Super Mario RPG Fwaks

First of all, I don't remember where I got these but every single one of them is FAKE! These were written either just for fun, the author had no life, or just to see how many stupid people would try and unlock these "secrets"

The Minus World

To get to the Minus World, go to the last screen of the Sea, where the ship is. Go underwater at the top whirlpool and head up and right. Stand directly underneath the cave and jump up and right. You will walk into the wall. Keep walking up and right until you come to the Minus World.

The Minus World is an underwater town. It will appear on your map so you don't have to go through the dungeon every time (head right from the Sea). The weapon shop sells the Electric Cymbals for Mallow, the Uzi for Geno, and the Exploding Chomp for Bowser. It also sells stuff for the hidden characters. The armor shop sells the Ultra armor for everybody. The inn is free. The item shop sells Red Essence, Yoshi-Ade, Kerokero Cola, Max Mushrooms, and Royal Syrup.

There is also an arena where you can pay 50 coins to play a fighting game with Mario fighting Barney. If you win, you get 200 coins. You can hurt Barney by jumping on him or using the buttons to punch and kick, but use the special moves: If you use the Fatality, Mario pulls out Barney's eyeballs, eats them, and then cuts off his head with a chainsaw and plays basketball with the head. You then get the Chainsaw for Mario, which has an attack power of 99 (9 more than the Lazy Shell).

Secret Characters

Booster His spells are:
Laugh -- Confuses all enemies (Rotate)
Bomb -- Damages an enemy (Timed hit)
Booster Punch -- Damages an enemy (Charge)
Big Bomb -- Damages all enemies (Timed hit)
Loco Motion -- Damages all enemies (Repeatedly)

Johnny His spells are:
Pierce -- Damages an enemy (Timed hit)
Get Tough -- Improves Johnny's stats (Timed hit)
Skewer -- Damages an enemy (Timed hit)
Tidal Wave -- Damages all enemies (Rotate)

Link Link's spells are:
Dash Attack -- Damages an enemy (Charge)
Sword Shot -- Does 9999 damage on non-boss enemies, but usable only when Link's HP is full (no Action Command)
Spin Slash -- Damages all enemies (Rotate)
Triforce -- Damages all enemies (Rotate)

Diddy and Dixie Kong Diddy's spells:
Barrel Toss -- Damages 1 enemy (Timed hit)
Cartwheel -- Damages 1 enemy (Rotate)
Squitter -- Damages and paralyzes all enemies (Timed hit)
Rambi -- Damages all enemies (Charge)

Dixie's spells:
Barrel Roll -- Damages 1 enemy (Timed hit)
Hover -- Makes Dixie invincible for 3 turns (Timed hit)
Enguarde -- Kills all enemies. Can only be used underwater (No action command).
Squawks -- Damages all enemies (Repeatedly)

Jinx Jinx's spells:
Jinxed -- Allows Jinx to counterattack (No action command).
Quicksilver -- Damages 1 enemy (Timed hit)
Bombs Away -- Damages 1 enemy (Repeatedly)
Silver Bullet -- Kills 1 enemy (Timed hit)

Luigi Toad Toad's spells are:
Toss -- Damages an enemy (Timed hit)
Stun -- Paralyzes all enemies (Rotate)
Moolah -- Gives you coins (Timed hit)
Beanstalk -- Run away from a fight (Timed hit)

Yoshi Yoshi's spells:
Yoshi Candy -- Works like Yoshi Candy (No action command).
Swallow -- Works like Yoshi Cookies (No action command).
Egg Spit -- Damages an enemy (Timed hit)
Yoshi Boost -- Works like Yoshi-Ade (Timed hit)
Stampede -- Damages all enemies (Repeatedly)

Samus Aran Her spells are:
Missile -- Damages an enemy (Timed hit)
Bomb -- Damages an enemy (works like Super Jump)
Super Missile -- Damages an enemy (Timed hit)
Screw Attack -- Damages all enemies (Rotate)

Kirby Kirby has 1 spell: Inhale. When you use it, he will suck up an enemy and learn all its spells (like Gau in FF3). You can cast Dark Star, Sword Rain, Meteor Swarm, Shredder, etc. Inhale Mokura and then Kirby gets the ability to turn himself invisbile, and he can't be hit until somebody casts a spell on him.

Locke Locke's spells are:
Life -- Revives somebody with full HP (No action command)
Quake -- Damages everybody, even you (Rotate)
Life 3 -- Works like Life 3 in FF3 (No action command)
Merton -- Damages everybody, even you (Repeatedly)

Kefka Kefka's magic:
Fallen Angel -- Enemy's HP goes down to 1 (Timed hit)
Nuke -- Damages an enemy (Repeatedly)
Vanish/Doom -- Kills any enemy, even bosses (No action command).
Light of Judgment -- Win the battle, but it costs 99 FP. (No action command).
Meteo -- Damages all enemies (Repeatedly).

General Leo Leo's spells:
Shock -- Damages all enemies (Rotate).
Snipe Hunt -- Paralyzes all enemies (Rotate).
Luminaire -- Damages all enemies (Timed hit).
Ultima -- Damages all enemies (Timed hit).

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