He grew up believing he was just another boy in a world of men. He was raised under a false name in order to protect his past; he grew up as Dave Linshire. At the age 16 he entered SOLDIER and was removed a year later after the reactor explosion in his hometown of Gongaga. At the age of 17 he received his heirloom, the Atma Weapon. The one who fought in Wutai, the one who gave him his heirloom, his friend, told him the truth after he returned. He was the last descendant of a hero of old. He was Dav Cole.

The Adventures of Dav Cole

Dav's Theme

Episode 1: Returning A Favor

This is Dyne's first serious fic ever (That he ever bothered to finish). Dav rides to Fort Condor in order to help the people fight against Shinra since their sponsors didn't show.

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