Chrono Trigger Fwaks

First of all, I don't remember where I got these but every single one of them is FAKE! These were written either just for fun, the author had no life, or just to see how many stupid people would try and unlock these "secrets"


Spekkio can join your party. He can't attack, nor can he use items. His menu is "Mim.", "Tech", "Rage". You can go to his Tech menu and assign him any 8 Single, Dual, and Triple Techs that you know each by putting the cursor on the Tech and pushing A to get a menu. Spekkio can't use any Tech out of combat.
"Mim." stands for Mimic, which works like Gogo's Mimic in FF3. Spekkio will copy the attack of whoever went before him. "Rage" works like Gau's Rage. Whenever you win a fight, Spekkio learns the Rage of all the enemies, and you can use "Rage" to access these. Once Spekkio uses a Rage, he becomes that enemy for the rest of the fight, and you can't control him. Any enemy in the game can be Raged, even the first two parts of Lavos.
Here's how to get Spekkio: Once you've got Spekkio, go to 12,000 B.C. and enter the Last Village where the Nu is. Save right outside the house, enter, and talk to the Nu 896 times. Then reset the game without leaving. When you load up the game, Spekkio will be equipped with the Green Rock, which enables you to use Light Eternal Triple Tech with Crono and Magus that does 9999 damage to all enemies (although it costs 50 MP for Spekkio, and 30 MP for Crono and Magus, regardless of any Studs you're equipped with). Once you've got the Green Rock, you can't de-equip it, but would you really want to?
If you want to fight Spekkio again, just take him out of your party and go into his room. Answer "no" that you need the Master of War, and then say "yes" that you are looking for some practice.


Cyrus is probably the hardest hidden character to find, but he's a very powerful character. He doesn't have any magic, but he has useful standard Tech. He equips any stuff that Frog can equip, except for the Gold Rock.
Here's how to get Cyrus: If you took the Soul Sword instead of the Resurrect Potion, Frog can use it. It has 0 attack, but it works like the Atma Weapon of FF6, with more damage with more HP. You'll keep it if you play New Game +, so you can get the Soul Sword first and then get Cyrus in a New Game + (once you get the Moon Stone in 12,000 B.C. once, it is always the Life Stone when you get it normally).
Also, if you take the Blackbird to the Elemental Palace, you can get the Nereid Bow for Marle (better than the Valkeyre and it randomly casts Water 2), and the Sun Shot for Lucca (better than the Shock Wave, and sometimes better than the Wonder Shot and sometimes worse. It occasionally casts Flare). However, you can also choose not to open the chests when asked and pick them up in the Forest Ruins in 1000, obtaining the Sky Render for Frog (not as good as the the Masamune, but it randomly casts Lightning 2) and the Excalibur for Crono (same strength as the Rainbow, but it has a 95% critical hit rate). You'll have to play New Game + to get both sets of weapons.


Kino is a difficult character to get because you must pass through several dungeons before you can get him. Also, you have to be careful or he'll leave when you get Crono. Once you get Kino, put him in the front of the party and keep him there until you get Crono back. Kino can use a Fist (but he doesn't get the Iron and Bronze Fists), or he can equip Clubs. There are three Clubs: the Wood Club, the Bone Club, and the Gaea Club. All are found in 65 million B.C.
But, first, to get Kino: There's a better weapon for Kino available, the Gaea Club. After you have the Epoch back, fly the Dactyls to the Kilwala Forest by the river. At the end of this level is the Gaea Club.


You can play as Shadow from FF3. He is not particularly hard to get. He is a useful character that equips most of the weapons Crono does. He has no magic, but very powerful Tech.
There are only three steps to getting Shadow:
Interceptor (Shadow's dog) can pick a fight with Crono's cat. Put Shadow in the front of your party and go to Crono's house. Go up to the original cat and keep pushing A until Interceptor comes and gets into a fight with Crono's cat. After the fight, search Crono's bed and you will get the Cat Claw for Ayla, which is just as powerful as the Bronze Fist but does more damage with normal hits.
Also, Interceptor will be in the Geno Dome. You can win another dog by putting Shadow in the front and playing the 80 Silver Point game at the Tent of Horrors. Then get dog food by playing any game with Shadow in the front and you will get dog food and get puppies. When you get enough 7 dogs, use the computer in the Geno Dome to get the Puppysuit for Shadow.


Gaspar, the Guru of Time, is not a particularly hard character to get. If you've done everything correctly, you can choose to have him join your party when he says "If you really want to thank me, make me a member of your team." However, to get him, you can't have Magus. But by playing over in New Game +, Gaspar will join automatically at that point, even if you have Magus.
Gaspar isn't too hard to get if you know what to do:
Gaspar uses the Dream Staff. However, there's a better weapon, the Time Staff. To get the Time Staff, put Gaspar in the front of the party and Magus second and go to 12,000 B.C. Talk to the old guy in the Commons once without talking to anybody else and then go to 600 A.D. Talk to Fiona once and then go to 2300 A.D. Talk to Doan and he will give you the Time Staff, which randomly stops enemies.
If you want to talk to Gaspar again, just take him out of your party and go to the Ends of Time. Talk to Gaspar and say "no" that you want to put him in your party.

Janus's Scythe

While you can can get the Dream Scythe in Ioka, there's an even better weapon for Magus, and also his best armor: Janus's Scythe, Cape, and Helm.
To get Janus's equipment:
Besides selling you the Janus stuff, the Nu is the only person (er... Nu) in the game that will buy accessories from you (you can't sell the Green Dream, Hero Medal, or Flea Vest, however). He also sells four accessories: Gold Studs, Frenzy Bands, Gold Earrings, and Sun Shades.

Lich Scythe

The Lich Scythe is Magus's most powerful weapon. To get it, you must be playing in New Game +, which is not really much of a problem. You also have to take Magus, again not really much of a problem. You can only get the Lich Scythe if Cyrus is dead.
To obtain the Lich Scythe:
The Lich Scythe is the most powerful weapon for Magus, and, like the Reaper Scythe, it randomly kills enemies that it hits. If you want Cyrus in addition to the Lich Scythe, play New Game +. You will keep the Lich Scythe.

Paladin Helm

The best helmet in the game, the Paladin Helm, is sort of like the Paladin Shield of FF3.
To get the Paladin Helm:
The Paladin Helmet is the best helmet in the game. It automatically gives you ** Magic Defense, plus it has the highest defense of any helmet. Any character can equip the Paladin Helmet. Unfortunately, you won't keep it in New Game +.

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