Bloody Tears's Top 10 Hottest Unnoticed VG Girls


Hello! Bloody Tears here!

Video games has evolved a lot from merely 'Game On TV' into a media where people can display their capabilities in building up stories. With stories comes with a load of characters. In the beginning, video game characters are limited to only men as the people of action, but day by day, we see a lot more women into actions. And later on, the women who were modestly clothed, eventually gets even more revealing clothes and an improvement on their body physique, and thus, there's the term 'sex symbol', etc.

But really, we're not talking about sex symbols. We speak about hot women of video games. There are some women in video games that are designed to be sexy, hot, alluring, and thus giving more appeal to gamers. Especially male. Especially when they wear clothes revealing their skins a lot, be it their shapely legs... their midriffs... their shoulders and armpits... their ample bosoms on the chest.... hmm... dreamy... *bashes head with tuna* GOD DAMN IT WHAT THE HELL AM I THINKING!?

Beauty, however, isn't just skin deep. There are some characteristics that also make them beautiful. And hot too. That is why I am now going to list the Top 10 Hottest Video Game Females Characters...

But, hey, that way too common. These days, when this kind of topic appears, all that appears in the gamers' mind would be those that has many exposures, or at least popular on their own. Such as Samus Aran, Chun Li, Lara Croft, Tifa Lockheart, Mai Shiranui, Sheena Fujibayashi, Jill Valentine, etc etc. I mean, they're not bad or something. But don't you just get TIRED of seeing them over and over and over when the topic is about 'hottest female characters in video games'? That is why I am now going to list the Top 10 Hottest Unnoticed Video Game Female Characters (Well you may, but they never get the attention they deserve)

Oh, and please note that there is the difference between CUTE and HOT. This list is about the HOT.

Also, this is only MY opinion. If your favorite isn't listed here, then deal with it. Everyone can have opinions. Also this doesn't include games that I haven't played.

And there be spoilers in some of the descriptions below.

10: Nagi the Spurious (Bloody Roar 4)

All right, I know what you're thinking. BR4 sucks. Yes, I know. It killed the franchise itself. But to deny that Nagi is hot is... just really lying. From what little we know of her personality, she is a troubled girl who is suddenly thrusted into the whole zoanthrope mess and wants to be out of it while keeping her sanity (easy to say, since she keeps getting possessed), and her Beast form, the Spurious, keeps making her doing a lot of sadistic things while she abhors fighting. Look-wise, well, she's a bit scantily dressed, but pretty sure it's not intentional. Overall, while her debut game sucked so hard, Nagi herself is hot enough that it warrants her the 10th place. Oh and about her voice, I am sure that it's just her actress that misplayed her, so no, I don't think she is into long erotic moaning.

9: Ayra/Ira (Fire Emblem 4: Genealogy of the Holy Wars)

Before I go, let me assess your complains about "BUT EVERYONE KNOWS FIRE EMBLEM!". Yeah right, they know Fire Emblem because of Super Smash Bros and Marth. Or if there's anyone well known other than Marth, it's Lyndis from Fire Emblem (Blazing Sword). Ayra comes from the SNES title Genealogy of Holy War, which hasn't even been officially translated, so she's in.

Ayra is not my top favorite (my favorite would be Tiltyu, but she's more cute than hot), but she definitely is the hottest girl amongst the first generation characters of Fire Emblem 4. She is a seemingly calm, but hot tempered, strong willed princess with the nickname 'Sword Demoness', which means that behind her beauty is one deadly foe you're not willing to mess lest your head will be put on a stick. She is also a Tsundere, which means one second she's all fired up, one other second, if you ever win her trust, she'd be very much soft. Combined with her long flowing hair and sleek legs, she puts the emphasis of Hot in the words of TVTropes... Hot Chick With A Sword.

8: Yukari Yakumo (Touhou 7: Perfect Cherry Blossom)

Touhou may be amongst the most obscure games that only some hardcore gamers may know, but in short it's a VERY HARD shooter game with deep story... and an all-girls cast. Most of them are usually young of age and have underdeveloped body, but Yukari Yakumo... she stands out as one of the few characters who actually has VISIBLE boobs, and she dresses up rather uniquely. My favorite look on her would be her PCB form, whereas her long golden hair is let loose. And while usually lazy and spends her time annoying people, Yukari is actually very wise and very powerful, and this is saying something when pretty much everyone in the setting is known for their broken powers. Wise, hot, lazy, naughty, but ultimately means well, that is Yukari. The 8th spot.

7: 7. Oichi (Sengoku Basara)

Lady Oichi, sister of Oda Nobunaga. No, you're not thinking of KOEI's version where she is a little girl or at least young girl who runs around with a kendama as a weapon. This Oichi comes off as a complete tragic character in which everything in the universe is tailored to make her sad and lose to her dark side (it's very scary). Deep down, however, she is a good, if apologetic, girl who does fight if she has to, she just couldn't control the situation. That being said, along with long, beautiful black hair, she also had her sleek legs that is easily comparable with Jill Valentine's and a short skirt. With all those said, Oichi truly is one of the Great Beauties of Japan.

6: Nanaly Fletch (Tales of Destiny 2)

Nanaly is horribly underused in her original game. But aside of that, she's definitely the hottest female Tales character that NO ONE ever bothers to know. Sporting nothing but a bra-shaped breast plate in battle, Nanaly is an expert marksmanship who is also very kind to children, opening up an orphanage in her town and has a very independent personality. She tends to be rough with Loni, but in actuality, she's keeping him off the trouble and is kinda fond to him, as well as being rather worried about her 'lack' of feminimity. Though, I think she has plenty of it (I mean, she can cook well, that's points for feminimity, while being able to kick ass! That's hot) and I'd let this red headed hottie shoot me on the heart.

5: Jeane (Suikoden)

Well you may be wondering what the hell is a series like Suikoden doing in this list not meant for high-profile stuffs. However, it is a very well known fact that Konami's main magnus opus is more like either Metal Gear or Castlevania. Therefore, less people would know Suikoden compared to those two.

That being said, Jeane herself is... HOLY HELL SHE IS FANSERVICE INCARNATE. In fact, she may just compete with Mai Shiranui about how less clothing she can afford, and she acts really seductive too. She's a runemistress that is incredibly sexy, and game by game, she wears even LESS. That's gotta be a record, or she's just that naughty. She would've been in number one, had it not been for her personality. No, I don't hate her personality or something, but she's depicted too much as a 'mysterious seductive woman' and has no importance in storyline, nor deeper characterization other than depiction, that makes her lose points. As I said, beauty isn't just skin deep, so while Jeane's appearance out-hots all the characters in this list, I admit that she loses points for her personality, but her appearance points is so great that she is in the 5th place. I'd still visit her rune shop any day though.

4: Shanoa (Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia)

I'm a Castlevania nut, and I know people are gonna rage on me on how a character from a franchise so well known as Castlevania ever makes it to the list. Thing is, the usual woman from Castlevania that people tends to know is Maria Renard from 'Symphony of the Night', and even she doesn't have much coverage compared to the other women in video gaming. But we're getting sidetracked here.

Shanoa is at the first glance a super stiff, emotionless girl. However, there is a catch, a freaky accident sealed her memories and emotions and during the course of the game, she slowly retain them, and when she does, boy is she beautiful not only on the outside, but the inside. She is protective, caring and has a strong sense of justice. As in Castlevania Judgment, we know her boobs were just on the decent size, but her main appeal lies on her long flowing hair and ultimately, her sexy back. I mean, look at those curves on her back! Trust me, you will be pressing Up a lot not to just absorb glyphs, but also to enjoy her fabulously sexy back. Even in pixelated form.

3: Litchi Faye-Ling (Blazblue: Calamity Trigger)

Chun Li may have invented the 'Hot Chinese Video Game Character', but in my opinion, it takes Litchi to perfect the formula. For those who doesn't know her story, she is a doctor in the town of Kagutsuchi. While the world revolve around the bounty being placed on the hero Ragna the Bloodedge, she chooses to ignore all those if possible, and generally just concerns herself with protecting the townspeople who is under the terror of Arakune, her old friend turned monster thanks to her activities and she sought to cure him, even if it means she has to die. She is well versed in martial arts, ki attacks and she comes with her telekinetically-controlled staff Mantenbou.

As a generally well-liked person, Litchi also possesses a noble goal of protecting the people, rather than in for the money, for whatever reason it is (good or evil or just selfish). Being that I like morally straight characters, it adds up to her hot points, not to mention she's really a girl who can get along with everyone just fine, even when they're weirdos, as long as they're good. She also has the killer look that would make people swoon on her. I mean, just look at her. Tight red Chinese Dress, very long hair tied into long ponytail, hot glasses, and... yeah, an outfit that reveals a cleavage of her big boobs. A combination of morally straight and extremely hot character, Litchi is a hospital hottie whose hospital I'd visit every day if I live in Kagutsuchi.

2: Rider (Fate/stay night)

Most people know Fate/stay night from the anime series, which heavily feature Saber, the main heroine. However, the one who makes it on the list is... Rider. The girl who gets eliminated first because she works under a bastard like Shinji. She would've suffered the same problems like Jeane, if it wasn't for the last parts of the Visual Novel game, in which her role expands further that she reveals a noble personality that extends beyond 'merely looking hot', where she is very protective to her master (trust me, it's not actually Shinji) and in truth a very nice, if misunderstood, woman.

Appearance-wise, Rider hits in with her extremely long hair, snazzy blindfold, tight outfit that reveals her shoulders and a cleavage of her big boobs, noted as the biggest one in the series. She also has the tendency to make up really suggestive poses. With her extremely shapely and fine figure as well as her inherently seductive nature, but still manages to be good, Rider is the #2 of the list. Once, I believed that Medusa is always inherently evil and ugly. After this, I think I'll have second thoughts and believe in the information that Medusa once used to be gorgeous. For those who are wondering why I said that... yes, Rider's identity is Medusa from the Greek mythology, and she's actually GOOD instead of EVIL.
And the Hottest Unnoticed VG Gal...

Lamia Loveless (Super Robot Wars Advance/Original Generation)

Most SRW fans would most likely recognize Kusuha Mizuha, Excellen Browning or Seolla Schweitzer for their most known and favorite or hottest girls, but that title goes to Lamia Loveless, IMO. And I really mean it. She's hot in both personality and appearance. She's an android created at first to emulate humans by an organization that only desires war, but she believed that androids are just supposed to follow orders. Slowly, as she meld with the human community that she was supposed to spy on, she realized that she had a soul and afterwards, her life purpose changed from merely following orders into living as a human being, protecting those whom she cared about. Her personality evolution may be cliche, but dang, she did a damn fine job in doing it. In battle, her android nature makes her tougher than usual, but she can dish out a lot of damage if she's in her mecha, ESPECIALLY the angelic looking Super Robot Angelg. All that, and she does all her moves with grace, adding up points for being a graceful hottie in combat.

And how does she look? Green-ish hair long enough to at least reach her back, boobs of enormous size and kept on a very tight clothing green spy outfit so as if she's wearing nothing to cover her already big boobs, and her clothes are gratuitous enough to reveal her thighs and shoulders. I still think the events about the ODE incident ruined her reputation and awesomeness, but it doesn't make her less hot. Along with her deep, but reassuring, protective and hot voice, Lamia definitely tops as the hottest video game gal that you never heard of. If I'm a scientist and she requests a maintenance to me... no way in hell I'd say no!

And there you have it, the Top 10 Hottest Unnoticed Video Game Female Characters. This is only my opinion, though, so don't fret if your favorites didn't make it. Especially if they're from the more mainstream series. Not that I hate anything from the mainstream, I just like to be diversive.


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