The Final Night Before Rebirth

By: Dave Paradise/Guardian Mercury

I lift myself to see the darkness here.
The black of war, my eyes do see no light.
To see my friends, I do sorely grieve tonight.
The pain I have is nothing to what's there.

Through the battle field I do run, where
Is she? All of these dead ones, does she live?
I see her at last, her life force does give
Way as I rush to be with her, my dear.

Blue eyes met my grey, she smiles towards me
And holds out the symbol that binds us two.
A flute-like object she does ask of me play.

With each second, her energy does flee.
"I will, my princess, on last song for you."
I say good-bye, we'll meet again someday.

Wipe out a hanky and get outta here!