The Black Hood Gang: Part 2

BH Leader: (takes off hood completely)
Cloud: !
Aeris: !
Tifa: !
Cait Sith: !
Red XIII: !
Barret: !
Yuffie: !
All (except for Cid and Vincent): LOST NUMBER?!!!
LN: That's right! It's me Lost Number!! I'm the one who had your airship shot down and had you all captured and brought here!
Red XIII: Why?
LN: I'll tell you why because I was HUMILIATED when you kicked my @$$ back in the mansion
Barret: Just because we kicked yer sorry @$$ once you go balistic! Sore @$$ loser
LN: Shut Up! Take them away
BH guards: (take the prisoners away)

(Later on)

Yuffie: Look at this place
Vincent: Look at all the Black Hooded guards
LN: All of you will be forced to work here as slaves
Cid: (wakes up) What the Hell?! Where are we?
Cait Sith: locked up…gonna be used as slaves
Cid: Dammit
LN: Oh and by the way 2 of you won't be needed for now so you'll be locked up
Cloud: Who?
LN: You and the girl over there that's who
Aeris: Who me?
BH Guard: Yes you now be quiet and move it!

Cloud and Aeris are taken to a jail room in one of the towers indoors while the others a taken to a site to be put to work

(Inside tower #1)

BHGuard: Get in there (pushes Cloud and Aeris in then closes the door and locks it)
Cloud: Damn we trapped
Aeris: What'll we do now
Cloud: Don't know
????: Hi haven't seen you guys around
Aeris: Wha? Who said that?
????: I did
Cloud: Who are you?
????: Greg…Greg Lockfire
Cloud: Cloud and this is Aeris
Greg: Do you happen to be from Avalanche?
Cloud: How'd you know?
Greg: I heard about you guys bustin the Shinra up in Midgar
Cloud: Yep where are you from?
Greg: Abron
Cloud and Aeris: Abron!!
Aeris: I heard last that Abron was bombed to bits by terrorists
Greg: That's what was going around but the Shinra said that
Cloud: Shinra can't be trusted anymore anyway
Greg: Well that report was a big fat lie (sort of)
Aeris: Sort of?
Greg: Abron was bombed to the ground but not by terrorists…but by the Shinra
Cloud and Aeris: What?!
Greg: 12 years ago (flashback scene comes on)

Greg: [Abron was a technologically advanced town even more advanced than the Shinra one being that Abrons source of energy was clean and renewable]
Cloud: Cool
Greg: [In fact the Shinra didn't like this too much. One day I went down to the basement to work on something. Then a loud boom occurred I wanted to see what it was but the boom caused something to fall in front of the other side of the door and I was trapped]
Aeris: What happened then?
Greg: [I tried opening but nothing happened the some debris fell on the front of my arms and I couldn't do anything but lay there in pain and eventually passed out]
Aeris: Ouch then what
Greg: [Then a little while later I woke up but the scenery was totally different, the whole town was in ruins. When I got out I saw an old man lying there who was dying. He said "Shinra they did…this…" then he died"]
Cloud: Damn Barret would hate the Shinra even more after hearing this. What happened next?
Greg: [Since my arms were still in pain I left to find a doctor. No far out from where the city was there was a place I could go to. My arms got healed up but I had to wear these brackets over then from now on. I was still pissed at the Shinra for destroying my hometown along with my family. So I went after them next]
Cloud: How old were you then?
Greg: 16 and that was 12 years ago
Aeris: Ah so your 28 now
Greg: Yep
Cloud: How did you pay back the Shinra?
Greg: You remember when Midgar was still being built?
Cloud: Yeah
Greg: Well lets just say Midgar's completion was delayed
Cloud and Aeris: (laughs)
Greg: So how did you two end up here
Cloud: Our group was looking for the new continent when the Highwind was shot down here, when we went to look for a repair shop we were ambushed by the black hooded creeps and taken here
Greg: By their leader…
Cloud: Lost Number
Greg: You know him?
Cloud: Yep I guess you could say he wasn't real happy after we kicked his Baldy @$$ at the Shinra Mansion back in Nibelhiem
Greg: (laughs)
Cloud: We gotta find a way out of here somehow
Greg: Maybe I can help
Cloud: ?

(back outside)

BH Guard: Move it! Faster!
Barret: Stop cracking that damn whip in my face!!
BH Guard 2: Be quiet and get to work!
Cait Sith: Leave him alone!
BH Guard 3: Shut Up fat boy!
LN: Enough! Since you kicked my @$$ once I'll kick all of yours right now! Then maybe you'll learn!

End of Part 2

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