Dark Crystal

By SwordMAGC

Zeromus Battle (Final Fantasy IV)


     He could not take it. It was  his fault she died, not hers ,not Barret's, not Tifa's, his. Not only he had a hollow victory, but felt worse her death. Aeris. She was so even the sound of her name hurt him. "Aeris". One simple little word gave him enough pain as  Sephiroth's sword. Even after the escape from the crater he longed for her. Cloud broke out of his pain and sadness spurred his chocobo on and thought the one thing that made him happy. Sephiroth was wrong. "I am puppetmaster and you are my puppet, Sephiroth. I control you not visa versa." He had arrived. The city of the Certra. So beautiful. What is beautiful can be evil. The pool! He stared at it. Where was  the water? He rembered putting her in the pool. Or was that a illusion as well? Suddenly he noticed something. There was a walkway leading down. He walked down quickly. Qustions asked themselves. What happened? Where was the water? The walkway seemed endless. When he was at the bottom he found himself at a cavern of crystal. The crystal shone like his Ultima Weapon. One shone brighter then the others.tried to look into it. " What the hell!" Something was alive in there! He had seen a chest breathing. Outward, inward, outward, inward. He unsheathed his Ultima Weapon. He was going to break the crystal open  and what that thing was. He got ready. He swung and a noise like shattering glass filled the cave.

     He sheathed his sword and looked at him. He looked 18 but Cloud  didn't trust it.

     He stood up and streched. "Hello.

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