Before the Disciple

By: Kasshan

Chapter 1: The Beggining

     My name is Kevin Darksangel, the true owner of the real Apocalypse sword. my past is as fragmented as a shattered mirror, some would say that it's amazing i still hold my sanity, well i could never really put up a good response because my life has been twisted and hard to understand, but i think it is time to share the truth.


     Several shinra soldiers are attacking a small town, they demolish the houses and killed most of the menm, except one woman with a boy about Two years old hurries down the road trying to escape, a soldier runs her down and shoots the woman several times in the chest, she falls to the ground, the little boy stops running and walks over to the woman. "Mommy, please get up!!"cries the boy. the boy tries picking her up but then collapses from the weight, a soldier walks up to the boy and hits him with his Nightstick, the boy falls unconsious. the soldier picks up the boy and walks back into the town that is now in entire flames, the soldier throws the boy into the back of a truck which is filled with several other children, the soldiers closes the back of the truck and he gets in the drivers seat.

     The truck arrives in the Shinra Headquarters, the children are taken from the trucks and taken into the headquarters, several soldiers accompany the other soldiers that our taking the children. the soldiers put the children in the elevator and pushes the button for the 68th floor, the Science labs. the elevator stops at the 68th floor, the soldiers take the children into the lab, once there, several scientists take the children, the one boy is taken to a very large lab where a man in a lab coat and eye glasses that hang off his nose stands overlooking something. "Dr Hojo, here is one of the children from the Badlands area that you requested."says one of the assistants. Dr Hojo laughs manically after looking at the boy. "good, we'll start experimenting with the mako and jenova treatments on this boy, we hope to find out what the effects will be. strap him to one of the surgery tables."says hojo.

     The assistants take the boy and strap him to one of the tables, Hojo walks up to the boy and snickers. "pitiful specimen, but i'll make you stronger, faster and smarter than the rest of these fools."hojo says under his breath as he prepares a needle with a strange dark red substance in it, a label on the needle says "Jenova", Hojo preps the boys arm and injects the needle into the boys arm. and releases the contents into the boys body. the boy screams out in pain and has to be held down by the assistants, Hojo laughs Evily. the boy cries and cries until he passes out.

Chapter 2: The Younger Years

     "At this time in my life Things became Desperate for me. out of the so many other children test subjects only myself and 2 others survived the daily injections. and at the age of 7 i already showed signs of Rebbellion...which Hojo did'nt like."


     5 years after Kevin had been kidnapped by the Shinra and began getting the Injections of Jenova and Mako at that time. when he first arrived there he had very short light blond hair and green eyes, now he has very dark brown hair and mako blue eyes, thus the sign of the injections taking effect had already happened. ony himself and two other children survived out of the so many others. one was a little Silver Haired boy and the Other was a Girl with Fire Like Red Hair. Soon Hojo allowed the 3 to stay in one cell to see how they would react. well lets just say they were a little dissapointed.....the Silver Haired Boy simply sat in a corner with his head down, The Girl was always staring at the roof while laying on a bed. and Kevin was Always watching both of them, but tried to talk to them several times with no success. and thus he stopped trying.

     The door to the cell opened and a flash of light bursted through the darkly lit room. and in walked Proffessor Hojo, he still had that grin on his face, which always made Kevin and the Silver Haired Boy grit their teeth in anger, and made the girl extremely scared.

     "Subject 3 come here now." Says Hojo.

     The Girl Hesitantely gets up and leaves the room which made Hojo smirk even more because he had decided to use a higher dosage on them all, starting with her first.

     After Hojo left Kevin turned his head to the Silver Haired boy.

     "He's going to do something bad...i can feel it.."says kevin.

     The Silver Haired boy acts like he did'nt hear him but then finally looks at Kevin.

     "So can I."says the boy.

     Kevin grins a bit.

     "Whats your name?"

     "I heard someone call me Seph-something, So i guess my name is seph, Whats yours?"


     Both nod to each other and then Kevin lays back down and Seph Leans back against a wall.

     an Hour Later the Cell door opens and the girl is carried in unconsious, a guard sets her down on one of the cots as Hojo walks in. Both Kevin and Seph scramble over and check the girl. Both very Concerned for her well being, Kevin turns his head toward Hojo.

     "You monster! Someday you'll pay for what you've done, and i'll be the one to do it!"Yells Kevin who is shaking.

     Hojo walks up to kevin and backhands him in the face, Kevin falls back on the bed, his nose busted open.

     "Little the time i'm done with the 3 of you you'll serve me like dogs!"Says Hojo.

     One of the Guards almost seems Discusted by Hojos actions, but wont say anything, after Hojo leaves the Guard bandages up Kevins broken nose and then leaves the cell and closes the door. Kevin had already passed out from the pain and Seph just leaned back against a wall and closed his eyes.

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