The Black Hood Gang: Part 1

(The scene takes place on the Highwind flying over the ocean inside the where the crew is)

Barret: (looking at a huge map)
Tifa: Barret are you sure this ways leads to the new continent?
Barret: If this map is right then I'm sure
Tifa: No really
Barret: Damn Tifa! You outta know me better than that
Cloud: So whats this new continent supposed to look like?
Barret: The Hell am I supposed to know?!
Red XIII: I heard that there was a town there at one time that was more advanced than the Shinra was at the time
Barret: No Way!
Red XIII: Then it was reported that terrorists bombed it to bits
Barret: Damn!

(outside the Highwind a missle comes flying by hitting it on the underside)

Cid: %^&*%*&% We've been hit!
Tifa: What?!
Aeris: Can't you do anything?
Cid: Not a damn thing. Hold on yer drawers and don't piss in them!

The Highwind does down which is being watched by a bunch of figures Hiding in some tall bushes.

(Somewhere on that land)

Cloud: (Wakes up) Oh my head. Is everyone ok?
Aeris: I'm all right
Barret: I'm doin ok
Cid: Damn whoever did that
Cait Sith: I've felt better
Red XIII: I'm ok
Vincent: I wonder where we are
Yuffie: Whats goin on?
Cloud: We crash landed somewhere
Cid: Lets get the hell otta here and find out where we are

(outside the Highwind)

Barret: Damn we lucked out!
Cait Sith: Yeah but where are we?
Cid: Who $%&% cares right now. We outta find a place to get the Highwind fixed Everyone agrees and so they began walking off through the forest to find a repair place
Cid: Wherever we are this place ain't that bad
Red XIII: (looking around at all the greenery)
(half way down a figure blows by)

Yuffie: What was that?! (saw something go by behind)
Cait Sith: Whats what?
Yuffie: I just saw something go by
Barret: You think we gonna belive that?!
Yuffie: What? No I did
Cloud: What the?!

(black hooded figures appear)

Aeris: Who are these guys?
BH 1: (clubs Cloud)
BH 2: (attacks Aeris)
Cloud: Dammit Get offa me! (gets up and draws UW) Braver! (Slashes BH 1 in half)
BH 1: (collapses and disappears like mud)
BH 3: (Tackles Tifa)
Tifa: Lets see you deal with this, Beat Rush! (punches BH 3 three times) Somersalt! (Upper kicks BH 3 knocking him into a tree)
BH 3: (Falls down and disappears)
Aeris: (grabs BH 2 with staff and clubs it on the ground several times till it disappears)
Yuffie: Uh guys I think were surrounded (looks around)
Cait Sith: (rolls eyes) You think?!

The group is taken by the Black Hoods to a canyon hideaway

BH 4: O great leader we brought these bums back!
Cid: Whatdya mean bums you @#$@$^&#^%#@^&&@
BH 5: (clubs Cid hard)
Cid: (Koed for now)
Cloud: Ok that's it Blade Beam! (sends out a slash that slices BH 5 and 4 in half)
BH 6: (Restrains Cloud)
Barret: Damn look at all these Black Hooded freaks
BH Captain: Be quiet!
BH Captain 2: Remember when yer airship was shot down well we did that
Cloud: You?! Why the Hell you?!!
BH Captain: Revenge
Barret: Revenge for what?!
BH Captain 2: That's something our great leader can tell you
????: Dammit shut up already!
BH Captains: Sorry great leader
BH Leader: I'll show you all why!
Cait Sith: That voice…
Cloud: ..sounds familiar
BH Leader: You'll find out soon enough (starts to take off hood)

End of Part 1

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