Dyne's Top 10 Bluegreen-haired RPG/Anime Bishoujo

Not quite blue, not quite green. As the story progresses it's always somewhere in between.

10: Shir (Phantasy Star II)

One word as to why Shir's on this list: Visiphone. If you PSII players have ever made it through the game without the handy device that lets you save anywhere, I congratulate you for your determination. Shir, and only Shir, can steal it for you.

9: Mia (Golden Sun)

Getting this Water Adept in the game can never come too soon. Mia is definitely your most important healer in Golden Sun, maybe also in #2. However, she always looks so sad. I wonder why she was designed like that.

8: Yukina (Yu Yu Hakusho)

While I still don't know as much as I should about the series, I still enjoy the fact that there's always a cute and quiet bishoujo in every single one. Too bad she doesn't have more appearences, I never get sick of her. ^_^

7: Bulma (Dragonball)

This girl is the perfect example of what that silly poem at the top of the page refers to. Not only can she never decide on a style, but her color fluctuates between blue and green and sometimes purple through the entire series. She's still cool so she's on this list.

6: Selan (Lufia II)

Her official art has it blue, but in the game it's more sea green, so this is why Selan's in this list. Even though she quickly loses her spot as one of the main fighters in the game, she is definitely the most useful healer when she joins the party permanently.

5: Botan (Yu Yu Hakusho)

Some people say it's sky blue, but there are points in which Botan does seem to have a tinge of green in her hair, so I split the difference and put her in this list. All I have to say about her is she's too cute to be the grim reaper.

4: Terra (Final Fantasy VI)

She's still the coolest FF6 girl there is for the same reason that she's half-esper. Not only that, her hair does go with her outfit better than most other characters.

3: Kiyone Makibi (Tenchi Muyo)

This is the reason why Kiyone's #6 of my all-time, I'm a sucker for her hair. I think it's blasphemy how they ruined it in Shin Tenchi Muyo (aka Tenchi in Tokyo). For the best look, see the first two movies.

2: Emeralda (Xenogears)

When you have a girl who's more or less named for the color of her hair, you know she's cute. I actually never used Emeralda in my first playthrough until she turned into an adult. From that point on (even though it's the end of the game), I kept her in my party as much as possible. There's just something about her victory pose...
And the Number One green-haired Bishoujo is...

Chidori Kaname (Full Metal Panic)

I still have yet to figure this out, I've never seen Full Metal Panic, I had no idea who Kaname was when I first saw her, but now she is my favorite bishoujo on this list. Needless to say I'm going crazy trying to get my hands on her series. Fortunately there are plenty of sites with great pics of her out there.

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