The Black Hood Gang: Part 3

(Inside Tower 1)

BH Guard: (Looks inside cell) What the?! (opens the door and goes in)
BH Guard 2: (follows BH Guard 1) Huh?! (Sees the prisoners on the floor dead)
BH Guard: Too Bad
Greg: (spings up) Too bad what?!
BH Guard 2: It's a trap!
Greg: (knocks both BH Guards out)
Cloud: (gets up) Hey that one has the keys
Aeris: The keys to what
Greg: The keys to the case where are weapons are being stored
Cloud: Lets Go!

(meanwhile outside)

LN: (Throws another punch) Ha! This is fun!
BH crowd: (Cheers)
Cid: You Goddamn Hyena! When I get out of this thing!
BH Crowd: (laughs)

(back inside)

Cloud: There it is (takes the keys and opens the holding case)
Aeris: (Equips Princess Guard) Ah that feels better
Cloud: (Equips Ultima Weapon) Yep
Greg: (Equips Bunker Bomb, Detonator and Party Blast to his left bracket) Lets get out of this dump!
Cloud: and find the others (runs out)
Greg and Aeris: (runs out)


LN: How about another one?!
Red XIII: I'll pass
BH Crowd: (laughs)
Greg: Hey baldy!
LN: Who said that?!
Greg: Up here or can't you get yer fat @$$ to look up here
LN: WHAT! No one insults me!
Barret: Hey its Cloud and Aeris
Cait Sith: and someone else
Greg: I am Greg Lockfire of Abron and don't you ugly @$$ hooded F**kers forget it (jumps from the cliff)
Cloud: (jumps down also)
Greg: (tosses a few Bunker Bombs and the BH's)
Cloud: (Slashes 2 BH Guards)
Aeris: (runs to the group and frees them) There Better?
Barret: Hell yeah (starts shootin BH's out)
Cait Sith: (Eyes BH Guards 1 and 2)
BH Guards 1 and 2: Oh S**t!
Cait Sith: (rams into them with his moggle)
Both BH Guards: (Gets rammed to the cliff and dies)
Cid: Your next Lost Doofus! Dragon Dive!!!(executes Dragon Dive on Lost Number)
LN: Ah Dammit! I am not gonna be beaten again!! (punches Cid out of the way)
Greg: (throws a Detonator at Lost Number) Move it!
LN: (gets hit) Shut Up (casts Fire 2 and Bolt 2 on Greg)
Greg: Alright that's it! Aspil Rush!! (tosses a green bomb at Lost Number)
LN: Ha! Is that the best you can do (Tries casting Bolt 2 again but can't) What!
Greg: That didn't sap your HP's it sapped your MP's! and gave 'em to me!
LN: Grrrr! (turns into a totally physical side)
Greg: Oh Great now he's completely bald talk about glare!
LN: Shut Up! Lost Blow!! (charges Greg)
Greg: (moves out of the way)
LN: (ends up punching a bolder in half instead)
Cid: Damn!!
LN: (Gets up and punches Greg backwards)
Greg: Dammit! Bomb Rush! (Hits LN with a big bomb)
LN: (punches Greg several times) Little brat!!
Greg: Little what!! Twin Bomber!! (blasts 2 big bombs at LN)
LN: (gets hit and flies back to the wall)
LN: I will NOT lose this battle especially to you little b@$t^*ds (punches Greg and Cid backwards)
Tifa: Better watch what you say
LN: Shut up you whore!
Tifa: Whore?! Now yer asking for it Beah Rush! (punches LN 3 times)
LN: (doesn't feel much) Ha! What the hell was that?!
Tifa: I'm not done yet, Somersalt! (kicks LN in the chin)
LN: Ah! Damn!!
Tifa: Waterkick!! (low kicks LN)
LN: (knocked back) Enough! Lost Blow!! (hits Tifa to the wall)
Tifa: (hits the wall and falls down in pain)
Aeris: Healing Wind (Heals some of Tifas wounds)
Tifa: Thanks Aeris
Aeris: No Sweat
LN: No! (knocks Aeris back then grabs her)
Cloud: Leave her alone!
LN: ?!
Cloud: (slashes LN from behind)
Aeris: Take this you fat headed creep! (hits LN in the nuts or where they should be anyway)
LN: (stands there like being stunned)
Aeris: Lets do it! Fury Brand! (fills up Cid's, Tifa's, Clouds and Greg's limit gauges)
Cid: Yeah! Hyper jump! (jumps up and super dives LN with Venus Goshpel)
Tifa: Beat Rush, Somersalt, Waterkick, Meteo Drive! (attacks LN with all 4 moves)
Cloud: Meteorain! (waves UW jumps up and hits LN with small Meteors)
LN: (pushed back) no, no, no!
Greg: Twin Bomber!! (sharp throws 2 big bombs at Lost Number)
LN: (flies back to the wall again) NO! (weak voice)
(then a boulder rips from the cliff above and falls on LN's head)
LN: (knocked on the head) Ah dammit… (collapses)
All: (Victory stance)
LN: (fades away)


Greg: (gets done fixing some damaged spots) There that should work!
Cid: Good. When we get back I can work on it
Barret: So what are ya gonna do now Greg?
Greg: Actually you can call me by my other nickname GR
Barret: Alright GR what are ya gonna do now?
GR: Do you guys have room for one more?
Barret: Sure
GR: Then count me in!
All: Yeah!

The End

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