No Man's Land


The Return to Life (Final Fantasy Tactics)

WARNING: this fic contains a lot of violence, and an average amount of swearing so if your offended by these things then you clicked on the wrong damn fic!

Chapter 1: The Beginning

     it had been a year since aeris died in his arms,and since then the man known as kevin darksangel was almost like a shattered piece of glass from a mirror. and since then he kept roaming around the desert of his birth, the place called "the badlands", he even moved into a city there. kevin was on the roof of his house just staring at the full moon in the sky, going over all the things that had happened to him since he was found by cloud in nibelheim, he laughed to himself then shut his eyes, "i guess i better go back inside and get some rest".he thought to himself. so kevin went back inside his house and fell a sleep. in the morning. kevin got up and did the regular things he does in the morning, take a shower,wash his clothes and practise his regular "kata technique" that he developed when he was in "soldier", then he went outside and walked around town, seeing all the merchants,weapons stores and the regular shops, he stopped in front of a building with the sign "mayor's office" on the front and walked in.
     " oh! hi mister darksangel!"said the secretary. "hi crystal".said kevin. "you can go on in, the mayors expecting you!"said crystal. "thanks.". kevin walked through the door to find a pugy man behind a desk, with a women down on her knees behind the desk. "am i disturbing you two?"said kevin sarcastically. " huh...oh my! you girl get out of here now!"said the pugy man. the women takes a look a kevin and runs out the door, kevin notices a wet stain on her dress. "so what did you want mayor?"said kevin. " i've been hearing rumors of a band of thieves out in the desert...i want you investigate and if you need to,dispose of them!"said the mayor. "hmm....i want 5000gil."said kevin. "done! anything else?"said the mayor. "nope." "then were agreed?" "yeah..see ya".kevin leaves, and heads to his motorcycle, after a few minutes kevin drives out into the desert.

     after a few hours kevin started to head back but notices a bunch of people on hummers, kevin decides to follow them. after a mile or so a big base comes into view and kevin stops. "holy s***! what the hell! there must be 20 guys guarding the place! i'm gonna' need some help on this matter!" kevin said. kevin pulls out his PHS and dials up. " hello cloud strife here!" said cloud. "naw really! idiot!"said kevin. "hey kevin! what's up?"said cloud. "look..i found a base out here with a bunch of guys there...members of the shadows!"said kevin. "your kidding! i thought shinra stopped alligning with them!" "it seems there back and if i know them, there going to alot more carnage than shinra ever has! i want to guys to get over here as soon as possible!" "allright..we'll be in the badlands in about 3 hours." "allright see ya then". kevin put his phs back in jacket and took out a long poll and stuck it in the ground. "there, that should mark where this is, i'll also mark it on the map".said kevin. then kevin got back on his motorcycle and headed back to town.

Chapter 2: A New Ally

     kevin reached the city limits about an hour before avalanche arrived in the highwind, after a bit of conversation they had decided what to do but did'nt know how to pull it off, until a young man with dirty blond hair walked up to them. "excuse me, but i overheard your conversation and i'd like to help!"said the man. "and who are you?"said kevin. "my name is Dav Cole." " how are you gonna' help?" "well i am a tresure hunter and i've been scouting those people out in the desert." "well i guess you can come, but i'd beware if i were you cause these guys are members of the shadows!" "really! i thought they were destroyed by shinra?" "how would you know that?" "i used to be a soldier 2nd class until they kicked me out" "hmm...sounds like you can be of some use after all,allright let's go!". so they all left into the highwind and headed to the shadow's base.

     once they arrived, they all prepared themselves, vincent and kevin loaded there guns, cloud,dav and kevin equiped there swords and all the other's readied there weapon's. "all set?"said kevin. "yeah! let's go get them Foo's!"said barret. "allright move out!"said cloud. once they arrived about a mile away, kevin stopped. "here's the gameplan, first vincent,barret and myself will go up there and shoot all the guards, then you guys will come up and we enter the base, all of you be on full alert!" "now that's what i'm talkin' about!"said barret. so kevin,barret and vincent head up to the front gate of the base, a lone guard steps up infont of the 10 guys behind him. "you are not authorized here, leave now and you'll live, if you don't then well feed you to the sandworms!"said the guard. kevin just smiled evily at that remark. "to bad...seems unfair, you'll need more help!" said kevin. before the guard could say another word, kevin put a bullet in his head, the guard fell to the ground with his brains out on the sand, before the other guards could retaliate, vincent and barret started shooting all the guards, until they were all on the ground dead, the sand was covered in blood. "man...that was easier than i thought!"said kevin. "obviously the shadows have ben gettin lazy!"said vincent. "oh well....". kevin used his phs and told the group to come up, once everyone arrived they entered the main entrance, they could'nt believe there eyes, there were thousands of aircraft, missiles and weaponry, but no one was around. "they must be underground! those S.O.B's think they can hide from me? they've got another thing coming!"said kevin angerly. the group ran towards the elevator, but a huge man in a black cloak appeared in front of it. "you will never get down there as long as me the great "vader" is standing!"said vader. "give me a break! are all these people f***ing bragging wussies!"said kevin. kevin takes out his shot gun and shoots it at vader's head, out of nowhere vader pulls out a sword and deflects the bullet. "ha! you'll have to do better than that!"said vader. "heh...he's got some moves, but if he wants a showdown he'll get one!"said kevin. kevin takes off his jacket and throws it to yuffie and unsheaths his apocalypse sword. "you think you can beat me? hahahah!, i'll crush you!"said vader. "don't sing it,bring it!"said kevin. vader rushes foward and tries to slice kevin's arm, kevin blocks and counters with a slice to the abdomen, circles around and cuts vader's left arm right off his body, vader screams in pain. "i'd give up if i were you!"said kevin. "fool! i'll never surrender to a weakling like you!"said vader. vader runs up and jumps in the air, kevin hit vader in the stomache with the handle his sword, vader gets down to one knee cluching his stomach. "give up!"said kevin. "kill me! if you don't i'll be eternally discrased!"said vader. "....allright". kevin brings his sword up over vader's head and brings it back down, slicing his head clean from his body. tifa and yuffie puked on the sand at the site of the man vader's bodyparts on the floor. "let's go..."said kevin. they got on the elevator and headed down to the underground.

Chapter 3: The Beginning of the End

     after defeating the man named "vader", the team boarded the elevator and went down, once the elevator stopped, the team was almost in shock, except kevin and vincent, the whole inside of the fortress was like a pyramid, kevin noticed in the middle of the base was a hundred guards in a circle and two men in the middle, seemingly prepairing to fight each other, vicent took a look at the man on the left."that man almost looks identical to you kevin".said vincent. "hmm.....well how bout we go talk to him then, he seems to need some backup!"said kevin. the team drew there weapons and ran in the direction of the people. kevin shot about two guys in the head to let himself get into the middle, kevin looked at the man that looked like him and said "hey bro! need some help?" "'s funny that i found here, i've been searching for you since i was 18, how you doing kev?"said kevin's brother. "ok i guess...i searched for you for about 4 years and then i got locked up in a can fight right kain?"said kevin. "hell yeah! do i look like a weakling to you?"said kain unsleathing his murasame sword. "hell naw! let's beat the crap out of thse weakings".after kevin said that the man on the right of kain clanged his ax on the grond 3 times, all the guards stopped in there tracks. "so your the holder of the apocalypse huh?, and to think with all that power you could not even protect your love aeris!"said the man. "what wold you know about aeris?"said kevin. "well we were the ones who poisened her!", kevin put his head down, his hair covering his face, his anger arrouse in him. " everyone...i want you to leave now!"said kevin. "what!?"said everyone. "leave now!!", the group hesently walked slowly away, kevin lifted his hands up into the air and brought them back down, setting all the guards on fire, the leader standed there nearly shitting his pants. "how can you...have...such power!?"said the leader. kevin said nothing, he puleled out the apocalypse and raised it high into the air, power seemed to emit from him, keviin raises is head. "death row!", a masive dragon appeared in the place where kevin once was, the dragon opened it's mouth and massive waves of power emited from him, destroying the base and the man, with himself still there. outside, the group watched in terror as the base collapsed with there friend kevin in it. "we have to search the rubble for him! i know he's still alive!"said cloud. they all ageed and headed back towards the base, a loud explosion can be heard, all the rubble goes flying out of the hole, a man with a white and black mask flew out of it and flew away."who was that?"said cloud. "i have a feeling we'll find out soon enough."said kain.

Chapter 4: Fire and Brimstone

     avalanche,dav and kain had searched the rubble of the shadows base for hours after the man in the white and black mask had flewn off, vincent had been searching throuh the rubble, when something caught his attention in his mako enhanced eyes, he saw a gloved hand sticking out of the rubble, he took his claw and lifted the big pile of rubble, to find a man with great resemblance to kevin, except the man seemed to have a weird face painted sign on his forehead and the man was only wearing a long, dark brown jacket, black pants, and the man had long,dark brown hair. "cloud! come over here, i found something!"said vincent. cloud walked over and saw the man on the gound. "who is this?"said cloud. "i don't knw! but he seems to look exactly like kevin!"said vincent. "allright, lets take him back to the highwind, we have'nt found any sign of kevin here, but i think this man may be the key!"said cloud. so they ttok the man back to the highwind, hoping to find some answers.

Chapter 5: The Warrior

     once the team got the weird man back to the highwind, it was about 24hrs before he awakened, the only oes in the room at that hour in the night were vincent and kain. "wa...where am i?"said the man.  "you are in the highwind, we found you in the rubble of  the shadow's base."said vincent. "ah..yes now i remember"said the man. "who are you?"said kain. "i'm just known as Warrior, but you can call me Xero!"said Xero. "Xero huh...then how did you end up in the rubble?" asked kain. "i remember seeing kevin and all of you fighting the shadows, then i saw kevin get extremely angry and turning into a dragon, then there was a huge flash between myself and The Other One!"  "where did you see all of this?" "in kevin's subconsious of course!"  "in my brother's subconsiouse? how is that possiple?"  "it's hard to understand but myself and the other one are kevin, well...differen't parts of him!"   "'differen't parts?" " really there was supposed to be only one alter ego, but because kevin's ego and his high amount of justice, i was created, i am literally kevin's ego and honor, the other one has all of kevin's hatred and anger, he is the evil kevin holds closest to his heart."  "who is this other one?"  "he is the man with the white and black mask!" "hmm...i would like to ask what that mark on your head is!"   "That is a Koda sign, it's the sign of a warrior, i will guarantee that the other one will cause much havok very soon, i suggest we go to Nibelheim, that's where he'll strike first."  ".....i'll go wake up cloud and tell him all this."said vincent. later on when it was about noon, the group headed for Nibelheim,a few hours later they arrived and walked through the main entrance to find 3 people cut open and burned. "What kind of a monster could do this?"said cloud. they walked further on to see the man in the white and black mask standing nere the shinra mansion. "Who are you?" asked cloud. the man in the white and black mask lifted his head. "I am the beggining of the end, i am alpha and omega, i am the genesis and the apocalypse! i am known as RIP!" said RIP. "But why do this to these people?"said cloud. " How about re-make that little insident five years..."said rip. "What?...NO!!!!". rip raised his hands high into the air and brought them back down, the town of nibelhiem, including the shinra mansion was engulfed in flames, and rip had walked slowly away into the mountains.

Chapter 6: A Forgotten Tale

     After Nibelheim was burned to the ground by RIP, many were still in shock, almst fourty five percent of nibel's population had been killed, cloud was having a nervous breakdown after witnessing his hometown being burnt to the ground a second time. tifa was very shooken up but unharmed, and the man called Xero was seemingly deep in thought.
In Xero's (or kevin's) subconsiouse.

     "Where the hell am i?!"yelled kevin seemingly very angry. a man with silverish white hair with white knight armor on appeared before kevin. "Who are you?"asked kevin. "i am known as Cecil! i am your great,great,great,great grandfater!"said cecil. "yeah right! then how are you still alive?"asked kevin. "i'm not, we are in your subconsiouce! i am helping you to understand what is going on!"  "what do you mean?" "at that insident in the shadows base, your anger was incresingly high! you used your....what are they called?...ah yes limit breaks! you used your final limit break without testing it out first! what happened was that you used up a sevear amount of energy, then your personalities were released from this subconsious! the one known as RIP, and the other known as Xero! and until RIP is defeated and Xero and RIP meld together to become you once again! until that happens you will stay down here". " could all this happen?"   "part of it was from aeris's death, another part is that someone is manipulating your personality RIP".  "Who's maniping him?" "a very strong force! if you focus on your friends you will be able to see what's happening!"  "allright."a screen appears in front of them and it shows nibelheim.
     back in nibelheim.

     "i think we may need more help than originally planed!"said cloud pulling out his PHS. ring...ring...ring.
     an airship.

     "hello! this is jose! cloud? you want us to come to where? allright we'll be right there!"

Chapter 7: Wrath

     1 hour after cloud contacted jose, jose,pedro,lionel,curtis and a unknown man arrived in Nibelheim. "hey jose!" said cloud. "what's up? where's kevin?"asked jose. "it's real complicated, i'll try to". "i think it would be better if i explaned".said vincent standing next to Xero, still deep in thought. cloud nodded tovincent.

     "see kevin had been hired to get rid of some bandits out in the Badlands, but it turned out they were'nt bandits, but a huge group of soldiers called the Shadows, kevin called us and we came to the badlands, then after meeting this man over here named Dav Cole, we went to the shadows base, and what happened was that kevin's long,lost brother kain was there, then it was explained by the shadows leader that they were reponseable for aeris's death! kevin seemingly was at the breaking point after hearing this, kevin then told us to leave, we did, then the whole entire shadow base blew up! a man in a black mask flew out of the rubble and flew off, then we found this man Xero in the rubble of the base, he explained that kevin used his ultimate limit break, and his personalitys split, one is the man in the white and black mask known as RIP! and the other is Xero!!"explained vincent. jose and his groups jaws were nearly on the ground. "so where is kevin?"said pedro. "he is in Xero's subconsiouse."said vincent. "all we have to do is beat RIP, then Xero and RIP will re-join to become kevin once again!"said cloud. "hmm....then all we need to do is find this guy,beat him and then kevin will be back? sounds easy enough!" said curtis. "this man RIP is extremely strong, but beatable! i would like to ask who is that man behind you?"asked vincent. "oh this is Joe Naga, we found him in midgar, he semms to have amnesia, he can't remember his past, but he's a he's a hell of a pilot!!"said jose.  "nice to meet ya'!"said joe. "allright now i think we should split the party in 2, one will go in the airship and search around the Rocket town area, the rest will take the gold chocobo's and search the mountains, jose and all of you, you guy search the Rocket town area, and we'll erch the mountains!"said cloud. jose nodded and they boarded they're ship. then cloud and everybody got they're gold chocobo's and headed into the mountains.

Chapter 8: Rebirth

     (In The Nibel mountains.) Rip searches through a cave that has been closed by Tons of Rocks, he unsheaths his Nightshade Katana and slashes through the rubble like nothing. To reveal a Laboratory of some kind with Seven Mako Suspension Chambers, Rip Walks over to one of the Pods and looks in to see a Familiar man with Silver Hair......


     Cloud and the gang ride their Chocobos through the Nibel mountains to find that someone has Burned many Trees to a crisp. "I bet i know who did this." Said Cloud. they move along, After several minutes they find 8 people Riding off on Black Chocobos. "Who the hell are they? let's follow them." Said Cloud.
     The group keep on going, but after Thirty minutes of not finding a trace of the Eight men who rode off, and coming to the exit of the Nibel mountains they get sevearly confused, and then see jose and His Team in front of them. "Well did you find him?" Asked Jose. "We saw Eight men On black Chocobos Ride in this Direction, but then dissapeared." Said Cloud. "Their Here...." Said Dav. "Where?"Said Kain. Vincent looks around and then looks up, to see the 7 men and RIP on a Big ledge. "Over There!!"Said Vincent. the team draws their weapons, but then their faces turn to shock as they see the Two Soldiers Along side RIP.
     There Stood Sephiroth And Zack....

Chapter 9: Dreams of Awakenment

     Avalanche and friends stand puzzled at the sight of 2 men who were thought dead long ago, there stood Sephroth and Zack who were stading with RIP until Sephiroth jumped from the ledge and stood infront of cloud and smirked Evily, Sephiroth looks exactly like he did in the Nibelheim incident, though his eyes dont have the insanity in them, but replaced by a far away look.

     "heh....look at the hotshot still under 6 foot, hahahahahahah!" laughed sephiroth in a menacing tone.

     "how......i killed you!"screamed Cloud.

     "stop speaking jibberish, you speak nonsense, if i was killed then why am i here?"

     "I can answer that!"says RIP who also jumped from the ledge and down beside them, "i read in a secluded lab just a mile back that the Nibelheim incident is a lot more complecated than once thought, Sephiroth here is the original Sephiroth, the one that went insane at Nibelheim was just a clone made by Hojo, Zack over here was nearly killed but put in a mako tank by a man named Gast, and the others are just former soldiers, these men will help me take over the world!!"

     "Says who?! no one controls me,not you or anyone else!"says sephiroth grasping Masamune.

     the 2 exchange eye contact, both facing each other, sephiroth with a menacng smile on his face and Avalanche just looking puzzled.....

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