury

Oh Blue Angel- whose harp plays Siren's song,
I wish to drown within your sapphire eyes
And touch your ocean hair, that is no guise.
I pray that to each other, we belong.

Your loneliness, one to which I relate,
The same solitude that brought us to meet
Like a magnet drawing iron from soot.
Our eyes locking, could it have been fate?

I succumb to your smile, your voice is the
Soothing tone that draws me to your embrace.
Always there for me whenever I fell,

You would lift me with the sound of your key
Advice, and I have red in my face.
We are forever one- my Blue Angel.

Image drawn by Mawsi
(Image drawn by Mawsi)

Didn't know my French was that good?