The Aeris Revival

By: Cloud B

     This is my first fanfic so bear with me. I read many other fics online and was inspired to by my friends. A topic I wanted to write about was the resurrection of Aeris. I played completely through Final Fantasy VII and was taken by the incredible story, and when Aeris dies, I almost break down in tears. I even have trouble listening to MIDI files of her theme! That's pretty much all for my introduction. Also, this takes place after the ending of the game.

Chapter 1

     It had been about a year since Aeris had died and Sephiroth was killed by Cloud and Meteor was destroyed by Holy and the Life Stream. Yuffie had returned to Wutai to be with her father, but would visit the others from time to time. Nanaki went back to Cosmo Canyon to be with Bugenhagen. Vincent was staying with Cloud and Tifa, who were living together in Nibelheim. Cait went to work at Gold Saucer as a fortune teller in Wonder Square. Barret began living with Aeris's mother and Marlene.

          Tifa had noticed recently that Cloud had been acting more reserved and secluded than normal. She knew how much Aeris's death had affected him and expected some unusual silence about him. But this was different. He rarely ate any food, and when he did it was only a small morsel or two. He rarely spoke anymore and when he did it was only a mumble or something under his breath. One time, Tifa found him in the upstairs room looking at a screen. It showed pictures of materia and their uses. She thought this was strange since Cloud had mastered most of the materia he had. She walked in and put her hand on his shoulder,
     "What'cha lookin' at?" She asked.
Cloud shifted a bit and lowered his head.
     "I was studying some rare materias." He replied. "I wanted to get some information on White and Revive materia." He continued.
Cloud moved the cursor to an area toward the top of the screen and clicked a picture. A window popped of showing a small, white colored materia orbs.
     "White materia" it said in a caption below it.
     "What else does it say about it Cloud?" Tifa asked pointing to the caption.
Cloud clicked again and a small window popped up.
     "All it says is that this type of materia has the ability revive a person when mastered and paired with a mastered Revive materia. But no one knows where you can find White materia. Except us." Cloud said tapping the screen.
     "You mean, in the Lost Capital? Where Aeris... died?" Tifa asked looking at Cloud.
Cloud nodded slowly.
     "I know it seems wrong, reviving Aeris and all, but . . . I don't know what I'm talking about." Cloud said walking away from the monitor. Tifa followed at a distance.
     "Is this what's been bothering you lately? The possibility of reviving Aeris? Why didn't you just say something? I would'a listened if had tried telling me about what you had found and been thinking about." Tifa said as Cloud sat on a bed.
     "I know," Cloud replied "but knowing that we could revive Aeris just seemed so incredible! Imagine being able to talk to her again, seeing her smile, hearing her voice, laughing with her again. And just knowing she's there, alive. It's just so much to imagine and it all seems so great, but what would happen if we did revive her. Would she be the Aeris we knew, or different in some way..."
     "Yeah, that's true. But what if she were just like she was when she was alive? It would be like everything you said." Tifa added.
     "Maybe, but who really knows?" Cloud said as he walked down the stairs and went outside.

Chapter 2

     "Hey Cloud! Long time no see, eh?" Said the tender at a bar in Wall Market.
     "Yeah, right" answered Cloud sitting down at a stool.
     "Regular?" asked the tender.
     "Nah, I need something to help me make a decision, a GOOD decision."
     "Alright, coming up. This is a drink I made up when I had a big decision. It woke me up and cleared my head." the tender said as he slid the small shot glass across the counter. Cloud caught without looking and sipped it.
     "Not bad, not bad at all."
After finishing the drink Cloud just sat holding the glass and began thinking.
     "If I were to bring her back, would she still be the Aeris we all knew and cared about? Or would she be completely the opposite? Would she remember me? What about the others? Would they want her back?" Cloud thought as the glass hovered in his hand.

          Meanwhile at Tifa's home in Nibelheim, the phone rang.
     "Hello?" said Tifa into the receiver.
     "Hey! Where ya'll been!? Did'ja fo'get today's Nanaki's birthday?!"
     "Oh Hey Barret! I guess we did. Sorry! Cloud's at Wall Market now and I don't know what he plans to do after that." replied Tifa.
     "Awright, maybe I could get Cid to fly over in High Wind and pick ya'll up!"
     "OK, I'll be here then!"
     High Wind landed out side Cosmo Canyon and the group exited the craft.
     "Sorry 'bout not coming earlier" said Cloud to the others when the met near Cosmo Candle, "I had some big things on my mind." With that they proceeded to a large room that had decorations and a large cake. Yuffie was bothering Vincent with stories about her materia findings. Cait Sith was doing tricks with cards and Cid was sitting at a nearby counter nursing a drink.
     "Well, looks like everyone's here now!" said Barret as he walked to the center of the room.
"Ya'll know that Nanaki turns 49 today, which isn't old in his terms." Nanaki gave a hint of a grin when Barret said this. "Enough with this crap though, START THE PARTY!!!" Barret said throwing some party hats at everyone and blowing a kazoo.

     About 3 hours later the sun began to set and everyone was getting ready to leave. Nanaki was thanking them for the gifts he gave them and the rest were just chatting amongst themselves.
     "Um, I have something to tell everyone" said Cloud raising his hand high. "I've, um been doin' some research, about materia lately. And I found a way to, um, resurrect a person."
Upon hearing this the others began whispering to each other.
     "Well, you need a mastered White materia and a mastered Revive materia. Tifa has a mastered Revive materia. And I think you all know where the White materia is." Cloud said looking at them all.
     "You mean Aeris?" asked Yuffie.
     "Yeah..." replied Cloud.
     "Are you serious Cloud!? We shouldn't revive her! She died to save the world from Meteor! Just leave her alone!" yelled Yuffie in Cloud's face.
     "That's why I'm bring this up. I wanted to know what you think about this. And I would prefer not to be yelled at in the face."
     "Well I'm sorry Cloud but Aeris was important to me and I don't want her brought back." said Yuffie.
     "I dunno Cloud," started Barret "You say we really can?"
     "Yeah, according to what I found."
     "What do you want to do Cloud?" asked Vincent.
     "I haven't made a decision, that's why I'm asking all of you now." answered Cloud.
     "I think we should! Meteor and $^%&#* Sephy are both gone, gone for good!" said Cid jumping from his stool.
     "How about you Tifa?" asked Cloud looking at her.
     "I think... That, um... Well... I think, ... we should." Tifa answered slowly.
     "So do I now." Cloud said heading out the door.
     "Wait for us!" everyone yelled running after him.

Chapter 3

     Cid landed High Wind at the entrance of the Lost Capitol.
     "Ok, lets go!" said Cid jumping out the exit.
The others came out and the party began heading to the place where Aeris had died. Cid ran ahead of them like an excited puppy, he seemed most anxious to see Aeris again. Yuffie treaded slowly in the back with her head down. Aeris's death had affected her a lot.
Tifa walked hand-in-hand with Cloud. Vincent kept his usual stoic attitude and revealed no emotions. Cait hopped along merrily, and Nanaki walked closely behind Cloud and Tifa.
     "C'mon guys! Don't you want to see Aeris again? Damn! @%^& hurry up will ya?!" Cid shouted over his shoulder to the others.
     "Yeah we're comin'." Cloud called back.
     They arrived at the giant shell where Cloud had laid Aeris into the water. Yuffie shed a few tears and Nanaki stood by her.
     "Well, we're here. Now we just have to find the White materia Aeris dropped." Cloud said to the others who were waiting for instructions.
     "We have to go through the shell, into the city and explore the water below it. I somewhat remember where it fell and landed so it should be easy to find."
     "Then what the $%& are we waitin' here for?! Lets go!." Cid yelled as he scrambled into the shell.
     "Lets go." said Cloud quietly.

Chapter 4

     The Lost Capitol was a beautiful place. Light from some unknown source reflected off of the water and danced across the walls. The group watched as their shadows moved and melted.
     "It's so beautiful Cloud." Tifa said squeezing his hand.
     "It is, isn't it." Cloud replied looking up.
     Cid was already at the bottom and was removing his boots. Barret was close behind followed by Nanaki and Yuffie. Cloud and Tifa made it to the bottom and Tifa sat down.
     "Well," started Cloud, "It fell in the water around this area" he said making a circle with his finger.
     "I think it went straight down and judging by the way the water here moves so slowly, it probably hasn't moved much."
     "OK, good 'nough for me!" Cid said and then jumped in the water. He popped up a second or two later.
     "The water's great!" he yelled, "C'mon in!"
     "I'm gonna go in Tifa, you can stay here if you want. Try talking to Yuffie if you can." Cloud said throwing his armor nearby.
     "Alright, but be careful. OK?" Tifa said tugging his arm.
     "Don't worry" Cloud said as he dove in.

     Cid was right, the water was great. Cloud opened his eyes and was able to see just as well as he could out of water. He saw Cid swimming near the bottom and went deeper. Cid was digging around and causing sand to fill the surrounding water. Cloud tapped him and waved his hand 'no'. Cid shrugged and went up for air.
     "So, you find anything yet?" Tifa asked when she saw Cid pop up.
     "Not yet unless you include lot's of sand! S**t!" he answered with a smile and then dove back in again.
     Cloud was searching intensely around one area, obviously determined to find something. Cid came closer and began looking as well. Suddenly, a light beam shot from the sand below Cloud's hands. Cloud swept away the sand and swiped at the source. He took a second to look at it and then swam up in a fury.
     "I found it!!" he yelled holding up the small, white orb.
     "Oh my god you did!" Tifa said covering her mouth in surprise. Yuffie looked up and her eyes grew wide. Barret turned from talking to Vincent and Nanaki and all three stared instantly at it. Cid shot up a few seconds later saying,
     "Did you find it!?" He saw the materia and Cloud's hand and shouted out a loud "$%@!!!".
     "Damn! You actually found it! Let's get outta this water and go get Aeris back!" he said scrambling out of the water. Cloud got and shook the water out of his hair.
     "Lets go!" he said pumping the small globe into the air.

Chapter 5

     They group gathered together along the shore of the water outside the giant shell. Tifa handed Cloud her fully mastered Revive materia. Cloud Walked to the water and entered it slowly. Ripples of water followed him as he proceeded to the point where he let Aeris go. He took each materia and held them together. He closed his eyes and begin to think deeply. He opened his eyes and cast Revivify.
     "Well, anything gonna happen?" Cid asked holding his cigarette in one hand.
     "I dunno, I don't even know exactly how to cast the Revivify spell." Cloud answered.
     "Well, nothing seems to be happening. Lets just leave." Yuffie said turning and walking away slowly.
     "Yeah, let's go." Cloud said following her. Nanaki, Barret, Vincent, Cait, and Cid began walking away also.
     "Tifa, you coming?" Cloud called over his shoulder. Tifa was at the edge of the water on her knees. She dipped in her hand and let the water spill out between her fingers.
     "Well Aeris, he tried. I guess it wasn't meant to be either." she said as she stood up.
     "I'm coming Cloud!" she called as she began running towards him.
     "What were you doin?" Cloud asked her as they walked hand in hand.
     "I was just saying good-bye." Tifa answered.
     As they walked on, the water began to shake. It began in small waves but soon started washing onto the shore fast. The group heard this and turned around to see what was happening. Cloud stepped forward and was suddenly thrown back be a huge explosion of light.
     "What the hell?!" Cloud cursed as he stood up. He began running toward the water again and another explosion happened. This time he didn't fall down. He pressed forward and called back to the others.
     "HEY! Get the hell over here!!" he yelled stopping at the water's edge. When everyone arrived, they stared at the center of the small pond. The ripples grew larger and water washed over the group's feet. Suddenly, a huge globe of water burst from the center of the pond. The water was swirling, making it hard to see inside of it. All of the water around the area began to glow with a soft aqua-green light. The globe of water began to rise slowly and stopped about 3 feet above the water's rippled surface. After the water ball stopped rising, it began moving toward them.
     "Oh s**t! Aeris is inside that thing!!" Cid said once he finished hanging with his mouth opened. The water globe moved through the middle of them and came to rest on the floor of the cave. The light intensified again and the group was forced to cover their eyes. While their eyes were closed, they heard the sound of water splashing and felt it over their feet. Cloud opened his eyes first.
     "Hey, you can open your eyes again. The light's gone now." Cloud said rubbing his eyes. When his eyes were capable of seeing again, he was surprised. Aeris was standing there in front of them.
     "Aeris? Is that you?" Cloud asked, thinking the light had also screwed his mind also.
     "Aeris!!" Yuffie yelled as she threw her arms around Aeris. "Oh Aeris! I could barely keep myself together after you... after you... died."
     "It's ok now Yuffie. I'm here." Aeris said hugging her and wiping a tear from her eye.
     "Sonofab***h. Cloud did that?!" Barret asked.
     "Hi Barret." Aeris said walking up to him.
     "Aeris, you're alive again!" Barret said giving her a bear hug.
     "Oof! Nice to see you again also." Aeris said giving him a peck on the cheek.
     "Hey Aeris." Cid said quietly.
     "Hey Cid, how 'bout that ride on the High Wind now?" She said giving him a small kiss his on the forehead.
     "You bet! I'll get it ready now!" Cid said running out of the cave.
     "Hi Cloud, nice to see you also." Aeris said hugging him.
     "I, I.. I didn't expect the Revivify to work! But I guess it did." Cloud said looking into her eyes.
     "It did work. I'm back aren't I?"
     "Yeah, guess you are." Cloud said giving her a tight hug. "I really missed you."
     "Welcome back Aeris." Nanaki said to her.
     "Hello Nanaki." Aeris said crouching down and rubbing under his chin.
     "I knew we'd see you again sometime, I just didn't think it would be so soon." Cait said hopping over to her.
     "Yeah. It's nice to see you also. You have a fortune for me?" Aeris asked Cait.
     "You bet! Hold on..." Cait answered. Cait did a small dance and made a "Ding!" noise a few seconds later. "Here ya go!" Cait said handing her a small card. Aeris read "You will see old friends again."
     "Guess you're right!" Aeris said hugging him.
     "Aeris." Vincent said from a dark corner nearby.
     "Hello Vincent. Why don't you come out here with the rest of us?" Aeris asked searching for the voice.
     "That's ok. There'll be time to talk later." Vincent answered her.
     "Hi Aeris!" Tifa said running up to her. "It's so great to see you again!"
     "Hi Tifa." Aeris said hugging her.
     "Alright, the High Wind's ready to go!" Cid said as he ran in. "Let's go!!"

Chapter 6

     High Wind streaked across the water and land. Cloud and Aeris were on the observation deck enjoying the view. The others were in various locations on the ship.
     "This is wonderful Cloud, thanks for letting me enjoy this. You said you'd take me for a ride on this ship and it looks like you did!" Aeris said holding Cloud's hand.
     "Sure. Aeris there's been something I wanted to ask you. I had planned on asking you before, but, you know..." Cloud said looking away.
     "What is it Cloud?" Aeris asked trying to see his face again.
     "I know I didn't act like it then, but I really care about you. I don't want you be hurt or scared. You said I was your bodyguard. But I wanted to be more than that."
     "You mean..."
     "Let me finish, please. Aeris I... I want to know if... If you'll... marr-" Cloud was saying until Cid burst in.
     "Hey you two! What're you guys doin', alone? You tryin' to 'huh HUH!?" Cid asked in a weird voice, winking at Cloud.
     "Shut up Cid," Cloud replied "If you really want to know, I was gonna ask Aeris if she'd..." Cloud paused at turned toward Aeris. "Marry me?"
     Aeris took a step back "Um, I..."
     "#%@*!!" Cid yelled running toward them.
     "I really don't know what to say Cloud! Marry you? Now? What about Tifa, I thought you two were, ... y'know meant for one another."
     "I do care about Tifa, I care about her a lot. But I love you, and that's why I want to marry you. But I guess you won't..." Cloud said turning away from her.
     "Oh. Well if that's really how you feel Cloud. I will marry you!" Aeris said as she ran after him. When Cloud heard this, he immediately spun around and hugged her.
     "Thank you Aeris! Thank you so much!! let's go tell the others." Cloud and Aeris ran to the main control room.
     "Hey, is there some kind of PA or something here?" Cloud asked looking at the instrument panels around him.
     "Sure is, right here." the Head Pilot answered pointing to a button and microphone. Just press the button and talk."
     "Thanks!" Cloud said looking it over. He pressed the button down and it lit up.
     "Everyone, this is Cloud. Could everyone come to the main control room please, Aeris and I have an announcement to make."
     "They should be here soon." Cloud said turning from the panels and toward Aeris.
     "Great! How should we tell them? Just say 'Were getting married!' ? Or something else?" Aeris asked Cloud.
     "Nah, that's fine." Cloud said kissing her.
A few minutes everyone had arrived and Cloud went with Aeris to the front of the room.
     "Hi everyone, like I said earlier, we have an announcement. Aeris?"
     "Cloud and I are getting married!" Aeris said smiling.
     "Really? Wow! I've never been to a wedding before." Yuffie said from the back.
     "Congratulations Cloud!" Barret said shaking Cloud's hand strongly.
     "Thanks Barret." Cloud said as he shook his hand in pain.
     "Hope you two are happy together." Nanaki said from in-front of Yuffie.
     "Thanks." Cloud said back.
     "Don't ever, EVER let her go. Ever." Vincent said with a sad expression. He must've been thinking about Lucrecia.
     "I won't, trust me on that." Cloud said putting a hand on Vincent's shoulder.
     "Yep, always thought you two would. Anyway, I wanna go for a flight. Anyone want to come?" Cid said looking kind of bored.
     "Yeah, sounds good." Cloud said as he kissed Aeris again.

Chapter 7

     Since the Turks and Shinra had been destroyed, much of Midgar was being rebuilt and renovated. People who had been living in the slums were finding better homes and jobs on the upper plates. Sector Seven had been cleared away and AVALANCHE had been successful in convincing the people that Shinra had been responsible for the collapsing of the plate. The church where Cloud had found Aeris was completely redone, this is where they planned to have their wedding since it's where they really go to know each other. About a month had now passed since Aeris and Cloud made their announcement. They were now living together in Cloud's house. Nanaki, Vincent, and Cid had returned to their own homes. Tifa began staying with Nanaki. She was sad about the way she was just 'brushed off' by Cloud. She had thought that they had a connection, and that they would someday be married. She hadn't expected Aeris to be revived.
     "Hey Cloud, how're things with you and Aeris?" Tifa asked Cloud on the phone.
     "Great! Couldn't be better. How are things there?" Cloud asked.
     "Oh fine, Nanaki's taught me a lot about the canyon and his people."
     "Yeah? Since we're talking now I just thought I'd tell you when Aeris and I scheduled the wedding."
     "Oh, when is it?"
     "Two weeks from now, on Sunday. You know where right?"
     "In the church in Sector 6 right?"
     "Right. I'll let you know if anything changes. Keep in touch. Bye!" Cloud said hanging the phone up.
     "Bye..." Tifa said almost crying as she set the phone down.
     "Cloud, you have a job now right?" Aeris asked Cloud one night.
     "Oh yeah, I work in what used to be the Shinra building. I'm a Director of Operations for the upper plates."
     "Ooh, impressive. I guess money won't be a problem."
     "That's right! There's also a lot that's happened in Midgar over the past year. First we got rid of the Mako Reactors. Engineers discovered some hot water geysers under the city. They set up plants that generate power. There's no pollution now because automobiles aren't used anymore except in military. Most of the slums are gone since people have gotten jobs on the upper plates. Many of the cities nearby are incorporated now so everything is run by the Midgar government. That's most of it."
     "Wow, that's a lot of stuff! What about a job for me?" Aeris asked thinking about the careers she could choose from.
     "Well, do you really want a job? I could probably get you a job in the government like me. Or you could open a flower shop. Whatever you want to do is fine by me, except you know, the Honey Bee Inn."
     "Oh Cloud, I would never go there again. So you really don't mind if I were to get a job?"
     "Nope. like I said, do what you want." Cloud said kissing here good-night.

     The next day, Tifa went to Cloud's house while Aeris was out. She had waited for the perfect time to talk to Cloud alone. She wanted to ask why he wanted to marry Aeris instead of her.
     "Cloud? Hey Cloud! You home?" Tifa asked knocking on his door. A few seconds later he answered it.
     "Oh hey Tifa, what's up?"
     "I wanted to talk to you, alone." Tifa answered.
     "OK, come in then." Cloud said as he closed to door after looking around outside.
     "So, what is it?" Cloud asked once they were seated at a table.
     "You know damn well what it is Cloud!" Tifa shot back trying to stifle her tears.
     "Tifa? What's wrong? What'd I do?" Cloud asked, genuinely confused.
     "Aeris! That's what's wrong! You want to marry her! What about me?!"
     "Tifa, I care about you a lot, I really do" He said standing behind her rubbing her shaking shoulders. "I haven't forgotten about you!"
     "Then... why'd you ask Aeris to marry you and not me?" Tifa asked between heaving sobs.
     "I love Aeris, that's why. I like you a lot also but I want to marry Aeris. Is that OK? I never meant to hurt you like this. I guess I wasn't thinking, again."
     When Tifa heard this, she stopped crying a bit.
     "Oh, I see. You love Aeris but not me. You just like me. But you don't love me.
     "It's OK Tifa, really." Cloud said putting a hand on her shoulder. "This won't mean we can't be friends right?"
     "No, we can be friends still Cloud." Tifa said giving Cloud a tight hug. "I guess I should leave now, Aeris will probably be back soon."
     "Hey why don't you stay for dinner? We could all talk this over so everyone's happy. What do ya say?" Cloud asked Tifa when she was about to open the door.
     "Well, I didn't really have anything else planned, so why not? We could all talk like you said." Tifa asked turning around.
     "Great, You wanna stay till then? I could call ya later if you want to go home." Cloud told her.
     "I'll stay, just let me call Nanaki so he'll know where I am tonight." Tifa said.
     "OK, phone's over there." Cloud said gesturing toward a small table.
     "Thanks." said Tifa as she picked up the receiver and called Nanaki.

Chapter 8

     Tifa, Cloud, and Aeris were sitting at a circular table enjoying a delicious recipe that Aeris put together earlier. Cloud told Aeris what he and Tifa talked about earlier. Aeris understood quickly. After about two hours or so, it was getting late and the sun was well past set.
     "Need a ride home Tifa? It's kinda dark and the weirdos come out at this time." Cloud offered.
     "Sure, if you don't mind." Tifa answered.
     "Wanna come Aeris?" Cloud asked her.
     "No, that's OK. I'll stay and clean up a bit." Aeris answered.
     "OK, I'll be back soon." Cloud said closing the door.
     "I'll be waiting here honey. Hmm, honey. Have to get used to it." Aeris said to herself.

     Meanwhile at Nanaki's, Cloud was having a drink with Nanaki and Bugenhagen. Tifa had already gone to sleep. Cloud called Aeris just so that she wouldn't worry about him.
     "Is that the only reason you revived Aeris Cloud? To marry her?" Nanaki asked not looking up from his drink.
     "No, not really. That may be part of it. I really wanted to just prove to Sephiroth that he hadn't won when he killed her. I'm also glad that Aeris is just like she was before." Cloud answered.
     "Do you suppose she's, immortal now? It's not often that the dead are brought back." Bugenhagen said returning from the kitchen with some food.
     "I never thought of that Bugenhagen. What if she is now? That means she has to live forever and I'll only be alive for part of it. That sucks. I have to ask Aeris about this one. She's an Ancient after all. Maybe she knows more than we do about immortality." Cloud said. "Well, it's gettin' really late now. I'd better go."
     "Alright, see you later Cloud." Nanaki said as Cloud made his way to pair of chocobos he and Tifa rode over on.
     "Wow," Cloud thought to himself. "What if Bugenhagen's right? Is Aeris immortal now that I've brought her back? Probably not. Nothing to worry about now, I'll ask her about it tomorrow or something." And with that, he rode off towards Nibelheim.
The next morning Cloud woke up and Aeris was not there.
     "Oh s**t!" Cloud though as he threw off the covers. He ran downstairs expecting maybe to see her at the table or in the kitchen. He ran to the stove and found a note above it.
     "Went to Midgar to see the church and some old friends, be back around noon." It read.
     "Whew." Cloud thought as all the thoughts of what could've happened vanished from his mind. "She's just out visiting! I'm paranoid!"
     Cloud opened the cupboard and pulled out a box.
     "Hm, Chocobo Puffs... Naw. Le'see... Man, gotta get some cereal again. With that he turned on the stove to cook an egg.
     Meanwhile in The Sector 6 Slums Aeris was walking around looking for the people she knew. Many had moved after the removal of Shinra and hadn't left any way to be contacted. Aeris thought this was a bit annoying but continued searching. Soon enough, she came upon an old friend.
     "Hey! Kaile! It's me, Aeris!" Aeris shouted to a woman standing outside an old house.
The woman turned to see who was yelling at her. The woman's name was Kaile Chere, a descendant of Celes Chere. (For those who don't know this, which I think is about NONE, Celes Chere is a character in FF3/6j.) When she saw Aeris, she closed her eyes and promptly turned around.
     "Aeris? Is that really you? I thought you were, ... dead." Kaile said as Aeris approached her.
     "Yeah, well that's a long and confusing story. Maybe I'll know it all too, someday. Anyway, how are you?" Aeris asked.
     "F-fine, you?"
     "Doin' OK. Guess what. I'm getting married!"
     "Oh, wonderful. Who are you marrying?"
     "His name's Cloud. We've known each other for a long time."
     "Yeah? That's nice. So when is the wedding?"
     "We don't have a set date yet, we still need to discuss that together. But the place of the wedding is the church in Sector 6. It's been all fixed up and made nice again. Cloud and I first became friends there. He saved me."
     "That's good. Well, I'm living on the upper plate now. The slums are emptying out very quickly now that Shinra's gone."
     "Cloud told me about all that. He's one of the people in charge of the upper plates now."
     "Ooh, good money then! Well, I just came to see some people for a bit, I didn't mean to stay long." Kaile explained.
     "OK, well write sometime or call. Maybe we could get together and talk about things." Aeris suggested.
     "Yeah, I guess so. Maybe when the wedding is past so I could also meet Cloud." Kaile replied.
     "Alright then. Oh, have you seen anyone else around here that we know? I'm trying to tell as many of our friends as possible and it's hard to find them." Aeris asked.
     "Um, yeah a few. Most of 'em were just picking up things that they're moving to the upper plates." Kaile answered.
     "K, thanks Kaeli. I guess I'll move on now. See you soon." Aeris said walking away waving toward Kaeli.
     "See ya soon Aeris!" Kaeli called back and turned around again to look at the house before her.

Chapter 9

     Aeris and Cloud had finally set a date for the wedding. It would be on a Sunday in June. Aeris had completed her task of finding old friends and was now handling RSVPs. The others would visit periodically to see how things were going. Barret and Cid had secretly planned with Vincent, Cait Sith and Nanaki to throw a bachelor party for Cloud. They wanted to see how drunk they could get him also. Tifa and even Yuffie were always visiting with Aeris asking what she thought about Cloud and the whole marriage thing in general. Aeris told them how she thought it would be a very special thing for both of them.
     "So, you gonna have any kids. I'll bet the boys will have funny hair like Cloud's!" Yuffie asked Aeris. Aeris blushed a bit at this question.
     "Well, maybe one or two. No more than four though! I've never really been around children so I don't know what to expect." Aeris answered.
     "I remember back at the bar with Marlene," Tifa began. "Having her around was wonderful. She'd help out every now and then with washing a glass or two, and she'd always say something that would lift the spirits of everyone. I think kids are wonderful to have around."
     "Not me! They always cry and mess up in their diapers and won't sleep at night and all that stupid baby stuff!" Yuffie said angrily.
     "Yeah, I know that babies do that. But they aren't babies forever you know, they do grow up." Aeris told her.
     "Yeah, well I still don't like 'em!"

Later that night...
     "Cloud, today Tifa and Yuffie asked if we'd be having any kids." Aeris said to Cloud as they got ready to go to sleep.
     "Oh, what'd you tell them?" asked Cloud.
     "Well, I said we'd probably have one or two. But also, I was thinking about something. I didn't tell them though. You see, I'm a Cetra and your, um, a human. And I didn't know if we'd even be able to have kids at all."
     "Aeris, do you know all about your parents?" Cloud asked turning over toward her.
     "Yeah, some. Why?"
     "Well, you know your mom was a Cetra like you. But your father, he was just as much a human as I am."
     "Oh, I didn't even know that. How'd you find out about it?"
     "Our parents knew eachother I guess because my mother told me about it"
     "I see, who was my father Cloud?"
By now Cloud was beginning to think he had said to much and wasn't sure if he wanted to tell Aeris everything he knew about her past.
     "Well, your father was... Professor Gast, Aeris."
     "Professor Gast? How did he even know my mother?" Aeris asked after a few seconds of thought.
     "Well," Cloud began "He was conducting research with your mother, asking her about the Cetra and the WEAPONS. Eventually they just fell in love and that's how you came to be."
     "So, I'm not a full Cetra, I'm part human?" Aeris asked trying to contemplate all that she was hearing.
     "Yeah, it would seem so." Said Cloud, turning off the light. "G'night Aeris."
     "Night Cloud." And with that they both fell asleep.

Chapter 10

     Cloud was up early as usual, preparing to go to work. Aeris came down the stairs and headed toward the kitchen.
     "Morning Cloud!" She said with a smile.
     "Mornin' Aeris. Sleep well?"
     "Yeah," Aeris replied "I was able to think some about what you said and it made me want to learn more about my mother and the Professor, I mean, my dad."
     "Well, I could take you to where they used to live if you like." Cloud offered.
     "Really? You could? That would be great!" Aeris said, hugging Cloud tightly.
     "Sure thing, I could call in today and we could leave right afterwards." Cloud said picking up the phone.
     "Great, let me get a bite to eat and some other things rounded up." Aeris said picking up a donut.
     "Ok, just tell me when your ready and I'll ask Cid to borrow HighWind." Cloud said as Aeris rushed up the stairs.

After about 20 more minutes, Aeris came back down ready to go. Cloud led her outside where Cid was waiting with HighWind.
     "Hey Aeris! How's it goin'?" Cid asked as they came out the door.
     "Things are going great Cid, how about you?"
     "Never better! Well, lets get goin'!!" Cid said scrambling up the rope ladder.
On the main deck of HighWind
     "So Cloud, where we headed?" Cid asked lighting a cigarette.
     "To the Icicle Area, I have to show Aeris something there."
     "Ok," Cid said "but I can't land on ice so we'll have to get off a good distance away, but there's a few good chocobos in the stall so it'll be no problem!"
     "Great, then lets head off" said Cloud.
     "Taking off!!" Cid shouted.
After about 1 hour of flying, Cid announced their arrival over the intercom.
     "Hey, we're here! Anyone stayin' get off now!"
     Aeris and Cloud had been inspecting the chocobos when cid began his barking.
     "Looks like it's time to learn." Aeris said getting up.
     "Yeah, well lets get going then." Cloud said as he prepared the chocobo's saddles.
The snow was packed hard, making the journey easy and fast. Cloud saw many creatures roaming the planes and also a few chocobos fighting.      "Man, it's been a while since I last came here. But it's not any different from then."
     "I wouldn't know..." Aeris said at length.
Ahead, the small town was beginning to come into their view and they sped up. Once they arrived, the tied up the chocobos and a warm stall and fed them some greens. A few kids were outside and saw Cloud with Aeris.
     "Hiya Cloud!" a child riding a sled shouted. "Wanna have a snowball fight with us, your pretty friend can play too!"
     "Well, in a bit. I have to show Aeris here something." Cloud replied.
     "K', we'll all be here when you're ready!" the child said as she went down the snowy hills.
     "Cute kids around here." Aeris said just as they pulled up to Prof. Gast's house.
     "Yeah. Well, this is the place." Cloud said opening the door. Aeris looked in and examined the insides as she walked in. Cloud closed the door and turned on a light. Dozens of machines became visible around them and Aeris walked up to the one with the video monitor.
     "Do they work?" Aeris asked looking at the many buttons spread across the consoles.
     "Yeah, in fact that was the one I wanted to show you. It has video of Ifalna and Professor Gast doing their interviews." Cloud said, turing the machine on. The screen flickered to life and the buttons lit up. A whirring noise could be heard as Cloud pushed a play button. Static filled the screen. After a few more seconds, an image showing Ifalna and Professor Gast. (If the reader has played the game in this area, then he/she should know what the videos contain.) When they had seen all the tapes, Aeris wanted to go to sleep. Cloud led her to the lower level of the house and helped her to bed. Afterwards, Cloud made some hot chocolate and looked around the house more. He found many photographs of the professor with Ifalna and young Aeris. He took them and set them on a table next the where Aeris was sleeping.

     A few hours later Aeris got up and saw the pictures. Cloud was not around so she looked at them. She flipped through the first few since they were just scenes of the surrounding mountains. Finally, she came upon one with Ifalna and the professor holding hands in the spring thaw. Aeris touched the face of her mother and almost began to cry. She wanted to meet her now, but knew she couldn't. She looked at the face of Professor Gast and smiled. he was smiling widely and squinting a bit in the bright sun. Suddenly, Cloud came in the front door, he had splotches of snow on him.
     "Have fun out there?" Aeris asked, putting the pictures back on the table.
     "Yeah," Cloud replied "They creamed me, I need to practice my aim and stuff. they hit me each time!"
     "Ha ha, sounds fun!" Aeris said.
     "You should'a been there, it was great!" Cloud said as he brushed off the snow. "did you see the pictures I set on the table?"
     "Oh, yes I did... I saw my mother and Professor Gast. I wish I had been able to know them better."
     "Maybe then we could go see your adoptive mother, she saw your mother for a bit when she found you." Cloud offered.
     "Ok, but do you think she can tell me much? I mean, she only saw her when she died." Aeris said.
     "Yeah, maybe you're right. I guess we don't have to." Cloud said.
     "But I would like to see her again, see how she's been lately."
     "Ok, lets do that. But it's getting late. We should wait till tomorrow." Cloud said.
     "I have no problem with that." Aeris said, then she turned off the lights.
     During the night, Aeris woke up and went up the stairs. She turned on a small lamp and switched the video monitor back on. On her left was a rack of videos, only they didn't have titles. She took one anyway and put it in. After she had seen almost all of them, she noticed the sun beginning to come up. She finished the last video and then turned everything off again. Since it wasn't that early, she stayed up and made breakfast for her and Cloud.
     "Oh hey Aeris, I was wondering where you went." Cloud said, stretching.
     "I was up here watching some of those other videos that have no titles." Aeris told him. She set a plate of food in front of him and he thanked her. She sat down across the table and looked at him. Cloud had already began to eat and wasn't looking forward. Finally, he looked up again and noticed her looking at him.
     "Something on your mind?" He asked.
     "Yeah, kinda. I saw more about my mother in the tapes I saw. She as beautiful you know, and seemed very kind. I really wish I had gotten to know her." Aeris said looking down and pushing food with a fork.

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